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    7 Smart Tech Products That Save You Money
    Guest Post by Hilary Thompson The promise of smart tech is convenience, but using it can also, over time, save you a lot of money. But between customer reviews, information from companies themselves, and independent evaluati...
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    The Smart Home in 2020 and Beyond: What Will It Look Like?
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews For decades, we have imagined an autonomous home of the future — a living space that caters to our daily needs with the minimum of input or effort from its human inhabitants. While we’r...
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    Home Security and Smart Homes: Is the Technology Worth It?
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews Roughly one out of every three homes in the United States is using smart technology these days, while half that number use security systems of some sort or another. In other words, smart home tech ...
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    Home Automation Reviews: 7 Warning Signs to Look For
    Home automation is not to be messed with. In fact, when it comes to home automation, the costs and risks are more akin to purchasing a car than purchasing your typical home electronics. According to, the c...
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    How Does Installing a Security System Affect My Home?
    Installing a home security system can feel overwhelming. Depending on what package you order and from whom, it could mean breaking out your toolbox for a weekend installation or taking a day off of work to await a crew of cer...
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    Is Home Automation Worth the Extra Cost?
    Home security systems have been around for decades, but home automation has begun to be more commonplace with the introduction of smartphones. With the exception of a few companies, home automation features don't come standa...
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