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LAST UPDATED: October 25th, 2021

AMP Smart security provides customized home security solutions for its customers in Utah. The company helps protect against burglary, fire, and medical emergency situations with 24/7 professional monitoring and remote system access from its mobile device app. AMP Smart provides customers with security equipment and monthly monitoring from Guardian Protection Services.

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The Good

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Mobile System Access
  • Complete Home Automation Features
  • Medical Wellness Monitoring
  • Customer Perks

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Home security solutions through AMP Smart are fully customizable based on a customer's unique lifestyle and feature 24/7 professional monitoring from the AMP security team.

Mobile System Access

AMP Smart offers remote access from a customer's iOS or Android smartphone, iPad, or computer. This includes motion sensor notifications and doorbell camera feed.

Complete Home Automation Features

Home automation features include mobile controls over thermostat settings, lighting, security camera, small appliances, door locks, and garage door entry. Customers can also remotely arm/disarm the home security system from any location. Indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras are available as well as video doorbell camera technology.

Medical Wellness Monitoring

The company's medical alarm system help keep track of daily patterns of elderly loved ones while the customer is away. Customers can receive instant alerts if daily activity patterns change or a family member leaves the house. The enhanced functionality of its personal emergency response systems help elderly family members speak with emergency dispatchers through two-way voice technology until help arrives.

Customer Perks

AMP Smart security has a referral perk, a move guarantee, a theft protection pledge, and a service warranty.
If you make a referral that signs up, you'll receive a $200 Amazon gift card. This is a generous bonus, and most companies only have a $50 bonus.

If you've been with AMP Smart for over a year and are moving within its service area, you can receive a new base security system and a 25% discount on upgrades. However, if you need to cancel due to your move, you could be subject to a hefty cancellation fee which we discuss more in The Bad section.

The theft protection pledge ensures that you will be reimbursed up to $500 toward an insurance deductible if your house has been bulglarized while using AMP Smart.

For the AMP Smart service warranty, you can receive repairs and replacements for a $35 deductible if your product breaks or becomes defective. This is subject to the terms and conditions of your contract.


The Bad

  • High Monthly Prices
  • Fees
  • Undisclosed Warranty Info
  • Five-Year Contract

High Monthly Prices

The average price for a home security system from AMP Smart is $55.99 per month. This is slightly on the high end of prices, especially when top competitors offer systems that cost less than half the price.


AMP Smart's installation fee of $249 isn't particularly attractive, either. Top competitors will send you equipment for free or include free installation that will save you hundreds of dollars.

If you want to cancel AMP Smart, you could be subject to a fee of up to $1,250, which is high when compared to other home security companies like ADT.

Undisclosed Warranty Info

The home security company also does not publicly offer equipment warranty information on its website. Customers may be responsible for certain components of their systems. It is unclear if there may be an upfront fee for professional installation as well.

Five-Year Contract

AMP Smart requires a five-year contract, which is one of the highest term lengths among home security companies. Many competitors have three-year contracts, and some have month-to-month subscriptions. Five years is a long time to commit to a company if you're unsure of its quality, particularly with such a high installation and cancellation cost.

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The Bottom Line

AMP Smart provides consumers with custom home security packages that include mobile device access and 24/7 professional monitoring. The home security company offers complete coverage for burglary, fire, and medical emergencies. However, AMP Smart's pricing is noticeably higher than top competitors, and the tall installation fee will be a detractor for some customers.

Key Takeaways from Home Security Reviews

We analyzed all the home security reviews on to understand the motivations of customers who leave a given star rating. Through careful analysis, we identified some common factors that lead to particularly positive and negative experiences. Read our report to learn the key takeaways from other customers’ experiences.

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We recommend reading the AMP Smart reviews below and comparing them to our top-rated security companies.


