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3 Things to Know Before Picking a Basement Waterproofing Company

A strong, protected basement is key to having a safe home. Finding a company that will work with you to help fight unexpected damage can ensure peace of mind. When you are looking for a basement waterproofing company, keep these three things in mind.

Know the Warranty Coverage

Many basement waterproofing companies offer lifetime warranties, but those lifetime warranties can vary in pricing and coverage. Some companies will offer transferable warranties, which means you can transfer your warranty to the next owner if you sell your house. Companies will either transfer the warranty for free or for a fee, so if you don’t plan on living in your home long term, know what will happen with your basement waterproofing warranty. Other companies may include more coverage with their warranty, or they may vary as far as pricing. Before picking a basement solutions company, be sure to know the ins and outs of the warranty offered.

Find Expert Waterproofers

While the company you work with doesn’t need to exclusively work with waterproofing basements, do your research and find a company that at least specializes in the service. Choose a company that has extensive experience, a solid reputation, and positive customer feedback. Finding a company that offers other services in addition to waterproofing may actually prove to be a benefit if you find that your basement needs additional work. Working with experts should ultimately save you time and money.

Know Your Needs

Once you find an expert waterproofer, learn more about your basement issues and what more you may need from a basement solutions company. Your basement may need more than one simple service. Protecting your home is important, and knowing what you need to protect is vital. Each basement is unique and is susceptible to different kinds of damage. Some companies offer educational materials to help you identify damages. A company may have a blog, FAQ section, or before and after pictures to explain to customers what potential issues lie within their basements. 

Having a good experience with a waterproofing company is the payoff for doing your research. Look for the right warranties, expert experience, and companies that offer services that fit your needs. Once you know what to look for, use services like Best Company to compare companies side by side to find the right match.