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The "Why" Behind Bad Mortgage Reviews: Detailed Analysis o...

November 23, 2019

If you gravitate towards reading negative reviews in your research, or even just for fun, you can thank your brain's aut...

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Dream Big With These Tiny Home Financing Tips

June 07, 2019

Among non-homeowners, 75 percent consider owning a home part of their American dream. So what’s stopping them fro...

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10 Things First-Time Homebuyers Won’t Learn from HGTV

January 07, 2016

There’s no shortage of entertaining home buying, home improvement, and property investment series on TV. If you im...

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    Downsizing Your Home? Watch the Financial Gains Roll In
    Guest Post by Robyn Flint For many homeowners, there will come a time when they consider purging their belongings and buying a smaller home. Often times this is true for those who are retired or who are about to retire. But ...
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    New Year's Resolutions Your House Wants You to Make | And How to Get Motivated to Follow Through
    If your walls could talk, they would definitely have interesting stories to tell. But could they also tell you what projects you’ve been neglecting around the house? Sure, you can just live with the things you hate abo...
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    30 Tips for Reducing Holiday Chaos to Create a More Peaceful Home
    Feelings of peace, joy, and love are in especially high demand this time of year. And whether or not you’re “feeling it” may have to do with your home environment. According to happiness expert Gretchen Rub...
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    5 Common Issues Even the Best Home Inspectors Can Miss
    Guest Post by Ben Mizes  Selling your house is no easy task. The process is far from cut-and-dried, which is why you trust industry experts to help with various steps. As many top real estate agents will tell you, being...
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    Risk in the Housing Industry: Why You Shouldn't Put All Your Eggs in Your Home Basket
    Guest Post by Brodie Gay, VP of Research at Unison  Homeownership gives us a permanent place to call home, a roof under which we raise our families, and the potential for financial gain over time. But Americans are woef...
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    The "Why" Behind Bad Mortgage Reviews: Detailed Analysis of 1-Star Lender Reviews
    If you gravitate towards reading negative reviews in your research, or even just for fun, you can thank your brain's automatic negative bias. And our brains have the right idea because poor reviews serve us in practical ways....
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    5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Winter
    Guest Post by Cristina Miguelez  It can be depressing to be shut up inside all winter long, especially when you consider how much fun you could be having outdoors. However, many outdoor spaces such as porches, patios, p...
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    5 Home Projects That Actually Have a Positive ROI
    Guest Post by Ben Mizes  The time has come to say goodbye to your house for good. But how do you sell a house? What repairs or upgrades should you make to prepare for the sale? You have limited funds to work with and yo...
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    Fixed vs. Variable Rate: Which Is the Right ARM for You?
    Guest Post by Mark Daniels Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), but don't know what type to get once you know what you qualify for. One important consideration in choosing a mortgage i...
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    The Buyer's Timeline for Building a New Home
    Guest Post by Holly Welles Buying a new home is an exciting milestone in anyone's life, but building one is even more notable. You create your house from the bottom up, choosing preferred designs and materials, and it comes ...

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