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David Schafer Rio Rancho, NM

Predatory company. I called multiple times and told them I wanted to cancel, instructed them not to renew my contract, and was just going to continue making payments until my 3yr contract was up. I then called around when I thought the contract was ending (in May) and was told it was through November, but that they would put a note on my account so it wouldn't renew. Ok, fine. Keep paying $71/mo. Called again when I thought I only had 1 payment left, and was told I still had 31 months left on my contract! It WAS up back in May when I originally thought, the customer service rep LIED to me, and they auto-renewed my contract for ANOTHER 3 YEARS!! And they wouldn't budge, regardless of who I spoke with. And the reason I was cancelling? Their product sucks. It was always glitching and offline, or our monthly upload limit was full (which we were not told about when we signed up, btw) so it wasn't recording. We were paying $71/mo for cameras which I'd estimate were only functioning about 50% of the time. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

1 month ago

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Alex Weinshilboum Sacramento, CA

Amp has by far some of the best equipment in the Industry. Most systems out there provide little value except for cameras. AMP's system automatically verifies a break-in using 2-way voice in their panel. After 9 seconds of an alarm being tripped, the panel activates so they can hear the glass breaking, rummaging through doors, or gunshots. Then it connects to dispatchers to assist the problem. I've worked in the Home Security industry for a long time now. I have advanced system knowledge of Simplysafe, ADT, and AMP. Amp by far has the best system to prevent a break-in, fire, or medical emergency. However, there are definitely some bad sales reps that do not highlight the 3-5 year contract. Make sure you trust the rep at your door and have them confirm the details of your contract! I got the system for my house, and my parents house.

7 months ago

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TD Meyer Aurora, CO

If I could put negative 10 that is still to high. contract sucks equipment sucks. You get scammed into a contract Out of the three years of service the equipment has worked 3 months they said internet is weak got new internet and still don't work worth a crap I call and go through the process and it will work for a couple of days then flashes green and red and don't work The account manager is rude and unethical Rachael the account manage could use some training in manager skills and problem resolving. I would not recommend this company

2 months ago

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Braxton Terry Greenfield, IN

This is by far the worst company I have ever conducted business with. In 2016 a door salesman came by my home telling me about their security system that they have. The individual indicated that they could install the equipment and would give me "2 months" to determine if I liked their services and wanted to continue with the contract. After the first week, the security system went offline and it continued to be a pattern. I also had a camera doorbell installed and this continued to go off line. I contacted them immediately to tell them that this equipment is less than satisfactory and I would not be continuing the contract. That's when I was told that I had three days to opt-out. This is my last year and I have already opted out of the contract immediately in writing via their email and I have received a response to the cancellation. This company is shady as it gets and it is sad that they use such unethical business practices. They can go to hell.

4 months ago

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James Garlitz Littleton, CO

Amp Smart Security automaticity renewed my service contract for an additional 36 months without written or verbal notice. I called on several occasions to cancel the plan prior to the end of the contract, but was told just to wait until it finishes June 2021, without any warning of the impending autorenew. When I contacted there customer service about the contract they informed me Section D of their contract/terms of service does stipulate that the contract will be auto renewed if initialed; however the contract doesn’t appear to have a way to opt of the auto renewal process. This practice and contract appears predatory in nature. Customers should be better informed by a business when a 3 year auto renew policy is about to take effect. I can’t think of any other business that has an auto renewal spaced 3 years apart without informing the customer. Based on the lack of information by Amp Smart Security I would like for 2 things. 1) They commit to informing customers when their current term is ending, so they can cancel or renew. 2) Have an option to opt out of autorenewal.

4 months ago

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Mariant Gutierrez Flemingsburg, KY

The contract automatically renewed on 6/18. I am calling 6/21 for cancellation and they are not willing to cancel. The termination fee is $1,850 !!!! I also never received an email about the upcoming renewal. I was a loyal paying customer, never missed a day. I wish the other negative reviews were untrue, but after many calls, there is no consideration, even though it was renewed over a weekend.

5 months ago

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Pablo Velez Allentown, PA

I called on 5/25/21 to cancel my service. The person that answer first transfers me to customer service and after I explained to her i needed to cancel my service because of recently hard times and that would be cutting other services like cable as well. She then tells me somebody would contact me with in 3 business days. I call again to see if i get a different answer and this time when I mention the same thing I mentioned before she tells me " Well I see here you qualify for an upgrade and maybe we can lower your monthly payment." I tell her no just need to cancel. She says the same thing again somebody will contact me. The next day 5/26/21 AMP contacts me and explained that my contract was done on 4/19/21 and because I didn't contact them my contract was renewed. So with no warning i get a 3 year contract again. But yet you can send me a letter warning me about other companies using the same scam tactics your salesman used to get into my house including saying he was with the previous company I had, when was the last time somebody check my sensor battery (which by the way in 3 years you guys have not even check them and 2 of them are running low on batteries). A salesman that came to my door using scam tactics rush through the process didn't explained anything as he was supposedly teaching somebody else. Didn't even let me know that you were checking my credit and you even pay me back a month because how upset you made us. So I call again and talked to the same person and explained that we had Covid related hard times in April and I was doing budget cuts and she obviously just care about the money for the company and not the customer. I understand its not her problem but we still need to have a heart this are difficult times were people are losing their love ones and she obviously didn't show any empathy. How can anybody trust a company with no heart with there family! Really disappointed it was only a little over a month ago that my contract finish and they should have understand what people are going through still.

