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    Pay Attention to 1-Star Mortgage Reviews [Case Study]
    If you gravitate towards reading negative reviews in your research, or even just for fun, you can thank your brain's automatic negative bias. And our brains have the right idea because poor reviews serve us in practical ways....
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    Fixed vs. Variable Rate: Which Is the Right ARM for You?
    Guest Post by Mark Daniels Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), but don't know what type to get once you know what you qualify for. One important consideration in choosing a mortgage i...
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    The Buyer's Timeline for Building a New Home
    Guest Post by Holly Welles Buying a new home is an exciting milestone in anyone's life, but building one is even more notable. You create your house from the bottom up, choosing preferred designs and materials, and it comes ...
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    Why You Should Always Comparison Shop for Mortgages
    Guest Post by Holly Welles Talking about home loans can become intimidating quickly for most people. It’s not surprising, given the alphabet soup of loan types and conditions, the anxiety of keeping a good credit score...
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    Preventing Home Buyer’s Remorse: 13 Common Mistakes and What You Can Do to Avoid Them
    Buyer’s remorse isn’t just for late-night impulse buys on Amazon Prime. A recent Freedom Debt Relief survey reveals telling data about the prominence of buyers remorse among homeowners. More than a quarter of res...
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    Dream Big with These Tiny Home Financing Tips
    Among non-homeowners, 75 percent consider owning a home part of their American dream. So what’s stopping them from making it happen? According to a recent survey, the top three barriers to homeownership are Cost of a ...
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    How Do Different Home Loans Affect Your Down Payment?
    Guest post by Holly WellesA 20 percent down payment is no longer the norm. According to recent data, the standard down payment for 60 percent of first-time homebuyers is 6 percent or less. It's now far more affordable to purc...
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    Tips for First-Time Military Homebuyers
    Guest Post by Rob GreenbaumFor any first-time homebuyer, navigating the loan and mortgage process can be complex and even a bit scary. Some new homebuyers don’t know where to start or they may be overwhelmed with the am...
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    10 Questions You Must Ask Your Mortgage Broker or Lender
    Guest Post by Eric WeisbrotIf you’re in the market to purchase a home, it’s highly likely that getting a mortgage is on your radar. Many consumers utilize the financial institutions where they bank to get a home l...
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    A Must-Have House Hunting Checklist
    Buying your first home is one of those milestones that can take years to build up to. There are many questions to ask before making such a big commitment: Am I ready? How do I start the process? Do I have enough money saved? ...

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