Best Medical Alert Companies of 2019

Many humans desire to be independent. You may want to be able to live your life on your own terms. No matter your age or ability, independence remains important. As with choosing the best home insurance for seniors, there's more than just the benefit of security. Medical alert systems help older individuals stay independent and give their loved one's peace of mind in spite of potential emergencies. 

There are many companies that offer medical alert systems with a wide range of prices, so it can be difficult to choose the best option for your situation. This article will break down those medical alert systems and help you decide on the best options for you and your family.   

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is the top-rated medical alert company of 2019 with the highest consumer rating and overall score on Since 2005, the company has been the best in the fall detection area — one of the most important functions of a medical alert system. Medical Guardian’s system also has no activation or equipment fees, making its system one of the most affordable on the market.

Medical Guardian Consumer's Choice Award

Some of the best qualities of Medical Guardian’s medical alert system are the base station, the wearable emergency button, and two-way communication. Perhaps the most unique part of the system is the ability to operate on a cellular network. If your loved one wants to go to the store but is worried about a fall, Medical Guardian can provide mobile coverage with on-the-go medical alert systems for active individuals. 

The company also offers a lifetime warranty in case of any malfunctions. At an agreeable price of $29.99–$45.99 per month, Medical Guardian is an affordable option, and more importantly, a reliable company.

Reaching in the thousands, positive Medical Guardian reviews prove that the company is trusted and appreciated by its customers.    


With a high overall score from, MobileHelp has a great reputation and high ratings from consumers. The company offers low monthly fees starting at $19.95 per month and its service comes with no equipment fees, no activation fees, no long-term contracts, and a lifetime warranty on all equipment.

The customer service at MobileHelp is renowned for its help, but the downside is the system is limited only to areas in which AT&T has cellular service. This can be troublesome if you’re in a bad service area.

MobileHelp’s Mobile Duo offer, which is a two-for-the-price-of-one GPS alert system, is also a great option. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products, which may make choosing MobileHelp completely risk-free.

MobileHelp reviews highlight the company as an exceptional company with quality medical alert equipment, helpful customer service, and quick response times. 


A long-running company since 1977, LifeStation gives families a sense of safety at the right price. Along with a solid 1,000-foot range for a monthly price of $19.95, the company offers free activation, no equipment fees, and requires no contract.

The biggest positive of LifeStation is the variety of plans it has. At many different prices, you can choose what you actually need, customizing your medical alert plan to best fit your unique situation. An additional positive to LifeStation is its compatibility with Amazon Alexa devices. This gives your family even more functions to take advantage of, such as hands-free alerts.

The downside to LifeStation is you have to pay an additional fee for extra alert buttons and fall detection. However, the fees are minimal and won’t significantly raise your monthly cost.

LifeStation reviews make it clear that the minimal extra fees are not a problem and the company’s excellent customer service, quick response times, and quality medical alert equipment are definitely worth the cost.

Medical Alert

Medical Alert works under Connect America and is one of the largest providers of personal emergency response systems in the nation. Medical Alert also provides one of the best automatic fall detection systems as vouched for in hundreds of positive reviews. This is seen in Medical Alert's satisfactory score from and experienced customers. Medical Alert’s system sends alert emergency dispatchers even if the alert button is not pressed. This is an essential component in medical alert systems for many consumers who want to make sure their loved ones do not have to press a button themselves to ensure their safety. The fall detection button detects a fall and alerts medical alert responders without the user having to do anything.

Medical Alert also offers 24/7 customer service for any problems you may experience. Its products are lighter than most and are waterproof, which enables users to wear the medical alert button in places where falls often happen, such as the bathroom.

Starting around $27.49 per month, Medical Alert’s downside is its range to the base. At only 600 feet, it can be easy to get out of range. Medical Alert is best for older adults looking for coverage specifically around the home.

Medical Alert reviews note quick response times, a helpful staff, and quality equipment that provides peace of mind to customers and their families.

Medical Care Alert

Started in Michigan 11 years ago, the Medical Care Alert company provides a reliable system at a competitive price. Its services include a 30-day risk-free trial and a price-lock guarantee. The company offers a lifetime warranty with its products built by BOSCH Healthcare Solutions, one of the most well-known medical technology builders in the world.

The company's goal since it began has been to make the best quality medical alert monitoring equipment. If you and your family are looking for well-built systems, Medical Care Alert may be a good fit.

Some cons to its product are additional fees for automatic fall detection as well as warranty limitations. There is a lot of fine print when it comes to the warranty, so if you like everything else about Medical Care Alert, be sure to check what the warranty covers.

The Bottom Line

Medical alert systems save countless lives. They provide automatic fall detection and many other features that ensure a great deal of comfort for your loved ones. Independence is important for a healthy mind, so choosing the right alert system is an integral part of staying independent.

Whether you choose the best-rated company or the cheapest monthly payment, all these companies are designed to provide a needed and appreciated service. Be sure to check the warranty, know what you’re buying, and research the perks of each company’s system. Knowing the facts, pros, and cons of each company will give you the safety net you need at a price you can afford.

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The Top Medical Alert Systems Companies

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