6 months ago

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Katie Maeder ,

I have had nothing but constant issues with this company from day one. A door to door salesmen shows up at my home on 9/23/2020 at 4:30pm to try and sell us a security system and that was my first red flag, especially without a permit from the City of Grapevine to be doing such. The salesmen proceed to come in to discuss security system options and asks if we would like to go ahead and sign up. I tell the salesmen that we will discuss it and get back to him. The salesmen proceed to tell us we are eligible for $1850 worth of "free" equipment. He specifically said "free". So, my daughter agreed. That evening the installer shows up with the "free" equipment we were getting. The salesmen also tell us that our payments will be auto drafted. Fast forward 3 months and nothing has been auto-drafted unknowingly to us and now we have 3 late payments on our credit for a bill we thought was going to be auto-drafted. 11/11/2020 my daughter called in to find out why the bills weren't being drafted & discovered they input the wrong date. Marsha H. in accounting refused to correct the billing date. I then receive a letter dated 11/30/2020 demanding payment plus $20 for each late payment. I immediately contacted Marsha on 12/17/2020 who still refused to correct the billing date. I called back and spoke with Devin in accounting who called me a “liar” and was beyond unprofessional. I then contacted customer service and was referred to Jessica. Jessica and I had a discussion on 12/18/2020 wherein I advised her of the mess their installer made and sent pics confirming such, billing not set up correctly, and wanting to cancel the contract completely. I also advised that my cameras had not been working for 3 weeks and was unable to get them back on-line using their instructions. Jessica said she would have a tech contact me to get the equipment reset and working. This happened shortly afterwards. Jessica then called back that afternoon to receive payment. 12/21/2020 Megan called and stated she would have Jessica call back as the tech did not complete the repairs as required. 12/23/2020 Jessica called back wherein I advised that Nate (their tech) was 2 hours late, didn’t fix everything he was supposed to claiming it wasn’t their fault, and what he did fix he did a shoddy job leaving caulk or putty everywhere. 12/24/2020 Jessica called back and asked me to send the photos to Zach (Nate’s supervisor) and I cc’d her as well. Jessica stated she would be sending me a $50 gift card for the “frustration and inconvenience”. Zach responded to the email and rescheduled for Nate to come and correct everything after the holidays. 12/30/2020 Jessica called to see if everything had been completed properly this time, wherein I said it was as good as it will get and asked where the $50 gift card was. Jessica said that since they sent Nate back out that she wasn’t sending it. We argued over that because that was not what she said in the phone conversation. Jessica then put me on hold to check with “upper management” and agreed to send out the gift card as originally promised. Turns out our equipment was not "free" and is charged to us monthly and included in the termination fee according to Jessica in the Loyalty department. 3/1/21 Tim in accounting called stating he was checking in and letting me know that the 12/28/2020 payment was returned and I owed for that plus the $20. I was confused and emailed him a copy of the bank statement showing where nothing was submitted to my bank by AMP Smart. Tim had no response and stated if I wanted to cancel I would have to contact customer service. I told him I had already told them to cancel my contract back in the beginning of December and it has yet to occur. I also requested the legal department contact information, which he refused to provide. Tim said he would check with Jessica on what occurred with my account and call back in a month. Today, 3/22/2021 Tim called to tell me that the 2/28/21 payment was rejected. I checked my daughter’s account and again, nothing was submitted to her bank by AMP Smart as there again is no record of their request for payment or the decline due to “insufficient funds” as they continuously state. I then asked Tim where we were on getting my account cancelled, he then transferred me to Jessica. Jessica stated that unless I wanted to pay a $1850 cancellation fee, includes the equipment and monitoring, that cancelling my account was impossible but she "wanted to make things right". She placed me on a long hold to “check with upper management” on what they could do to make things right but came back stating all she would do is cancel the late charges. I advised Jessica that this was supposed to be drafted on the 28th, but for the past 2 months it was delayed. Jessica stated that there is a 3day delay from the request and wants to change the date but can’t guarantee it won’t be processed soon if she does that. What sense does that make? Jessica now wants my daughter’s debit/credit card information to help “expedite” payment without the delays. I advised I wanted the contract closed and to get their system. They have been nothing but a problem since day 1 and I’m tired of devoting my time and resources into going over the same issues each month. Jessica kept reiterating that I have to pay the $1850 upfront or they will continue to bill me until I pay the lump sum to terminate. I told her to terminate the services and they could do a payment plan for the termination. Jessica said “No, because I can decide not to pay.” WOW! Since the very beginning (6 months) we have also had issues with our equipment not working properly. Our doorbell camera has NEVER worked correctly, and I've given up calling because all they do is a reset (which I have done about 10 times) which never helps the problem. I literally have Amazon, Fedex and Ups drop things off touching my door and the doorbell camera doesn't pick it up. Both outdoor security cameras on the front and back of our home don't work well either. I have spent countless hours trying to get the brand-new cameras to work because tech support wants to charge ridiculous fees to come out and correct their issue. I’ve had nothing but issues from their accounting department to their loyalty department to upper management refusing to cancel my contract despite the multiple requests. I’ve had equipment that DOESNT WORK properly, but I’m currently paying $1850 for. I’ve requested several times to just take their equipment back and close my account. I have no desire to keep equipment and keep a relationship with a company who has no regards for their customers, their homes or time. It has been CONSTANT issues with this company and I just really have zero desire to continue business with them. From issues with my daughter’s bank account to issues with expensive equipment that doesn't work, the company is shady shady shady and I'm done! The fact that while the “termination fee” was in the VERY FINE print it was not discussed by the sales representative who advised the equipment & installation were “free” so why am I being charged such an outrageous termination fee? If the equipment and installation are “free” why are they included in my monthly bill and the termination cost? That’s deceptive sales practice, bait & switch & consumer fraud!

