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3 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Gutters Company

McCall Martin
McCall Martin | Senior Editor

Most people choose to replace their gutters as a sidenote to “bigger renovation.” Homeowners will take hours and even days to come up with a new wall color, but will leave the look of new gutters to the contractors—this is a sure way of losing money. When it comes to saving money on gutter replacement, you should always take time to explore your options. Here are three extremely important things you should know about replacing your gutters. 

Average Cost

One of the most frustrating parts about searching for a good gutter replacement company is trying to get an initial estimate of cost. Usually, a company will require an in-home assessment to determine cost. While these assessments do give you an idea of exact cost, it would be nice to get an estimate beforehand. 

According to Home Advisor, the cost of replacing your gutters comes down to two different things: cost of labor and cost of material. In order to get an idea of how much it will cost you, you will need to know how many feet of gutters you are going to replace. With experienced contractors, the cost of labor and materials together can cost around $500 for every 50 feet of gutters to be replaced (including materials)—which translates to about $5 per square foot. Be aware that this cost is a rough estimate and will vary greatly depending on where you live, which gutters company you hire, and what material of gutters you buy. 

When to Replace

You should never replace your gutters as a side note to replacing your roof or shingles—unless your gutters are damaged beyond repair. Much of the time, roofing companies will offer to replace your gutters for no other reason than they are already up there and it would be easy. People who fall prey to this reasoning will be paying a lot of extra money to replace gutters that don’t even need replacing. A general rule of thumb is, if it isn’t leaking, don’t replace it; if it is leaking, try to get it repaired first.

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