Sprint is a major provider of wireless and Internet services throughout the world. As of 2014, Sprint is the third largest U.S. network operator, with 54.3 million customers at the end of July 2014. Sprint also owns Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and the Assurance brands of non-contract providers. Recently, there was some turnover in the CEO ranks. Marcelo Claure, the founder and former CEO of Brightstar, replaced Dan Hesse. Sprint consistently pushes the revenue envelope, earning $35.49 billion in 2013 and 35.4 billion in 2012. Sprint is actually owned by the SoftBank Corporation, which holds 80 percent of Sprint’s shares. Also, as of 2014, Sprint has over 38,000 employees, ranging from service support to network engineers. Sprint is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.


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The Good

  • Family plans
  • Large variety of phones
  • Great accessories

Sprint focuses heavily on servicing family units. While most providers’ only package different lines under one umbrella data plan, Sprint makes data available for each phone. That means that if you get the 6 GB data plan with Sprint, there will be 6 GB included for each phone. The phone plans are also affordable when you use a family plan.

There is also a wide variety of cellular phones available through Sprint. Sprint offers one BlackBerry phone, which is more than most carriers provide. Also available are the latest iPhone and Android phone products. In addition to providing iPhone and Android products, Sprint also carries an HTC Windows phone available. Most of the contract and non-contract providers that we reviewed only had Nokia Windows phones available.

Cell phones are not the only technology Sprint sells directly to consumers. Sprint allows customers to purchase a mobile hotspot (many phones can be hot spotted), several different tablets, and other devices as well. Sprint also lets customers purchase pre-owned tablets. This makes the price of an iPad or a Google tablet more affordable for customers with a tighter budget. They also offer products like the Onyx studio, a set of speakers that could be plugged into a phone or tablet’s audio port, to maximize a listening experience.

Current customers have also been pleased that Sprint still has smartphones with QWERTY keyboards. One product in particular, the Motorola Admiral, has a QWERTY keyboard and is popular amongst a niche group. For these consumers, the keyboard makes it easier to text and browse the Internet.

Sprint is rather transparent regarding the capabilities of the technology they sell. Customers can easily find descriptions concerning the operating system, the screen size, whether or not the phone has a touchscreen, and the battery lifetime. Most of the batteries for Sprint phones last 18 hours or more, most phones had a touchscreen, and there were a lot of phones with a 4” display or larger.

Sprint also heavily emphasizes the selling of accessories to compliment customers’ phones, tablets, and other devices. With other contract and non-contract providers, it can be relatively difficult to find protective devices. However, Sprint carries screen protectors and carrying cases for tablets and their customers can find a wide variety of accessories for phones and tablets as well.

For smartphone users, Sprint has created an “app” service for their customer base. They provide an extensive list of apps and customer ratings for them. Customers can sign into the Sprint site and specific apps will be sent directly to the phone via a download link. This feature seems to benefit Android users more than iPhone users at this time.

The Bad

  • Hidden fees
  • Early termination fees
  • Expensive hotspots

Hidden fees and additional costs are a concern of both current and prospective customers. Sprint is not exactly clear about what their overage fees entail. Those interested in the service will need to conduct further individual research to know for sure what the charge per MB of overage will be. If you are roaming on another network and you go over your data, current customers have stated that there is an expensive overage charge associated with that coverage. Other cellular providers charge a flat overage fee, often $15 per GB of overage. This approach would help Sprint keep overage fees at a minimum for its clients, but it is currently not offered.

Overage fees are not the only expensive aspect to the Sprint pricing model. The early termination fee (when a customer cancels their contract early) is one of the highest in the industry. If you cancel a smartphone contract, you pay $350 per line. Also, you will pay $200 to cancel per line if you use Sprint’s basic phones. If you have multiple lines, it would be very easy to pay $1000 if you cancel your contract with Sprint early.

Hotspots and Wi-fi card plans are also considered by Spring customers to be “expensive.” The cheapest plan they currently provide is $35/month and has a 3GB cap. There are also additional fees that can apply with the limited GB data. There is no unlimited plan right now. The 30GB plan will run you $110/month.