8 months ago

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Taiya New Santaquin, UT

AMP Smart has the top of the line equipment. The doorbell camera is something I was missing with my previous alarm company. What's great about AMP is they truly care about their customers and strive to exceed your expectations as a customer. I will be a customer for a long time to come.

3 years ago

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Bgurule Denver, CO

Worst company will never do business with this company again. Rip you off due to moving tires to compare an alarm system contract with a car contract. No on ever answers calls in a timely manner on hold for longer then 30 min get passed back am fourth to departments to be on hold

4 months ago

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TBP Plymouth, MI

If I could give 0 stars, I would. These are the most unscrupulous, unprofessional, scamming predators you could have the displeasure to run across. My system never worked so I returned it. 0 days of service from them and they’re hunting me for past payments. I offered even to pay for my to date nothingness if they’d just cancel the contract. No dice. Pure evil.

7 months ago

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Zach Weller Denver, CO

Looks like this company is asking people to help their reviews. Because I wish I had the same awesome experience that some of these others are having. Personally I would not recommend AMP. We've had issues for a while now with no expectations of getting our money's worth or getting a happy experience with them. 1. They tell you that you qualify for free equipment yet don't explain up front that you'll get charged over $5000 for installation, fees, and some extra equipment charges. 2. Their sells people are trained well in the sense of speaking fast and not highlighting the end costs. Their installation expert came at 8pm (while we are trying to get the kids to bed) so we could focus on what he was doing. Theres a fricken hole in the side of my house. The cable comes out in the middle of my living room and is plugged into an extension cord. When we told me what he was doing, thought it would way more professional than what received. If I could post the pic here, I would. 3. Explaination of usage was lacking. They explained to us how it works and yet when we had an tech come check our stuff he basically laughed and said we were doing it wrong. So we havent armed our front door in over a year? Also he showed up 75 minutes early for his appointment. We had a missed call. Still showed up. Thank god we just got home. 4. The App has issues. Plenty. They can fix them yes. But how many times do i have to get something reset?!?! Had failed me multiple times over the past year. 5. What started this all was an event in OCt 2020. We went out of town. In laws came to take care of car and plants. No alarm at front door. Opened back door and set off alarms. We get a call. Didnt know our code. Got treated like crap over the phone because of it. Told them not to call the cops. They called the cops. 2 hours later when no one was home cop arrivers. 2 HOURS? Amp said it was local authorities fault. Yeah right. Tried to get it all resolved and treated like we didnt matter. Been trying to cancel this service for a couple weeks now. Zak is our loyalty guy. Who cant do anything for us. Asked to make us happy and he told us to buy more stuff and extent the contract. Hahaha. Was on a 5 min stand off in silence. They know how to play because they dont care about their customers. Have asked for contract copy twice. Still waiting. Called Greensky (loan company for equipment that we didnt know we needed until we signed papers) and they said when they were connected they could help resolve. But do to so many complaints, they stopped doing businsss with them. Greensky told me that now that AMP isnt attached, greensky has no pull and AMP doesnt have to care about me or my needs anymore. We are attached to contracts we werent aware of until installation and signatures. Got blind sided. This company is selfish and unreliable. So many better options out there. Let my comments direct you too ANY other company. My job offered to hook me up with their system. Thats a quarter of the price with 24/7 recording for issues and needs. Not AMP. Only works when set a certain way. Sucks when you have kids and dogs always coming in and out... Stuff on the lawn stolen, car broken into during the days with people home. Not armed- nothing we can do. No recordings. Whatever. Get any other company. Not AMP!!!!!!

