Best Company Announces the Top 28 Companies to Watch in 2023

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Last Updated: May 31st, 2023

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May 2023 — Best Company recently announced its 2023 Companies to Watch list that features 28 companies from various industries, such as solar, debt relief, home security, and more.

About this List

The Companies to Watch list is designed to showcase businesses that demonstrate significant promise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Strong financial performance
  • New innovative products and/or services
  • Exceptional focus on customers
  • Influential leadership and talent 

Companies were required to complete a form in order to be featured on this list. Questions on the form inquired about new initiatives, growth rates, influential leaders, and customer service endeavors. 

Top Three Companies to Watch 

After reviewing submissions, we have carefully selected three companies with the strongest potential for growth and a clear dedication to exceptional products and services.

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Top Three Companies to Watch are Best Egg, Guardian Protection, and Project Solar (listed in no particular order). Each of these companies will receive a unique badge for this recognition. 

Best Egg

Founded in 2012, Best Egg is an online lending platform specializing in personal loans. Customers use Best Egg to consolidate and pay off high-interest debt. With over 17,000 customer reviews, Best Egg has earned an impressive 4.9-star rating on This is a testament to the company's commitment to customer service and innovative products. 

Best Egg has experienced rapid monetary growth, reaching $24 billion in personal loan originations and 2.7 million accounts since its inception. The company achieved significant year-over-year increases in new accounts, personal loan originations, gross revenue, and pre-provision net revenue. 

Best Egg's acquisition of Till, a flexible rent platform, and partnerships with MRI and AppFolio, real estate software companies, demonstrate a commitment to expanding services and meeting the unique needs of its customers. 

Best Egg’s exceptional focus on customers is highlighted by its investment in obtaining customer insights, training employees to prioritize customer needs, and achieving high customer satisfaction rankings. The influential leadership of founder and CEO Jeffrey Meiler and the company's dedication to employee growth and enrichment contribute to its success and customer-centric approach.

Guardian Protection

Guardian Protection

star star star star star_half
4,741 User Reviews
  • Home Theft Protection Guarantee
  • Award-Winning, 24/7 Security, Fire, and Medical Monitoring
  • Fast, Safe, and Free Professional Installation

Founded in 1950, Guardian Protection is a highly-ranked and well-known home security company. Guardian Protection offers home security equipment, smart home technology, and 24/7 monitoring. 

Guardian Protection distinguishes itself through its cutting-edge products, unwavering dedication to customers, and impactful leadership. In the last year, the company introduced a wireless video doorbell and a plug-in doorbell chime for homeowners without infrastructure for a hardwired system. Guardian Protection also added a Perimeter Guard service that utilizes advanced video analytics to alert homeowners of unwanted visitors. 

Guardian Protection continues to enhance the customer experience with an online support center, improved account management, and enhanced communications. The company is also led by expert leaders, including President Bryan Cipoletti. He was selected for an exclusive interview with SDM Magazine. 

Project Solar

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Project Solar

star star star star star_border
134 User Reviews
  • DIY or Pro Install
  • Founded in 2016
  • As Low as $1.19 per Watt

Project Solar is a solar installation company that provides professional and do-it-yourself solar installation. Project Solar opened its doors in 2016 with the hopes of making solar more affordable by reducing overhead, streamlining its infrastructure, and employing a non-traditional solar sales team. 

Project Solar’s disruptive sales model and commitment to customer satisfaction contribute to its fast-paced growth. The company has revolutionized the solar industry by eliminating sales commissions and dishonest claims and offering transparent pricing.

The company focuses on educating customers with an extensive online solar knowledge base and providing versatile and affordable power bank products. With revamped quality control processes and a dedicated customer satisfaction team, Project Solar strives to ensure a positive experience for every customer, resulting in high ratings on review sites.

Featured Companies 

The 25 additional companies featured below are organized into five categories: 

Business Services  |  Financial Services  |  Health and Lifestyle  |  Home Products and Services  |  Insurance and Legal Services

Important note: The companies featured on this list are not ranked or listed in any particular order.

Business Services


Founded in 2011, SmartSites is a website design and digital marketing agency headquartered in New Jersey. The agency has been recognized in the Inc 5000 six times in a row and is on track to be included this year as well. SmartSites has received high customer review ratings across multiple platforms. The agency is led by Alex Melen, who delivers speeches on digital marketing and recently wrote an Amazon best-selling book on automotive marketing. 

Financial Services

700 Plus Credit

With over ten years of experience, 700 Plus Credit offers credit repair services and several other financial services. 700 Plus Credit has successfully assisted numerous clients in repairing and rebuilding their credit profiles.

