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Last Updated: July 19th, 2021

2020 has been a chaotic year. Besides the global pandemic, widespread social upheaval, and an unpredictable stock market, the year was also marked by months of contentious political campaigning culminating in a heated presidential election. And there’s still a month left!

Amid the chaos, however, one factor has remained ever present in the minds of homeowners and renters alike: the need to keep their families, homes, and possessions safe. Although the home security industry as a whole took a major hit during the initial outbreak back in March 2020, leading companies have rebounded during the ensuing months by adjusting their policies and practices to address the changing residential security landscape. Companies that have promoted virtual appointments, COVID-19 safety protocols, touchless technology, and DIY home security installations have thrived — and customers are taking notice.

Per Best Company’s extensive customer review database, we’ve compiled the top five home security companies of 2020, based primarily on customer experience:

5. Brinks Home Security
4. Frontpoint
3. Cove
2. Guardian Protection
1. Vivint

5. Brinks Home Security

As of November 2020, Brinks Home Security has earned our fifth spot with a 7.4 overall score and a 3.9-star rating across 3,767 reviews. With more than 900,000 residential and commercial home security clients, the Texas-based company added more than 17,000 new customers between June and September of 2020. Despite acquiring more than 110,000 new subscribers from Protect America, engagement with customers has remained strong in large part due to installing new leadership and spending fewer resources on ineffective marketing efforts.

infographic breaking down customer reviews for brinks home security

Brinks Home Security Reviews

Considering the sheer amount of Protect America subscribers who were recently added to the Brinks Home Security family (nearly 10 percent of its total customer base), growing pains are bound to follow, with some customers complaining that Brinks Home has been slow to respond to certain requests. That said, 576 former Protect America customers rated Brinks Home Security’s service an average of 3.8 stars, in near lockstep with its 3.9 star rating for all customers.

Customers frequently mention how easy Brinks Home’s DIY home security system was to install and set up, report few problems with the equipment itself, and praise the customer support team:

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"They really work with you and they are very patient to help you figure out how to set it up and mark the panel and stuff. The alarm is easy to use and works immediately." – Sheehan

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"So far I have had no problems with their equipment, and they did a great job on the installation and set up of my security system. Everything's working great, and customer support is very thorough and their process of set up is very easy." – Craig Vanpembrook

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"The customer support answered all of my questions and they stayed on the line and talked to me for a long time to make me feel comfortable with what they were proposing and they did a good job. It was very easy to set up and it went together exactly the way that they said it should." – Don

4. Frontpoint

DIY home security giant Frontpoint has earned the number four spot on our list. The company has maintained an 8.9 overall score and a 4.2 star rating across 2,591 verified customer reviews. Frontpoint offers customers an advanced technology platform that is easy to monitor and manage through its proprietary mobile app. In October 2020, Frontpoint sold its controlling interest to investment firm Twin Point Capital. Per a statement from Frontpoint CEO Syed K. Zaidi, this strategic partnership will introduce a greater level of “reliability, technological innovation, and outstanding customer service” to the company’s already solid home security offering.

infographic breaking down customer reviews for frontpoint

Frontpoint Reviews

Despite a limited sample size of reviews since this acquisition (87), Frontpoint customers have continued to give the company high marks, awarding Frontpoint an average score of 4.1 stars since the beginning of October 2020. As for the company’s overall customer review profile, customers enjoyed the ease of getting a hold of a customer service rep or home security professional, the straightforward installation process, and the ease of home security system operation:

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"Frontpoint is pretty easy to get a hold of and they always do their best to handle problems quickly and efficiently. The system is very easy to install and monitor yourself. I am very happy with the product." – Natalie

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"The security equipment for me was easy to install so that was a real plus. Also every time that I learned it had accidentally been set off, Frontpoint called me immediately. We have been very pleased with everything." – Frank

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"I picked Frontpoint for the reliability. Everybody is extremely helpful when I talk to them. The system is easy to use." – Cecil

3. Cove

Even though Cove has only been in business since 2018, and has amassed only a fraction of the customer reviews garnered by the other companies on this list, the home security provider has quickly made a name for itself in the DIY home security space, earning an 8.5 overall score with an impressive 4.8 star rating across 220 customer reviews.