9 months ago

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Keli Spanier Louisville, KY

When we moved into our home in Union, KY in November of 2018, we were asked if we would like to continue the current alarm service at the home. We were told it was $28.99 per month. AMP called and emailed us repeatedly at that time while we were just trying to move into our new home. I agreed to continue the alarm system. We were told that a technician could come to our home at the earliest of January, 2019 - 2 months later. Begrudgingly, we accepted that, set up a passcode and asked that they call us to make the appointment. We were not told of an exact date. In January of 2018, a technician did show up at our home, however we were not home at the time because no one gave us any warning. I told AMP that this was unacceptable, but they did not make another appointment in January 2019 and to this date December of 2020 have not yet had a technician come to our home. This of course made me question the decision that we had made. We had not received any bills at that time, so we decided this service may not be for us. I had no idea what kind of mess this company would cause for us. With no resolution from AMP and still no technician to set up our system, our old system sat idle. Until the alarm began to sound. And the fire trucks began to show up at our home. We called AMP to use our passcode that we initially set up, which we were told was invalid. The firemen stood in our home trying to disengage the alarm for several hours. Our children were attempting to do their homework during this time when a screaming alarm was going off in our home, wasting the time of firemen. Since it was after hours at this time, we called the next day trying to sort it out. My husband spoke with AMP, and they advised us, "Well... what do you expect?" when we asked why our passcode was not valid. Around a year ago, our system appeared to be disconnected, with the screen black. So we assume, no service was rendered during this time. We told AMP we did not want to do business any longer. They referenced a contract which I had signed on December 20, 2018. This contract has no length of time addressed. The term is left blank. No beginning date, no ending date. It only advises that the system was first installed in 2016 and that we would take over payments of $28.99. Vague answers or not even answering us at all, when we tried to address this with AMP. We were never told how long this contract was to be paid. In two years, we've never had a technician come back out to set up the system. We've tried to return the equipment, with no response. We wrote "cancel service" on statements. We only received a few statements for something around $300. I mailed them back with notes, saying to reference our continuing problems with this company, or that our service was shut off, so why were they continuing to add monthly charges? Upon calling AMP to discuss the statements I was receiving, I advised the person calling me that I would never, in any circumstances, pay a penny to this company. Even the person I was speaking with, agreed with my decision, knowing exactly what I was referring to. A few days ago this month, our alarm system began activating yet again for no reason. Here we thought it was safe to assume it was no longer connected. This time, we were forced to cut the cables because this company refused to work with us, and were clearly playing games. We would have never been able to deactivate it because our passcode did not work, and our system still had not even been set up. Now I have received this letter, and I add up $28.99 times the amount of time from the contract, having perhaps 12 months of actual service, even though we had never set it up with the technician, never had a resolution of any kind with AMP - I could come up with a number around $347, or even if I had owed for a service for the two years we've lived here, I could come up with a number around $695. But nowhere can I ever ascertain a balance of $2,022.67 - the amount they billed collections.

10 months ago

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Shannen Cypher Boise, ID

We were excited about our security system at first now feel trapped and taken advantage of. We got the security system primarily for the cameras, however they have not been working properly since we got them. When I called to cancel services they told me I would have to pay $1,800! We were never told about this fee or 5 year contract! I was also told that I need to get better internet for my cameras to work and if I "just wanted cameras I should have got Ring". Horrible customer service and business. They want to use my home as advertisement since we are a corner lot... well ill be saving my neighbors a lot of money and tell they not to get AMP Smart.

