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LAST UPDATED: December 13th, 2023

1Solar is a Utah-based solar energy provider that has been installing solar panel systems across the state since 2013. The solar company is active in the community, sponsoring a number of events from marathons and relay races to educational nonprofits. In 2017, 1Solar made Solar Power World magazine's "Top 500 Solar Contractors" list, ranking 259th with more than 1,500 kilowatts of clean, renewable energy installed throughout the Wasatch Front.

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The Good

  • NABCEP Certified
  • Enphase Premium Installer

NABCEP Certified

1Solar has been been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, or the NABCEP. The NABCEP authors industry-leading certification programs for solar technicians that promote best standards and solar installation practices. An endorsement from the NABCEP signifies both that 1Solar has undergone advanced training and that homeowners will receive a quality, expert-installed solar PV system.

Enphase Premium Installer

1Solar is also an Enphase Premium Installer. Enphase is one of the industry leaders in solar inverter technology, which allows solar panel systems to covert solar energy at an efficient rate as well as monitor the performance of individual solar panels. With these tools, homeowners can easily monitor both their energy consumption and the output of their solar panel system to ensure optimal performance and energy bill savings.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Undisclosed Warranty
  • Undisclosed Financing Options

Limited Availability

As stated above, 1Solar is only available to residents in Utah. While a local focus is becoming increasingly common in the solar industry, local companies like 1Solar may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to larger companies with a more national presence and greater brand recognition. Promoting verified One Solar reviews could be an effective way for the company to highlight its customer interactions and distinguish itself in a crowded and competitive Utah solar market.

Undisclosed Warranty

While the company's equipment warranties come directly from the manufacturer (25 years for Enphase inverters; 12 years for VSun solar panels), 1Solar's own workmanship warranty is nowhere to be found on the company website. The workmanship warranty protects the solar energy system against installation errors. Leading solar companies attach a service warranty good for the lifetime of the system or 25 years.

Undisclosed Financing Options

Although 1Solar often describes the benefits of solar array ownership, as opposed to leasing electricity from the utility company, the company makes no explicit mention of its available financing options. Solar panel installation ownership can only be secured through direct purchase or solar loan. Additional financing options like solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) are not mentioned either; though 1Solar in all likelihood will discuss available options with customers after the initial consultation.


The Bottom Line

1Solar has a proven track record of expertise and quality solar installations across the state of Utah. The company installs top-level equipment and has been certified by the NABCEP. Utah customers are encouraged to look into what 1Solar can do for them — and then compare the company's workmanship warranty and available financing options against other, leading solar providers in their area.

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ken browder Denver, CO

1 Solar is a very good company to work with they take customer service very seriously they’re very friendly very helpful. We go over and over everything with you until you understand it and they are not afraid to step in and help you out with anything. This company is very friendly and very good to work with unbelievable

4 months ago

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Chad Wells Salt Lake City, UT

Stay vary far away from this company. The installers missed 60% of the truss anchors that hold the panels to the roof, On top of that they LEAK. They have no workmanship warranty at all. If you read this and still work with this company. YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING COMING TO YOU. ALL OF IT. THIS IS A REAL WARNING TO HELP PROTECT THE CONSUMER. Check out every review of every company you get quotes from, and do it in front of them and talk to them about it. Then you'll know the real P.O.S. sitting in front of you or not. Good luck for you all, your gonna need it.

5 months ago

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Bella Houtz South Jordan, UT

We purchased our solar panels through One Solar. We felt like they were very proficient and did a quality job for us. We felt like in shopping for the product they were a little more expensive but the quality was better than other companies we considered.

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

star star star star star_border


I have rated this company 8 as I overall had good experience with a couple of hurdles. Needed some paperwork which took me two days to get those but ultimately I received it and had a smooth installation. So far I have been able to reduce my bill from $200.00/ month to $130.00 now. Hoping to reduce more in the future. I would highly recommend Onesola,

6 years ago

star star star star star

Kallie adamson West Jordan, UT

This contractor that came to my house answered all my questions honestly. He was very knowledgeable of all the steps of the solar process. The customer service was also great and kept us in the loop with every step along the process. Great company and I would recommend them to anyone.

7 years ago

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Michelle Klein Denver, CO

Filing a lawsuit. This company took 1 year to get the panels placed and they blamed it on everyone but their own company. Since the panels went "live" I have not had any change in my electrical bill. They do not return calls. I am paying on the panel loan AND an electrical bill that was supposed to be replaced by solar. Do NOT engage with this company OR Nova Solar their sales agency in Denver!!

