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The scores and rankings of companies on are calculated from our proprietary “Best Rank” algorithm. We do not have any relationships with companies that guarantee their ranking or score, and we never will. Like many sites, we may be compensated through affiliate relationships with the companies on However, our "Best Rank" algorithm is powered by real consumer reviews, ensuring that our rankings remain honest and unbiased. Please select an industry from the dropdown list below to view the specific criteria by which companies in that industry are ranked. Read More Read Less keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_up

The overall “Best Rank” company score is calculated based upon how a company scores in the following two sections:

1. User Review Index Score (60% of Overall Score)

This score is determined by the quantity and especially the quality score of consumer reviews published on Below are the criteria that make up this score, with their respective weights (weights are presented here as a percent of the Overall Score):

  • Star Rating of Reviews (30%) - The average 1-5 star score of a company’s published consumer reviews.
  • Number of Reviews (30%) - The total number of reviews that have been published about a company.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on ensuring the authenticity of the consumer reviews published on our site. Prior to being published on, every submitted review is examined by our Review Moderation Team. Reviews that are identified as factually inaccurate, fraudulent, and/or purposely misleading are denied publication. For more information regarding our review moderation process, please refer to our Review Guidelines .

2. Market Index Score (40% of Overall Score)

This score is determined by comparing how a company stacks up against the rest of the companies in its industry in the following categories:

  • Recurring Fees (14%) - The affordability of any fee a company charges its customers on a recurring basis.
  • Onetime Fees (12%) - The affordability of a company’s up-front or onetime fees it charges its customers.
  • Contract or Warranty Length (10%) - The length or term of the contract/warranty to which a company requires/offers its customers to consent upon purchase of the company’s product and/or service.
  • Brand Search Volume (2%) - The number of online search queries made by consumers that contain the company’s brand name.
  • Time in Business (2%) - The number of years that a company has provided its products and/or services to consumers.

Disclaimer: If Best Company finds a company is engaged in questionable or fraudulent business practices, is flagged consistently for unethical review solicitation, or is unable to service new consumers in a timely manner, its overall score will receive a penalty until it has resolved the issue. Any such penalties will be disclosed on the company's profile page.

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