infographic breaking down customer reviews for cove

Cove Reviews

To put Cove’s impressive rise into a better context, we examined the 220 most recent reviews of each of the top five home security companies on our list and calculated their average score:

  • Vivint: 3.6 stars
  • Guardian Protection: 4.4 stars
  • Cove: 4.8 stars
  • Frontpoint: 4.1 stars
  • Brinks Home Security: 3.1 stars

As you can see, Cove’s 2020 star rating stays on top. Nearly 10 percent of Cove customers who posted on Best Company said they would “highly recommend” the company, while several others noted the great customer service and easy installation process the company prides itself on.

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"Excellent pricing and customer service. Easy to install. Very pleased so far. Looking forward to integrated cameras (indoor and out) as well as the ability to "name" sensors. I would highly recommend to anyone." – Bill W.

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"Great customer service, you always get prompt attention when calling in with questions. There products are easy to install and understand." – Peter

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"My family uses Cove for our home security, and we haven't had a problem since. It was very easy to install, and the workers were very nice and helpful with getting us the right option for our home." – Brayden Ibert

2. Guardian Protection

As one of the most experienced home security firms in the industry, and recipient of Best Company’s $100 Satisfaction Guarantee, it should come as little surprise that Guardian Protection has secured the number two spot on our list. The company sports an impressive 9.0 overall score and a 4.5 star rating across 3,922 verified customer reviews. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guardian Protection has taken additional steps to ensure its customers’ needs are being met. In a recent interview, the home security company’s VP of Care and Monitoring Operations Jason Bradley mentioned simplifying customer engagement, frequent communication, "and working even harder to be upbeat and positive on [customer service] calls.”

infographic breaking down customer reviews of guardian protection

Guardian Protection Reviews

Since the initial coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, Guardian Protection has largely followed through on these initiatives and maintained positive customer interactions. For the 1,567 reviews posted between March and November 2020, 85 percent of them gave Guardian Protection either four or five stars! Several customers praised Guardian Protection for the peace of mind the company’s systems provided them and their families, while others expressed appreciation for the safety protocols demonstrated by technicians. Customers also remarked on how responsive Guardian Protection’s team was.

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"Everyone has been on time, professional, friendly, and helpful in customer services. I love the app. The whole system is easy to use and gives me peace of mind. I like having a solid company protecting my house." – Brian

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"Our technician was amazing. He was very efficient and answered all of our questions. He was extremely personable and great at his job. He also took great care to follow all the COVID protocols, which we appreciated immensely. He was awesome!" – Matthew Hoff

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"Guardian Protection was recommended by my utility concierge. I don't have to worry about my home when I am traveling. They have been very responsive to whatever I needed." – Donnie

1. Vivint

With a 9.1 overall score and a 4.0 star rating across 4,994 reviews, Vivint has earned our top spot. Vivint’s feature-rich home security offering has attracted more than 1.6 million subscribers, and the company has successfully lowered average monitoring costs and attrition rates over the past year. A pioneer in smart home and home security technology, the company is always evolving, and is one of the few home security providers to offer a branded, fully integrated AI platform. 

infographic breaking down reviews of vivint home security

Vivint Reviews

Several customers identified Vivint’s camera monitoring and mobile app integration as their favorite home security feature. Meanwhile, others applauded the system’s ease of use, and nearly 75 percent of all reviews mentioning “customer service” awarded Vivint either four or five stars.

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"The best thing about Vivint is the convenience of the app and the price. Everything seems to be working the way it is supposed to and every time I've called with a problem, it has been taken care of." – Chad

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"It's easy to use. The equipment is good and the cameras are good quality. I like being able to arm and disarm my home from anywhere and being able to keep an eye on who comes in and out of my house." – Dustin

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"The service is excellent and so is customer service. The devices are easy to use. I love the app and being able to use it everywhere." – Tammye

As we prepare to put 2020 in our collective rearview mirror and welcome in the new year, remember that the leading home security companies are working hard to deliver affordable security systems, safe installation practices, and prompt response times to customers throughout the country. To see the top home security companies in your state, visit the Best Company home security home page.

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The Top Home Security Companies

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