The company stands out for its comprehensive approach that combines credit analysis, dispute resolution, and credit education to address clients' specific credit challenges. Through its strategic credit repair process, 700 Plus Credit has enabled clients to qualify for better interest rates, secure loans, and obtain favorable terms on various financial products.

The company promotes financial literacy and responsible credit behavior by empowering individuals to achieve and sustain financial success. These initiatives have positioned the company to be a trusted leader in the credit repair industry. 

American Credit Card Solutions 

American Credit Card Solutions is a highly-rated debt relief company that has over 15 years of experience. American Credit Card Solutions is committed to ensuring its clients' success. The company has invested in in-house media production to create engaging audio and video content that provides resources to guide clients through the debt management process.

The company has also launched an affiliate Freshstart loan program, which enables clients to consolidate their remaining debt and graduate faster. This program offers a solution for clients looking to streamline their debt repayment.

American Credit Card Solutions is also developing a creditor-facing portal that simplifies the settlement process by allowing creditors to offer settlements directly through the platform. This technology initiative aims to facilitate better and larger settlements for clients.

Anthem Tax Services

Founded in 2010, Anthem Tax Services offers tax resolution services for consumers with a $10,000 minimum tax debt. The founders of ATS, fueled by their dissatisfaction with the industry, launched the first "money-back guarantee" to offer clients a risk-free opportunity to resolve their tax issues.

ATS's risk-free and service-focused approach has gained recognition in the industry. With hundreds of jobs created, thousands of taxpayers serviced, and hundreds of millions of tax debt resolved, ATS has made a significant impact since its inception.

The company culture of collaboration, trust, and support has attracted talent from competing companies, with applicants expressing relief and gratitude for a tax relief company that genuinely cares about its employees.

Credit Direct

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Credit Direct

star star star star star
56 User Reviews
  • Fixed Rate Range: 4.99%-29.99% APR
  • Max Loan Amount: $40,000
  • Credit Score Requirement: Undisclosed

Credit Direct offers unsecured personal loans through an online partner network. Credit Direct has experienced significant sales staff growth of over 180% in the past year. This expansion has allowed Credit Direct to offer loans in more states than before, increasing its reach and accessibility to a larger customer base. Credit Direct has expanded its network of lender partners, establishing valuable collaborations to provide a wider range of loan options to its customers. 

Pacific Debt Relief 

Founded in 2002, Pacific Debt specializes in unsecured debt, such as student loan debt, medical debt, credit card debt, and utility bills. The company has received high customer ratings across multiple review sites including a 4.8-star rating on with over 2,300 reviews. Pacific Debt was recognized by US News and World Reports and Bankrate ranked as one of “The Best Debt Settlement Companies of 2020.” 

Health and Lifestyle

Connect America 

Connect America is the parent company of Medical Alert. Connect America stands out for its connective care platform, which utilizes connected devices and tech-enabled services to help vulnerable populations live safely and independently at home. The company recently enhanced its digital health and safety platform and the effectiveness of its Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) with CareSage Analytics. 

For individuals and caregivers, Connect America offers ready-to-use push-button products without a complex setup. The company also provides a virtual health assistant for any assistance needed. For healthcare providers, Connect America offers end-to-end implementation support, minimizing the burden on staff and allowing them to focus on delivering care.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team are regularly published and quoted as subject matter experts in leading industry and healthcare publications. Connect America’s Chief Health Informatics Officer, Rosemary Kennedy, was highlighted as a finalist for a prestigious RISE award.


Earlux is a hearing aid company run by certified audiologists that helps those with hearing loss find hearing aids. The company utilizes a full-service, in-home telecare model to make hearing care more accessible. Earlux has been able to use social media influencers, individual affiliates, and referral partnerships to rapidly expand its business and reach. 

Home Products and Services

Aptive Enviornmental 

As one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in North America, Aptive has expanded its services to 35 states and achieved remarkable revenue growth, becoming the sixth largest pest control company nationally.

In 2022, Aptive demonstrated its commitment to innovation by investing in cutting-edge, proprietary software to enhance employee and customer support. Aptive's executive team, led by CEO Vess Pearson, embarked on an Operations Transformation Tour to provide firsthand training and interact with over 350 frontline workers, emphasizing a hands-on approach to driving operational excellence.

Aptive actively raises awareness and donates funds to United to Beat Malaria, the world's largest grassroots campaign fighting against the spread of malaria. The company’s contributions have already reached $1 million, showcasing its commitment to making a positive impact beyond its industry.

Better Earth 

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Better Earth

star star star star star_border
142 User Reviews
  • Buy or PPA
  • Zero Money Down
  • 25-Year Service Guarantee

Founded in 2019, Better Earth is a full-service solar sales and installation company that’s committed to providing unbeatable customer service. Better Earth provides a 60-Day installation guarantee, a 25-year money-back protection guarantee, and Pearl Certification. 

