"Wish I had looked at this site before
we signed up. Salesman totally lied to us" -Susan M. 2015/03/07
"You guys keep getting better and better by making it
easier to communicate with PA. Much appreciated." -Hector F. 2015/03/23
"I only wish I'd have seen all of these reviews when I had
searched home security before signing...lesson learned!" -Daphne L. 2015/01/06
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so we could be more informed and make a better decision." -Beth R. 2014/09/10


Top 5 Tech Support Companies—November 2016

Jordan Grimmer  |  November 16, 2016  |  0 Comments

tech support feature

Top 5 Tech Support Companies—November 2016

Jordan Grimmer  |  November 16, 2016  |  0 Comments

We examine, review, and rank tech support companies on a variety of carefully selected criteria points. Obviously, price plays a big role in a company’s overall rank: how much a company charges per month, per year, per visit or one-time fix, etc. We also look the number of support services a company offers, including diagnostic […]
ISP feature

Top 5 Internet Service Providers—November 2016

Jordan Grimmer  |  November 14, 2016  |  0 Comments

All internet service providers are ranked and reviewed against a series of carefully chosen ranking criteria: we look at a company’s nationwide availability, price, download/upload speeds, and more. For example, companies that are available in fewer states, set strict data limits or contracts on their plans, or demonstrate poor upload and download speeds tend to […]
student debt feature

Top 5 Student Debt Companies—November 2016

Jordan Grimmer  |  November 14, 2016  |  0 Comments

We evaluate student debt companies on a number of carefully selected data points, the most significant being a company’s fixed and variable interest rates; companies with lower interest rates tend to have better scores. We also rank student debt companies based on other features and services, such as the presence of an auto pay rate deduction, […]


employee engagement

Author Highlight

Employee Engagement: 5 Reasons Companies Need to Take It Seriously

Marcus Varner  |  May 16, 2016  |  0 Comments

The numbers have been coming in on employee engagement and things aren’t looking pretty. First off, we have the TINYpulse 2015 Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture Report, which found that almost 70% of employees felt they were falling short of their job responsibilities and only 31% felt strongly valued by their employers. This lines up with […]

Most Recent Review


Jordan Grimmer  |  November 30, 2016

Alarm.com is an industry leader in both home security and home automation technology. At their heart, Alarm.com is a technology company, and that shows in their diverse product line as well as the industry-leading mobile and smartwatch integrations for their products. They are a company that is passionate about enhancing the connection that their customers […]
Lexington Law

Most Reviewed Company

Lexington Law

January 28, 2016  |  1704 Comments

Frequently Asked Questions How much does Lexington Law’s credit repair service cost? – Lexington Law has three primary packages: Concord Standard – $79.95/month – This is the most basic plan that covers basic bureau challenging and creditor interventions. Concord Premier –$99.95/month – This is Lexington Laws most popular plan. This plan includes the services above as well […]


  1. medical_guardian
    Heather Goetz
    December 5, 2016 | Rated 7/10
    Overall the sale happened and I believe the unit is on its way to my grandmother (no tracking number emailed yet). That being said the sales man didn't call me back when promised so I was a few days later than I would have liked in ordering. He was also not able to answer my questions that I had regarding online monitoring of the unit (like a webpage or way to access my account online, etc.) so this will be trial and error for me as I'll figure... Read more
  1. medical_guardian
    Lola Rose
    December 5, 2016 | Rated 10/10
    They mad this so easy and simple to set up ! Read more
  1. Pacific Debt Inc Reviews | BestCompany.com
    M Murphy
    December 5, 2016 | Rated 10/10
    From the moment we answered the call from Alicia H, we were assured that we were doing the right thing. We were made feel comfortable and all the anxiety of the position we were in and the direction we were going was completely put to rest. It is not easy reaching out for help and putting your life into the hands of a company that you don't know that much about except for checks online and reading reviews on our behalf, but these guys really do k... Read more
  1. vacation_home_rentals
    Lynn McCay
    December 5, 2016 | Rated 1/10
    VacationHomeRentals.com is a rip off for home owners. Bait and switch. I was sent an amended agreement in the middle of my subscription and refused to sign it so they locked me out of my account with 6 months still paid on it. I tried to call but could not get anyone to help me. Always got someone in India, Philippines, etc. When I subscribed I got a representative in the United States but can no longer get a US based person. Home owners ne... Read more
  1. google_fiber-130x130
    philip hayes
    December 5, 2016 | Rated 0/10
    Google fiber is a sham. Internet speeds are not what was promised. The cable is awful. We have already had to have two new boxes installed. Read more
  1. comodo geek buddy
    December 5, 2016 | Rated 6/10
    I have used them for a few years now. I love Comodo Internet Security for many reasons of the big Companies which seem to be targets for viruses. Geek Buddy has helped me many times. I am a geek myself but I do get stumped at times. The only complaint I have is the extreme upsell pressure at the end of the service. They even lie about my expiry date . I had over a year longer then they stated on a few occasions. Hence 6 stars not 10 Read more


  1. Jordan Grimmer
    Jordan Grimmer is the head content editor and writer at BestCompany.com. He oversees all on-site content production, the BestCompany.com Medium page, as well as his own personal blog. You can follow Jordan on Twitter.... Read more
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