7 months ago

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picto18 Boise, ID

One Solar is horrible! If you are looking to go solar do that just don't use One Solar. Our salesman Nick is awesome and if it wasn't for him we probably still wouldn't be installed. But Nick came over and we signed our agreement with him. He actually works for Everlight only now because One Solar is nothing but dishonest. Once things were ready to go we prepped for install. It was a long process and after having to call One Solar to prod them along they came out and put solar panels on my house. This is where it really gets fun. They installed my panels told me I was good to go and that the City and the Idaho power would be out to do there inspections in the next week (2 at most). 2 weeks came and went. I called Nick who looked into and realized they forgot to install a piece in my panel and they had put that in the notes but nobody was following up on it. He contacted One Solar as did I. We went another week or more with nothing. So I then had to contact them again. Called Jennifer who then coordinates to have the inspection done, next thing I know they come out I take time off of work and the inspector looks at and says it doesn't pass because they didn't complete the install. He leaves, One Solar tries to figure their crap out and tells me they will be back that afternoon. Low and behold he shows up again like 20 minutes later we a part he said he had to drive 4 hours for. I leave work and come back to make sure they actually get it done. The whole time talking to Jennifer trying to figure out what the hell is going on and why they can't do this right so I don't have to keep leaving work. All the phone calls and pushing and delays I finally get it installed and the inspections done. Talking to Jennifer the whole time that promises me she will have Neal (some dude at One Solar that thinks he is important) give me a call. He never does... because as I said before he thinks he is too important and doesn't have time for his actual customers. Never met me but the he has acted he is a joke. Fast forward to now. I got my first bill with solar and now have a payment to idaho power as well as my loan. I expected a little but it would have been less had they installed on time. I worked with Nick who said because of my troubles with install and all I had to do if this happened they would take care of my first payment. Well now One Solar won't, Neal and Jennifer just deflect and rather than acutally just help me out and keep me happy after all I had to do to get it done in the first place and have this happen they won't pay it!!! They are just full of excuses after I paid them over $35,000! I would hate to see what will happen if something acutally goes wrong with my panels. I really hope not but as hard as the install and this has been I would hate to see what kind of fight its going to be if they have to come out and fix something under warranty. Ending thoughts if you are going to do solar do it, but do NOT use One Solar they do not care about their customers at all. However, Nick our salesman is awesome and nothing but honest and helpful. He just venmo'd me the money out of his own pocket no thanks to One Solar. He stands behind what he says and has done and continues to do anything and everything he can to help me out!

4 years ago

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John W Denver, CO

Don’t do it, Don’t do it, Don’t do it! This is by far the worst experience with a company I have ever had. I’ve been dealing with solar1 since April… solar panels still not operating and it’s September! I’ve talked with several customer service reps, Michelle H and Matt S and still NOTHING! Nobody can give me answers! This is ridiculous. I’m about to start paying through my loan and panels are not operational….. Again since APRIL. The absolute worst communication. My friends and neighbors went with other companies and as an average they had their panels up and running within 4 weeks. Not solar1….we are going on 5 months!!! 100% unacceptable! Do not go with 1solar! If I could leave negative stars I would.

1 year ago

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Disappointed customer Las Vegas, NV

This company is an absolute deceiving nightmare! I would never ever use them if I had the opportunity again! It started off with their sales person Craig S., he came off as the best guy in the world, turns out he was the biggest liar in the world! They tell you that you are going to get a ton of money back from your income tax return because of the solar panels... Which is part of their trick to lure you in...& in reality you don't even get a 10th of it back! When they installed the solar panels... They literally broke over a 100 roof tiles, They refused to replace all the tiles that they broke even though I had surveillance cameras on my house in it shows them breaking the tiles! They failed the 1st city inspection.. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life! If you getting solar panels beware! And now I'm looking at the submit button for this review, and the only option is to hit the word amazing! So just info for you... I do not find this company amazing at all, it's just another one of their tricks!

2 years ago

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Andee Eagle Mountain, UT

These snakes sent a salesman to us, who found his way into our home to try to sell us solar panels. We reiterated to this guy over and over that we are doing dave ramsey and we do not want a loan. He assured us over and over again that it wasn't, and only needed our social security numbers to make sure we qualified (just like phone companies do when you set up an account with them). He then told us that our payments would be the same as they would with rocky mountain power for our electric bill. Both of those were lies. We signed a loan doc that night that we thought was just the contract for solar panels, which is what he told us. Looking back we realize that it was a loan, but this guy was so convincing that we believed we were just signing the contract and we clicked "sign all" like he suggested because we trusted him. We instead, agreed to a $27,000 loan, with a payment of $169 a month! That's almost $100 more than our electric bill normally is!! These people are snakes. They won't let us out of it now so we are stuck with solar panels from a shady company that lies to get what they want, with a $27,000 loan that we never intentionally agreed to! We are livid and sick. This company is dishonest and disgusting. Do not trust them if you are looking for solar panels. They will do whatever it takes to get your business, and then hardly communicate with you after that. This entire experience has been a nightmare. We tried calling them over and over to make sure it really wasn't a loan throughout this process and they gave us as little information as they could every time, claiming they would have someone else call us.

4 years ago

star star star star star_border

Spencer Hodgson Salt Lake City, UT

They came out to my house and gave me a free quote. I was impressed with the sales rep that came out to my house because he was knowledgeable of solar and the savings involved.

5 years ago

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David Lamarca Las Vegas, NV

The person that sold it to me was fired I am short by 3 panels and they won’t give it to me My energy bill is higher than before and now I am having to pay almost twice as before DO NOT GO TO THEM There is your WARNING

9 months ago

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Douglas Jones Boulder City, NV

I have not see any change in my electric bill. I honestly do not believe my pana S were installed properly . It’s that or they didn’t install enough panals for my home. Also it harder for me to get someone to respond to me in this issue. So now I am paying for an install that doesn’t even work so to make a long story short instead of savings all I have done is add another bill to my already financial low status.

1 year ago

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They keep dropping the ball over and over again forgetting to schedule me. The build has been completed since January and they forgot to schedule the final inspection. They finally got the final inspection done 2 weeks ago and it failed. Haven’t heard from anyone about getting the electrician out to fix the problem. I signed nearly a year ago. This is a joke.

1 year ago

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Drew Griffin Layton, UT

No complaints with the product. We were deceived by the sales associate regarding financing in a way that put us in a difficult financial situation for years. Would recommend the product -- absolutely would not recommend the company.

1 year ago