10 months ago

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Dale Sims Greenwood, IN

Most of the equipment is aesthetically fine and except for the door hardware generally of reasonable quality. The door alarms stick on to the door and frame and are subject to misalignment giving recurring false alarms. The service fees are high but cover the cost of installation. The scam-like feature though is that the contract includes an automatic renewal for the same three year period at the same pricing level and you can only cancel by written advance notice and there is no notice of the renewal. This was not as the contract was presented at the time of installation. The company is also set up so it is difficult to actually talk to real people and the there is considerable run around in what passes for a customer service department. These things would seem to point to a system deliberately designed to be obscure and/or deceptive. No one should do business with these people but if you have or do so make sure to cancel your contract in the initial term. Really though there a lot better options out there.

11 months ago

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Jody Caruth Maple Valley, WA

We were sold a package by the salesman for AMP smart that said he would give us a significant discount if we agreed to advertise by having the AMP signs out front of the house. He also told us it was a 2 year contract. We found out shortly after that we are paying the full price on a 60 month contract and a much higher price than other more reliable security companies are offering and got NO discount for advertising for them. In addition they failed to mention that they take weeks to come out and resolve equipment failures. They also did not mention that the front door camera has a very small data limit on it so after about 2 weeks of the month it no longer saves the video from the front door camera which leaves us unprotected to provide proof of any issues at the door with package theft or break in attempts. The customer service spends all their time trying to distract you and it takes 3 days to even speak with someone higher up in the "Loyalty" department. DO not use this service.

1 year ago

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Naomi Beckman Savannah, GA

I was excited to get the system with all the fancy things you can do with it only to be HIGHLY disappointed. After we had it installed, the very next day experienced troubles. Window malfunctions, bad connections, then our door bell camera went completely dead. Tech who installed it came back 3x only to go back to Virginia where he came from, which is nowhere near here. Had to call another tech out here, that is in a 4hr drove time (no local techs) to replace camera less than 2weeks of having the system. Now having more window malfunctions and completely over this company. Wish I had did more research before getting into a extremely long contract like this. DO NOT GET AMP!!!!

3 years ago

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C. Cooper Eagle Mountain, UT

We love our AMP Smart system! My daughter loves to check the weather on the panel every morning before's fun for her, but they system provides peace of mind to my wife and I while making our lives easier.

3 years ago

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Holly Shepherdsville, KY

We bought a security system a little over a year ago. We’ve had problems with the cameras not functioning since then. Now it’s a daily occurrence with the cameras not working. One of the times the camera went out was around 9pm. We tried to call but they were closed and had no way to get ahold of anyone in the company other than to send a message on the website. So we did that. It took them 2 weeks to call back. Then told us it took that long because we sent a message online and didn’t call. I tried explaining that we attempted to call but couldn’t talk to anyone because they were closed. They continued to blame us for not calling. In addition our security system disarms itself in the middle of the night. We’ve had multiple days in the last week where we’ve spent 45+ minutes on the phone with amp trying to troubleshoot the problem in addition to a tech coming to the house to fix the problem. Nothing has worked. We felt we should not have to pay for a system that does not work. We’ve asked to cancel the contract as we felt we shouldn’t have to pay $1000 to cancel a system that doesn’t work. They’re refusing to cancel it without the fee. I expressed my concern that the system is disarming itself at night. I asked what I’m supposed to do if someone was to come into our house at night while the system has disarmed itself and they told me that was a completely hypothetical situation and they would not be held responsible for that situation. I was literally in tears asking how to get out of the contract because we could not continue to spend 45+ minutes a day troubleshooting on the phone and they told us that’s the only thing we can do.

1 year ago

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Eic Edewaard Columbia, TN

Don't do it. There are a lot of good security companies out there. Ignore the shill reviews. No matter what your experience you're in it for the long haul. They will hold you to that contract. We received misleading information and our sales guy tried to use us to sell to our neighbors, even after we told him we didn't consent to being used as a testimonial. After a move Amp tried to sell us a new system and renew our contract. They would not let me buy a system without a new contract or procure my own system. As a result I've been paying for no service for over 2 years. The customer service people are nice enough but ultimately powerless to help. They just keep saying "but the contract..." and that is as far as you'll ever get. Amp was recently sued by the State of TN for their practices and Amp settled.

