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02/23/2018 | Auburn, WA

I liked that you can take it everywhere and anywhere you go, but since I'm only in my home it's a bit disappointing. I do wear it every moment I'm home though.


Boyd H

02/23/2018 | Longmont, CO

I got it for my parents after looking at the ratings online. Sometimes customer support is hard to get a hold of and don't seem to be able to follow our instructions. Still, they'll call 911 very quickly.



02/23/2018 | Ankeny, IA

My oldest son got it for me. I haven't had it that long so I haven't had to use it. Still, the bracelet is comfortable to use.



02/23/2018 | Batavia, IL

I got it since I like that it works no matter where I am, I can be outside and use it. There was one incident in a restaurant where I had to push the button and things worked alright. I used to wear it all the time but it's a very cumbersome and inconvenient thing. The necklace was too heavy to wear around my neck, so I started trying to clip it to my clothes. When I did that, the button would just fall off all the time so in the end I just stopped using it.


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