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LAST UPDATED: July 27th, 2020

GoHealth is a health insurance comparison website. Users can view health insurance plans from multiple providers to compare benefits and costs across plans and companies. It was created to make health insurance shopping easy during the open enrollment period or during a special enrollment period.

GoHealth also has software that estimates applicable tax subsidies. Consumers can find Medicare options, temporary health insurance options, and more typical health insurance plan options. It is unclear if Medicaid plans are possible to view through GoHealth.

Using GoHealth's website, consumers can find health insurance plans available in their area from multiple health insurance providers to compare costs and coverages. 

GoHealth stands out from other health insurance comparison websites because it also offers GoHealth Access programs. These programs are designed to augment existing insurance coverage, not replace it. They offer discounts on, prescription drugs, dental, and vision care and the ability to video chat with a doctor.

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The Good

  • Health Insurance Options Available
  • Compare Coverages and Quotes
  • Business Options
  • GoHealth Access
  • Additional Insurance Quotes

Health Insurance Options Available

Customers can find all types of Medicare, temporary insurance, and more common individual and family health insurance plans on GoHealth’s website.

Plans for individuals and families listed on GoHealth's website come from over 300 insurance companies. This makes it simple to compare premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, and deductibles on plans from multiple companies and find the best plan for you.

Available plans include Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C), Medicare Supplement (Medigap), and Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D). Medicare Parts A and B are Original Medicare. These plans are managed by the federal government. A Medicare Advantage plan covers the same services but is managed by a private health insurer.

Consumers can enroll in medical plans all over the United States and view estimates of applicable tax subsidies through GoHealth's website. They can also talk to licensed health insurance advisers.

Because GoHealth is a one-stop shop and provides customers with excellent customer service through licensed advisers, it makes health insurance shopping easy with a simple and enjoyable customer experience.

Compare Coverages and Quotes

The GoHealth websites allows consumers to compare the cost and coverages provided by various insurance providers available in their region, including the following:

  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • BlueCross Blue Shield

The ability to compare health plans across insurers makes it easier to find an affordable insurance policy from a trusted insurance company.

Business Options

GoHealth also helps businesses find cost-effective high-quality benefit programs through its subsidiary Connected Benefits.

Business owners work with locally Licensed Benefit Consultants who make recommendations for the best fit for each company's unique situation.

Businesses can also use built-in HR and self-service software from Connected Benefits and have access to an account manager.

Employees can use the software to view benefits and request time off. Each employee also has access to benefits advisers and virtual care for medical advice.

GoHealth Access

To supplement health insurance plans, consumers can choose to subscribe to the GoHealth Access app. There are four packages with different levels of services and benefits for subscribers:

  • GoHealth Access: $19.99
  • GoHealth Access MD: $39.99
  • GoHealth Access Plus: $64.99
  • GoHealth Access Total: $84.99

Monthly pricing varies based on health history, gender, age, and whether a consumer purchases an individual or family subscription.

GoHealth Access includes discounts on prescriptions, dental care, and vision, access to a personal health assistant, and a $39.99 charge to consult with a doctor. This access is handy when you can't get a hold of your primary care physician or care provider and need medical advice.

For minor health difficulties, like a sore throat or cold, this feature can save you a clinic visit. However, these consultation services do not replace the emergency room (ER) if you need emergency health care.

GoHealth Access MD has the same features as GoHealth Access, but there is no fee to consult with a doctor.

The GoHealth Access Plus package adds $5,000 of accident insurance and $5,000 coverage for critical illness insurance benefits.

The GoHealth Access Total package increases the accident insurance coverage to $7,500 and the critical illness insurance to $10,000.

Most health insurance companies offer virtual access or a 24/7 nurse help line with their health insurance plans.

Additional Insurance Quotes

Consumers also have access to dental and life insurance quotes through GoHealth. Consumers interested in purchasing dental or life insurance in addition to health insurance can find quotes and review insurance plans through GoHealth.

Life Insurance quotes are offered through lifecoverage.com.


The Bad

  • No Medicaid and Marketplace Plans

No Medicaid and Marketplace Plans

GoHealth's website does not explicitly say that customers can view Medicaid or Marketplace medical insurance plans on its website. If you are specifically looking for Marketplace or Medicaid health coverage, you may have to use a different website or contact health insurance companies or government agencies directly instead.


The Bottom Line

GoHealth is a great resource for comparing health insurance plans, coverage, and costs from multiple health insurance carriers. It also makes the enrollment process easy.

It is a great tool for people enrolling in health insurance coverage during open enrollment or a special enrollment period.

GoHealth is also a helpful resource for Medicare beneficiaries enrolling for the first time or reviewing coverage during the Annual Election Period, sometimes called the Annual Enrollment Period.

The ability to work with qualified staff throughout the entire process is another reason that GoHealth is a good tool to use when enrolling in a health plan.

While the GoHealth Access plans are not considered health insurance, they provide increased value by increasing access to medical discounts and the ability to consult with healthcare professionals through a mobile app. This can be helpful, since it can be hard to reach your primary care physician or other care providers after hours. This feature may also save you time because you won't have to set-up an appointment with your doctor at their clinic.

GoHealth is a good option for consumers interested in Medicare, temporary, individual, or family insurance. Those seeking Medicaid or Marketplace plans should find another resource.

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