What People Are Saying About SimpliSafe

Since 2003, SimpliSafe has been providing homeowners with a simple, do-it-yourself approach to home security. The company charges low monthly monitoring fees and was one of the first home security providers to eliminate long-term contracts and moving fees. But how do SimpliSafe customers actually feel about the company? What are they saying?

Using data from more than 180 verified customer reviews on our site, we’ve identified important trends such as the most common phrases across all reviews, reviewers’ home states, and SimpliSafe’s average star rating across each state it’s been reviewed in. Here’s what we found:

What people are saying about SimpliSafe per 180+ verified reviews from actual customers | More than 60% of customers give SimpliSafe a rating of 4 out of 5 stars or better. | The most common phrases found across all reviews include easy to install and customer service. | SimipliSafe scores above its average (3.5) in more than half of the states it is reviewed in.

More than 60 percent of SimpliSafe customers awarded the company a score of 4 stars or better.

The most common phrases found across all reviews included “easy to install” and “customer service.”

SimpliSafe scored above its gross review average of 3.5 stars in more than half the states where reviews were posted.

SimpliSafe’s status as one of the best DIY home security systems on the market appears to check out with our customer reviews; customers love how easy its systems are to install. 

Furthermore, customers living in the Southwest, Midwest, and East Coast regions of the United States rated the company higher than its 3.5-star average, while customers in the Northwest and the South gave lower than average ratings.

Have you had an experience with SimpliSafe that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a review, and let your voice be heard!

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