Better Earth is setting the pace for speed of installation and superb customer service. The company is on track for $350 million in revenue in 2023. According to the Wood Mackenzie report, Better Earth is the fastest-growing residential solar company and the youngest by six years. 

BigBattery is a new and upcoming company on a mission to provide people with a more affordable and sustainable energy solution. The company sells lithium-ion batteries that can be added to an existing solar panel system. is led by a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals. Executives Eric Lundgren (CEO) and Marshall Neipert (CTO) are developing cutting-edge power storage solutions and lowering the barrier to entry for the masses when it comes to energy independence.

Cape Fear Solar Systems

Founded in 2007, Cape Fear Solar Systems is a highly-rated solar company serving homeowners in Southeastern North Carolina. 

Cape Fear Solar Systems has an exceptional focus on customers guided by its employees and leadership team. The company has established new roles and a dedicated service team to ensure an excellent installation experience and address customer inquiries promptly. The company goes above and beyond by assisting customers of other solar companies that are no longer in business or unwilling to provide service. 

The leadership team at Cape Fear Solar Systems fosters a collaborative environment, involving staff at all levels in strategic planning and defining the company's vision and mission.

Comet Energy 

Comet Energy is an Idaho-based commercial and residential solar company. Comet Energy has experienced impressive monetary growth within the last year, with refunds doubling in just the second year of operation. 

The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous research and development efforts, offering top-of-the-line products and affordable options without compromising quality or warranties. Stellar customer reviews and a strong focus on customer service further contribute to Comet Energy’s reputation. 

Hawx Pest Control

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Hawx Pest Control

star star star star star_border
907 User Reviews
  • Best Company Exclusive: $150 Off Initial Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Termite and Bed Bug Services

With over 10 years of experience, Hawx Pest Control offers pest infestation extermination and prevention services. Hawx Pest Control has experienced significant expansion, growing from 11 branches to over 33 in just two years.

Hawx Pest Control has implemented cutting-edge technology by adopting the Sentricon termite systems. This innovative system enhances their pest control capabilities. Hawx Pest Control has also embraced digital transformation by transitioning to a digital technician model. 

The company has shown its dedication to environmental sustainability by planting over 25,000 trees. This proactive initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly practices.

Leaf Home Water Solutions

Leaf Home Water Solutions offers reverse osmosis and ultraviolet systems to improve the taste, smell, and color of home water. Leaf Home provides White Glove Service and an annual maintenance package for all customers. The company is committed to providing top-notch customer service for individuals looking to improve their water quality. These company values continue to make Leaf Home Water Solutions a competitive service provider. 

LeafFilter Gutter Protection

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is a home improvement company that specializes in gutter replacement, cleaning, and repairs. The company is known for its micromesh gutter screens, durable uPVC material, and structural hangers.

With dedicated teams and a commitment to responding to customer reviews and concerns, LeafFilter prioritizes top-notch customer service. The company’s influential CEO, John Bostock, brings his expertise and inspiration to the LeafFilter community, encouraging employees to strive for success and reimagine their future. 

LeafFilter received the 2023 Best Company Sustainability Award for its focus on reducing its carbon footprint and increasing pallet utilization. 

Purelight Power

Purelight Power has been designing and installing solar power systems since 2019. The solar company offers competitive products and warranties, including a 25-year performance guarantee that ensures your solar power system continues to produce above a certain level or the company will pay the difference. Purelight Power has the ability to handle every step of the solar process. 

Purelight Power’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through the accumulation of hundreds of 5-star reviews from its customers during its rapid growth over the past five years. The company prioritizes employing local communities as it expands its branches across the country, ensuring exceptional solar service reaches underserved areas. Purelight Power plans to expand into other home service industries, such as roofing. 

Shinnova Home and Solar

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Shinnova Solar

star star star star star
51 User Reviews
  • NABCEP Certified 
  • Tesla Energy Certified Installer
  • Available to Kansas and Missouri Residents

Founded in 2016, Shinnova Home and Solar offers solar energy solutions paired with exterior remodeling services. Shinnova adheres to high qualification standards to ensure top-quality products and services for its customers, offering industry-leading materials and labor warranties. This commitment to provide a top-notch customer experience has helped the company grow to where it is today and will continue to be a major driving force in its business success. 

Solar Optimum

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Solar Optimum

star star star star star
626 User Reviews
  • 25-Year Warranty on Panels, Inverter, Racking, Roofing, Workmanship, and Performance
  • Up to 30% off Solar and Battery Storage
  • Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Batteries in Stock

Founded in 2008, Solar Optimum is an industry leader in solar energy, battery storage, and roofing solutions. The company is committed to providing the best and most reliable solar solutions to create lasting value for customers. 