The Bottom Line

For the customer who wants a contract or prepaid phone, a tablet, or a mobile hotspot, Sprint would be a quality carrier to look into. They have a lot of different products available, represent all the phone operating systems, and have one of the best 4G LTE networks in the country. While there are some significant “holes” in national 4G LTE coverage, the voice-only and 3G coverage are consistent around the country. For those interested in Sprint’s services can expect the following:

  • Wide variety of phones to choose from
  • Extensive coverage
  • Service plans to fit almost any budget
  • Long-term contracts with steep termination fees
  • Hotspots and data plan available
  • Several technology-based services available
  • Wide variety of compatible accessories
  • Confusion surrounding overage charges

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    October 26th, 2016 Fairfax, VA

    I have service on the Sprint network through Credo mobile. They are based on the West Coast (US) and I’m outside of Washington DC, but I’ve been very impressed with their service. I’ve gotten 4 new devices sent in the three years my family has been doing business with them and each one was seamless. They also support causes I care about (read Non-Tea Party Conservative causes which are the darlings of AT&T and Verizon). Couldn’t be happier!

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  2. User Score


    April 9th, 2016 San Diego, CA

    Garbage coverage in the middle of the city, they keep doing provider upgrades to my phone and now as of Apr-8th I have 0 Wi-Fi connectivity and only 1x coverage even with their Airaid 6 feet and wifi router 2 feet and in sight. even with restart . Horrid customer service and reps BS to make the client feel they know anything, im on a hill and 1.2 miles from a cell tower that is active and still no coverage. Im done going back to verzion.

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  3. User Score


    December 3rd, 2015 Houston, TX

    Sprint has lied to me for the last time. They tell you what you want to hear so customers will purchase a wifi device. I was told my bill would be 135.00 per month, but I received a $203.00 bill yesterday. I would rather go with another company than deal with Sprint any longer.

    Unhappy customer

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  4. User Score


    July 16th, 2015 Lansing, MI

    We are a long term Sprint customer and we have always loved the service. I have always heard people gripe about coverage in the country but I am for the most part an urban dweller and have always recieved excellent service. I recieve full bars in my home of LTE services in fact. Sprint has always offered the latest and greatest in phones and I recently upgraded to a platinum/gold Samsung S6 Edge 64gb which is easily the prettiest phone I’ve ever owned. I also noticed that Sprint tends to be cheaper than both ATT and Verizon and Tmobile doesn’t even compete from a tech standpoint. All and all I am and continue to be happy with the service I get from Sprint.

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  5. User Score


    July 11th, 2015 El Paso, TX

    Sprint has been the worst carrier I’ve ever had. Poor signal even at my home. The internet (if i get any) its very very very slow and takes a long time to load. I have to use an air-rave in order to get signal.and of course its not for free. So i am paying to use the service i am already paying for. Sprint goes out of the way to bring new customers but it wont even bother to keep current customers happy. I do not, i repeat i DO NOT recommend Sprint to anybody. I cant wait for my contract to expire so i can go elsewhere.

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  6. User Score


    July 10th, 2015 Cincinnati, OH

    Worst COmpany Ever!!. Custumer service -50, Signal, -11…. Esta compañia no sirve!

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  7. User Score


    July 9th, 2015 Miami Beach, FL

    sprint blows its sucks the worst company been with them for 15+ years and I get nothing from them

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  8. User Score


    July 8th, 2015 Seattle, WA

    I agreed with Carlos as well. I was been with Sprint for about 8 years just because for the price. however, Service was horrible , get disconnect several time even though i had a booster at my home but still same tower excuses. I have been told by Customer service and Tech dept that use your wifi connection when you’re in home. But I dont understand why would i have to do that if i have plan unlimited with call data etc.??!!!!

    i just switch new carrier recently with TMobile. Much better service there 4GLTE is really 4GLTE. So far i’m liking TMobile

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  9. User Score


    July 8th, 2015 Cleveland, OH

    I was with Sprint for about 10 years because of their OK pricing, however, I never did have signal anywhere. Everyone else could log into their data on 4G and 4G LTE, and I was stuck with 3G data, and long waits. I am very happy I left Sprint, I am now with At&T and my service works everywhere all the time.

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