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    5 Tips for Protecting Your Rental Property
    Guest Post by Lilly Miller Regardless if renting properties is your primary source of income or a side one, your rental is an important financial asset. This means that keeping it secure is no trivial task but an undertaking...
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    Preventing Home Buyer’s Remorse: 13 Common Mistakes and What You Can Do to Avoid Them
    Buyer’s remorse isn’t just for late-night impulse buys on Amazon Prime. A recent Freedom Debt Relief survey reveals telling data about the prominence of buyers remorse among homeowners. More than a quarter of res...
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    5 Reasons to Buy Less House Than You Can Afford
    Guest Post by Holly Welles Homebuyers with a larger budget are often interested in a larger property. They believe it's in their best interest to buy a house with more yard space, more rooms, and more storage. While this may...
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    10 Experts Share 10 Advantages of Realtors
    There’s no dancing around it: tech is disrupting the real estate industry. In general, it’s a no-brainer to work with an agent on the buyer’s side where you’re not paying a commission. But if you&rsqu...
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    Dream Big with These Tiny Home Financing Tips
    Among non-homeowners, 75 percent consider owning a home part of their American dream. So what’s stopping them from making it happen? According to a recent survey, the top three barriers to homeownership are Cost of a ...
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    Fall Decor Tips: How to Not Scare Away Buyers This Halloween
    Halloween is just around the corner. Year after year, you decorate your house with ghoulish glee and proudly wear your badge as the most festive in the neighborhood. But this year, you’re selling your house. Can you cel...
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    Should I Rent Out My House and Buy Another? Part 2 of 2
    Part 2 of 2 Choosing a lender for your personal residence or rental property is an important decision and so is deciding on the property itself. In Part 1, real estate experts described circumstances in which purchasing an a...
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    Should I Rent Out My House and Buy Another? Part 1 of 2
    Part 1 of 2 Real estate is often considered a wise investment: it diversifies your investment portfolio and can provide a steady stream of passive income. But when does it actually make sense to rent out your current home to...
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    Financial Tips for Home Buyers
    Most often the hardest part about buying a house is saving up for the down payment, the closing costs, and the associated fees. A large chunk of your savings, or maybe the entirety of it, is all going towards one of the bigge...
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    A Must-Have House Hunting Checklist
    Buying your first home is one of those milestones that can take years to build up to. There are many questions to ask before making such a big commitment: Am I ready? How do I start the process? Do I have enough money saved? ...

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