2 years ago

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mary South Bend, IN

They have the worst customer service and service call. I have made an appointment three times and each time they do NOT have the right equipment with them, or they can't figure out what is wrong. Three weeks ago I set up another appointment where they were going to ship an item to me so it would be here when tech arrived. Guess what?? Nothing arrived, there for i had to cancel for the third time! The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Whoever owns this business clearly does not know what is going on. seems to me its all about money. I think I may cancel this company and go back to ADT since I never had problems with them, and was going for this new company because i was told it was owned by a family. Well, I was told wrong. Im sure some customers are happy with them, not this girl.

2 years ago

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Barry Charlotte, NC

I was on the fence about getting it installed because of the cost and length of contract, but I said ok and the slick sales person had the installer at my home in 1 hour at 7pm left at almost 11pm. I was promised all batteries in sensors would be replaced they were not video doorbell camera worked 2 days. I called mister slick salesman and 2 days later doorbell was replaced it worked for 2 weeks and quit. I received notices that my camera was not working I sent 2 emails to customer service and they never responded. This was one of my biggest mistakes I have ever made. I think I may legally have a case because I didn’t get 3 hours to refuse never mind 3 day right of refusal.

2 years ago

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Reply from AMP Smart

Barry, I appreciate you letting us know about your current concerns. I’d love the opportunity to help make things right and figure out the best possible solution(s) with you to achieve this. We definitely do not want any of our customers feel the way you’ve expressed. I’m not able to find a specific account based on the first name. Can you email me your account number or address associated with your account to please? I’m the Director of Customer Service and I’ll work hard to help make things right for you.

Apr. 16th, 2019

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kimberly sporing Lexington, KY

Very unhappy ^ months later still have not paid my buy out every time I call the check has been mailed. Every time I set my alarm one sensor does not work so I call there is no Tech support in so I am paying for a system that does not work and so what is the point of having it. With such poor service and not paying the buy out I should be able to Cancel for crappy service. Yea and good thing I am not having a emergency since the first time I called tonight The guy did not ask my name or pass word put me on hold then hung up on me. I am going to see how you get out of this next step complaint on better business bureau

3 years ago

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Kyle Elias Plainfield, IN

Everything you are reading about this company is true. It might as well be called, "If you sign this paper longer than 3 days, you owe us $5000....and probably more."

4 months ago

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David Hyers Knoxville, TN

After 5 yr contract. An agent came by and said they were up grading the system. I asked about cost. He said no additional cost. When finished he asked me to sign a document that was labeled as "System Inspection/ma addendum to show that he had done the work. No mention of the small print contained in the document saying I was signing up for 5 more years.. I feel totally humiliated and deceived. They told me when calling about it I signed the document, (Too bad)

1 year ago

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Lance Morrison, CO

Don't do it! Horrible company! Technicians will do a shotty job installing and leave damage to your home, aside form not picking up after themselves. techs have no expertise or legitimate training. Same as hiring the teenager down street and just letting them do whatever. Once installed pray you never have any issues (unlikely), because in most areas they only have 1 part time technician with a highly limited availability to do maintenance and repairs.

1 year ago

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JBk Gonzales, LA

AMP reps were out in my neighborhood in Schenectady NY pushing this product. I fell for it to the tune of $50/month plus an activation fee of $99. The equipment was free but was very basic, consisting of a panel, a glass break, and two door sensors. The technicians had it installed in an afternoon. Anytime I'd call their customer service people were super nice. However I didn't recall signing a 60-month contract; when I called to cancel 2 years later, I had to pay $750 termination feel, which I was happy to do, as it saved me paying off the remainder of the 60-month contract. Never again!

4 years ago

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Georgetta Nelson Frankfort, KY

I have had this Security company for 4 years. Can not wait to finish up next year, noncontact from them at all during this time. A salesman came to my door right after my husband passed and I was concerned about my safety. Have not been satisfied with the service but know I am stuck for another year

2 years ago


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Ron Durfey Pleasant Grove, UT

I began my service with AMP because a friend worked for them. I have appreciated their partnership in helping our family feel safe within our home. They have responded quickly with lockouts or technical assistance.

2 years ago

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Rion Everett, WA

The system has been down for months they won’t fix it. And want $1800 to cancel service. Absolute trash company stay away!

6 months ago

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Breanna Atlanta, GA

Amp security ran my credit without my permission. Forged my signature and told me it would come off my credit yet it is still there. It’s company like this you got to watch out for. Very shady.

2 years ago