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    5 Best Car Warranty Companies with Customer Reviews
    Here at Best Company, we are determined to help consumers feel confident in their purchasing decision by bringing unbiased reviews and summaries of companies. In order to provide an even more in depth and complete review of ...
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    Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Car Warranties [With E-Book]
    Here at Best Company, we want you to be prepared for all of life's biggest decisions and purchases. For that reason, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you decide if a car warranty is right for you. This e-book w...
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    6 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value
    Guest Post By Lawrence Dorman Similar to the way that maintaining your home or lawn can improve your property's market value, maintaining your vehicle can increase its resale value once you choose to sell. Like any asset, yo...
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    Which Kind of Extended Car Warranty Is Best for Me?
    Purchasing an extended warranty has three steps:1. Evaluate whether or not an extended warranty is right for you.2. Decide what kind of extended warranty to buy.3. Choose an extended warranty provider.We’ll focus on st...
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    5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Extended Car Warranty
    Car salespeople and car warranty companies always talk about the value brought by purchasing an extended car warranty. Are they trying to make a sale or are car warranties really worth it?Before you purchase a car warranty f...
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    What to Look For in a Test Drive
    Guest Post by Mike Jones There's nothing more exciting than visiting a car dealership and seeing your dream car on the lot. However, before you make the vehicle yours, you want to take it for a test drive. You wouldn't buy a ...
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    Common Types of Vehicle Damage and How to Avoid It
    Guest Post by Richard Reina  Many of us rely on our cars to get around every day, and whether it’s a quick trip to run errands or multi-day road trip during summer vacation, driving takes a toll on our vehicles. Ex...
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