Solar Optimum has received thousands of positive reviews, consistently earning 4.5 to 5-star ratings across various review platforms. Solar Optimum stands out for delivering exceptional and innovative product solutions as a trusted partner installer for renowned brands such as Panasonic, Enphase, Tesla Energy, Unirac, QCells, REC, GAF Roofing, and CertainTeed Roofing. 

Notably, Solar Optimum was named the Panasonic National Installation of the Year for the third time this year. These achievements highlight Solar Optimum's commitment to providing top-notch service and cutting-edge solar solutions.



star star star star star_border
27 User Reviews
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Solar Calculators and Informational Guides
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team Available

Based in California, SolarSesame is a solar solutions provider dedicated to making solar energy more affordable and accessible. The solar company has grown quickly in just under two years. SolarSesame now generates more than $2 million in revenues each month. The company partners with the best installers and financing companies to provide a quality customer experience.


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star star star star star
350 User Reviews
  • NABCEP Certified
  • Southern Nevada’s Only Panasonic Solar Elite Installer
  • Locally Owned and Operated

Founded in 2009, Sol-Up is a residential and commercial full-service solar provider operating in the Las Vegas valley. Over the years, Sol-Up has received numerous awards and certifications for its high installation standards and advanced technology. 

Sol-Up emerged as the winner of the Solar Olympics in 2020 and 2021 and secured a second-place finish in 2023. The company’s partnership as the exclusive installation and sales partner for Tesla in Nevada further highlights its reputation as a trusted leader in the solar industry. Its collaboration with SPAN, the Smart Home Panel, reflects a commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its offerings.

Sol-Up actively engages in the local community. As a key sponsor of organizations like the Nevada Conservation League, Miracle Flights, and Opportunity Village, Sol-Up showcases its commitment to supporting important causes.

Sunpower by Solar Technologies

Founded in 1998, SunPower by Solar Technologies is a leading solar energy company specializing in the design and installation of solar power systems. With over 100,000 installations completed in California, the company is known for its reliable solar energy solutions and competitively priced solar panels. 

Solar Technologies is led by exceptional leaders, such as President Jeff Parr. He has extensive industry knowledge and is committed to organizations like CALSSA and the Solar Rights Alliance. Despite industry challenges, Parr has fostered a workplace where team members feel valued and heard. Solar Technologies boasts a low turnover rate, particularly in sales, which reflects a positive work environment and contributes to a high level of customer satisfaction. 

Insurance and Legal Services


autompom! has been providing high-quality protection plans at affordable prices since the shop opened in 2010. What sets autopom! apart is its commitment to customer advocacy. The company guarantees fair treatment to each customer according to the terms of its policy through its Customer Advocacy program. 

autopom! currently has a 4.6-star rating with over 150 reviews on Its reliable service and recognition from trusted sources highlight its commitment to excellence. For example, autopom! earned the Golden Wrench award from

Boomer Benefits

check_circle Verified

Boomer Benefits

star star star star star
1,467 User Reviews
  • Compare Policies from Top Insurers
  • Highly Qualified Team of Medicare Experts
  • Free Assistance with Appeals


Founded in 2005, Boomer Benefits is an insurance agency that helps people compare and enroll in Medicare insurance. As one of the largest privately-held Medicare insurance brokers, Boomer Benefits stands out in an industry dominated by massive insurance companies that rely on big data for lead generation, bombarding seniors with phone calls.

What sets Boomer Benefits apart is its dedication to clients and employees. As a debt-free company with no outside investors, the company has the freedom to reinvest all of its resources back into its clients and teams. The company’s emphasis on providing great care to clients has contributed to its significant growth and success.

Boomer Benefits' recent expansion, with the addition of office space for 175 more employees, demonstrates its growth mindset. Under the leadership of CEO David Kunkle and Co-Founder Danielle Roberts, the company exemplifies integrity and prioritizes the well-being of its team. The company’s commitment to doing things the right way, even if it's the hard way, sets it apart as an ethical leader in the industry.

Concord Auto Protect 

Celebrating 10 years in business, Concord Auto Protect is a car warranty company offering a variety of affordable and comprehensive plans. The company recently started offering new exclusionary plans. Despite ups and downs in the automotive industry, Concord Auto Protect continues to grow with over $6 million in claims in 2022. The company is on pace to hit the same benchmark in 2023. With over 480 customer reviews and a 4.9-star rating, Concord Auto Protect continues to provide valuable and fair service for its customers. 

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