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  • Free App-to-App Calls to Over 50 Countries
  • Cheap Rates When Calling Local Numbers and Additional Countries
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10 User Reviews
  • Free App-to-App Calls to Over 50 Countries
  • Cheap Rates When Calling Local Numbers and Additional Countries
  • No Business Tools or Features

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Important Things to Know Before Choosing a VoIP Company

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone system technology that allows you to make phone calls using the internet. Instead of your voice being sent over telephone wires or a cellular network, your voice is turned into data and sent via the internet. It follows internet protocol and provides communication solutions for all of your business needs. Some early VOIP systems include Skype, Google Hangouts, and Jabber.

You can use VoIP to: 

  • Make and receive phone calls from any compatible device at any time
  • Decrease cost on long distance and international calling
  • Increase efficiency and quality of phone calls
  • Increased mobility and flexibility are gained through VoIP calling technology by allowing individuals the ability to communicate across their smartphone, work phone, computer, and tablet. All of this is done through a VoIP mobile app that configures all devices to use the same phone number. This means that if you are off-site your phone calls, voicemail, and direct messages will be available on all paired devices.
  • Send voicemail to email (part of voice over internet features)
  • Receive calls on multiple devices
  • Conduct conference calling
  • Have unlimited calling
  • Monitor incoming calls
  • Connect with a mobile app for access on the go
  • Apply hold music so there is no auto attendant
Business VoIP service increases cost savings compared to other business phone systems. Not only is it cost efficient, since it is internet-based, VoIP now offers added software features to help with business communications. These can include managing incoming calls, special voicemail, automated attendants, hold music, international calling, video conferencing, toll-free numbers, cloud-based voip, and automated phone trees all through an app. Small business VoIP is becoming increasingly popular to help save money. Mid-sized businesses and business owners are using voip service as well to decrease costs and to increase unified communications. Integrating VoIP into your business, no matter what the size, has many benefits.
One thing to keep in mind is that VoIP is dependent on your internet quality. If you have a network outage, you will not receive phone calls. Some VoIP providers offer an off-site internet connection. This is extremely helpful to business customers who are on trips, but still need communication solutions for their business needs and service. This ensures that the connection will remain strong even during peak hours. Another concern for businesses is the integration and setup process. When switching to VoIP many providers offer clients VoIP products which can include a telephone adapter, customer support, and VoIP software. But no need to fear. VoIP service providers have great resources like a cloud-based contact center to help with all of your customer support needs. The editor's note can also be helpful for finding solutions to your VoIP needs, from the provider.
Some of the VoIP software needed include: 
  • IP phone – Desk phones which are equipped to make VoIP calls
  • ATA – Analog Telephone Adapter that allows regular landlines to make VoIP calls
  • Headset and mic – VoIP calls can be made from a computer
  • Mobile device – To make VoIP calls on the go from your mobile app
Overall, VoIP is a beneficial phone system for small businesses to large corporations. It enhances voice quality, reduces infrastructure costs, toll-free numbers options, and offers bandwidth efficiency. Each VoIP provider offers a variety of packages to fit your communication needs. With these unified communications, manage your phone lines better, enable voice over internet, enable a cloud-based contact center, and provide easier instant messaging for your customers. Take a look at some of our rated top ten business VoIP providers to see which will fit best for your company.
VoIP can also be used for home purposes. The best VoIP service for home include apps which help manage conference calling, international calling, and video conferencing all at the lowest cost. VoIP is also helpful for three-way calling making it more efficient and effective. You can dial in for three-way calling with relatives, friends, and even mentors. These apps are WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Voice, to give an idea. VoIP systems can help to replace landline numbers and to connect to cloud-based VoIP systems. Unlimited calling is another feature that is enjoyed through VoIP service providers.
Many of the best VoIP service for home providers have a free trial to ensure that you are happy with the VoIP solutions you chose. VoIP service providers truly care about their customer experience. So, get rid of your landline, and invest in VoIP service providers today.
You can find the best VoIP services at the top of this page.
VoIP providers also have good customer support to help their clients set up their calling, mobile devices, pricing plans, voicemail to email, extensions, incoming calls, visual voicemail, conferencing, international calling, and long-distance calling. Having good customer support is key to feeling comfortable about your communication solutions. If you are looking for VoIP systems for home use, definitely contact voip service providers near you to get unified communications, decrease toll-free numbers, enable three-way calling, conduct voicemail to email, and get voicemail transcription services. VoIP isn't just for businesses and business owners, it is for everyone and help provide the solution to all of your calling needs.
Helpful VoIP Terms

Hosted PBX — Calls are routed to you over the internet and your PBX phone hardware is off-site.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) — In a business, a telephone exchange or a switching system that lets a business with multiple phone extensions and lines share a connection to the PSTN. It also allows internal extension-to-extension calling as well as inbound and outbound calls.

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) & PRI Trunking — A physical connection to the PSTN over a dedicated line. It has 23 voice channels, allowing your business to take 23 calls at the same time. Known for higher QoS than SIP because it’s not subject to network. It travels through a private telephone network.

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) — The combination of telephone networks used in the world. Includes landline and cellular networks.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) — A network technology that delivers voice data via the internet.

SIP Trunking — A virtual connection to the PSTN. Delivers multiple voice lines to a single organization. More flexible than PRI. You can add more call lines without having anyone come on-site to set up any hardware.

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, or UC — VoIP service, but with extra communications features for business, all hosted in the same place, or accessed in the same software. In addition to VoIP calling, customers can get several other communication tools, like searchable phone books, voicemail to text, smart call logging, automated attendants, video calling, and more.

The biggest benefits from VoIP service providers are unlimited video conferencing, unlimited international calling, three-way calling, unlimited conference calling, no more toll-free numbers, unlimited calling, and cloud-based VoIP. All of these benefits will help to improve your overall customer experience and business needs while being more effective and efficient.

What is the best company for VoIP services and needs?

Finding the best VoIP company is important for all of your business and conferenincg needs. Check out the top companies for your area.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

International calls are cheaper with VoIP, and you can accept phone calls anywhere around the globe. You can also use special features without having a fancy phone.

What are the drawbacks of using VoIP?

VoIP depends on the internet and won't work in case of a power outage.

What is setup like?

Setup can either be easy or difficult, depending on the scope of your project. Some products require you to plug in a special adapter between your existing phone and your router. If you need to lay extra ethernet cables, then setup can be more extensive.

Do I need VOIP and a landline?

No. You can use just one or the other; however, some businesses opt to use both. If you are a business and you have high volume levels or some amount of fluctuation in your call volume, you might opt to use both landline and VOIP, in case of an outage.

Is VoIP practical for my situation?

For most cases, yes, VOIP is practical. The only thing to think about is the strength of your internet connection. Dial-up connections are not fast enough. The minimum bandwidth needed is about 100 kbps for upload and download.

How does VoIP pricing compare to landline?

VoIP pricing is usually cheaper than standard PSTN service.

Who uses VoIP?

Businesses, as well as individuals, use VoIP in many ways. Big call centers use VoIP, but there are also providers who specialize in services for small companies and entrepreneurs. In addition, people can use VoIP to replace their home phone or landline service. It is especially useful if you are making international calls, which can be expensive via a regular phone company.

Do I need special equipment, or even a computer for VoIP?

No. You can use a standard home or business phone, but you will need a special adapter. You can also use a specially made VoIP phone, or you can use a mobile phone, but with a special app.

How do I choose the best VoIP Company?

Consider your situation. Do you need to make phone calls just for you, or do you need to provide phones for multiple employees? Also check out pricing, add-on services, and reviews.

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