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Do-it-yourself home security has come a long way. What used to amount to little more than installing an additional deadbolt and guard dog in the late nineties, now accounts for nearly 50 percent of the $78.5 billion home security market. This shift is in large part due to growing consumer preference for an online-first shopping experience, one-time payments over long-term subscriptions, and smart home integration.

Home security companies have adapted accordingly, with some major professional installers adding a DIY package to their existing product lineups and others making individual products like video doorbells available a la carte.

Security providers like Cove, meanwhile, are flipping the traditional home security model on its head, and focusing wholly on developing reliable, state-of-the-art technology that, as Cove mentions on its website, “even a kid can install.”

Online-First Approach

Door-to-door salespeople have long been a hallmark of the residential security industry. Comb through most negative home security reviews online, and you’ll easily find accounts of push sales reps employing sometimes deceptive tactics to sell security systems, often leaving homeowners scratching their heads as they try to figure out not only what they just paid for, but also how much they’re paying, and for how long.

The traditional sales model is just one of the ways in which Cove is breaking from the pack. In place of a pushy salesperson, Cove provides a helpful online questionnaire that takes all of the guesswork out of what a given homeowner might need to secure the home. The questionnaire asks what kind of structure is being covered, how many doors and windows it has, and what other security features might be needed.

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Customer Review: D Kenneth from Saint Clair Shores, MI

“Easy to deal with, not pushy sales people like other companies. The speaker through the alarm was a bit spotty talking to the rep, but it was clear as could be over the phone.”

Once the user completes the questionnaire, Cove generates an expert recommendation, complete with a priced, itemized list of suggested home security equipment. This list can be shortened or expanded to feature other security products (more on these below).

In short, customers will know exactly what they’re getting, and exactly how much they’re paying before they even submit their credit card information.

Freedom over Contracts

One common complaint among home security customers centers on companies’ stringent contract policies. In many cases, customers signed up for services without realizing they were committing to a long-term (e.g. 36- to 60-month) contract. Others reported difficulty in cancelling their services or returning their products without paying hefty early termination or restocking fees.

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Customer Review: Jordan Wright from El Dorado Hills, CA

“We recently moved and wanted to install an alarm system. I didn’t want to get stuck with a long-term contract or have an exorbitant up front cost. Cove hit all the things we wanted in an alarm system, and it was super easy to setup.”

Cove has thought of this as well. Not only does Cove not require customers to sign a contract for services, but customers also receive a generous, 60-day free trial in which they can receive a full refund of the products they paid for, including shipping fees. So while some providers are in a rush to sign homeowners up to long-term contracts and a fraught return window, Cove gives customers up to two months to use their gear, risk-free.

Robust, Easy-to-Install Technology

Every piece of home security equipment Cove produces is designed to be installed and set up within minutes. From the central control panel to the HD outdoor security camera, each security device operates on a reliable wireless network — meaning no drilling, no wires — and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Cove Touch Alarm Panel at the heart of every system features a simple, intuitive user interface that makes everything from arming and disarming the system, to adding and naming sensors and cameras, as easy as clicking a button. This ease of use is similarly reflected in Cove’s remote key fob and mobile app. And if homeowners need additional support, they can communicate with a service rep directly through the control panel, over the phone, or through Cove’s 24/7 online chat feature.

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Customer Review: Janay Peters

“It's been amazing! From the setup, which was surprisingly easy (My younger siblings could absolutely set this system up)! To the functions of the daily arming and disarming is basically flawless! We've had a couple accidents forgetting to disarm the system and as soon as the alarm goes off, not even 30 seconds later, Cove calls to make sure everything is alright. If I just so happen to not answer, a police is at my door in about 10 minutes. I love Cove!”

All Cove sensors feature a durable adhesive backing and five-year battery life, meaning motion detectors, door/window sensors, and glass break detectors can be installed safely and easily. And because sensors are programmed to check in with the control panel once every hour, if communication lapses at any point, the homeowner will be notified immediately.

A recent addition to Cove’s security offering is its indoor and outdoor security cameras, which are both wifi compatible and can store up to 30 days of continuous streaming through Cove’s cloud storage program. Both cameras feature enhanced night vision and employ AI technology to distinguish familiar faces from intruders.

Although Cove lacks some smart home integrations like smart locks, lighting, and thermostats, the company does provide some home safety devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and personal medical alerts — all of which are designed to trigger the system in the event of an emergency.

Granted, Cove’s line of home security products may not be as extensive or diverse as some leading professional installation companies. For example, the company does not as yet offer video doorbell cameras, which are quickly becoming a staple among industry leaders. But what Cove may lack in product types and diversity it makes up for in simple, effective design and set up.

Cove’s DIY approach to home security may not be ideal for everyone. Sensors operating on a closed wireless network come with limited ranges in larger houses, and customers will still need to pay extra if they want added features like professional installation or monthly monitoring. The good news is that the DIY home security industry is still growing and developing. While they may not fully supplant traditional home security companies in terms of market share, DIY home security providers like Cove will continue to provide transparent prices and user-friendly products.

Full Cove Review

To learn more about Cove and to read verified Cove reviews from actual customers, check out our full Cove review.

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