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    Home Security and Smart Homes: Is the Technology Worth It?
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews Roughly one out of every three homes in the United States is using smart technology these days, while half that number use security systems of some sort or another. In other words, smart home tech a...
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    The Cost of a Break-In Versus the Cost of a Home Security System [Infographic]
    Guest Post by Every year in the United States there are an estimated 1.2 million burglaries, which means a burglary is committed roughly every 15 seconds. In light of these numbers, you may be wondering if a home ...
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    Home Security Experts Share Their Top Tips for First-Time Home Buyers
    Roughly two million household break-ins are recorded each year in the United States. This doesn't create peace of mind, especially if you're a first-time home buyer. You want to live in as safe a neighborhood as possible and ...
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    Top 10 Real-Life Heists of All Time
    Before we discuss the top 10 heists of all time, let's decide what qualifies as a heist. A heist is a crime with a large amount of money, jewelry, art or other valuables stolen. Heists are well-planned crimes that often invol...
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    How Glass-Break Sensors Work
    Your home should have multiple layers of protection. You've certainly heard that before. Motion detection is a critical layer of protection, and this is comprised of the simple act of unauthorized movement sensed as the resul...
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    Home Safety/Security Tips for Your Family
    Your family could be one little oversight away from a tragedy. Are you on the ball regarding home security? Check these out: If you have a freestanding mailbox that anyone can get into, protect your families identities and c...
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    Home Security Door Sensors: How Do They Work?
    Your home's weakest points are the exits and entrances, which is why you want to consider installing a door sensor in order to keep your family safe. How a door sensor works Most door sensors use a "reed switch," which is a t...
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    Professional vs. DIY Home Security Systems
    The rapid growth of the home security industry means that more options are becoming available to homeowners every day for protecting your property. One debate is whether or not to go with a professionally-monitored and instal...
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    How Does Home Security Monitoring Work?
    Home security systems are rapidly becoming more affordable as technology continues to advance. In recent years, systems have also adopted home automation tools like thermostat regulation and remote light switches. Regardless,...
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    Is Home Automation Worth the Extra Cost?
    Home security systems have been around for decades, but home automation has begun to be more commonplace with the introduction of smartphones. With the exception of a few companies, home automation features don't come standar...

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