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Last Updated: April 1st, 2020



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Guest Post by Fran Soriano

Taking drivers education is one of the requirements for novice drivers applying for a license. This law is primarily meant to reduce incidents of car crashes involving teen drivers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a report showing that nine people die every day because of distracted driving. 

Unfortunately, drivers under 20 years old were responsible for a huge percentage of these accidents. According to a federal research, close to 60 percent of moderate to severe car crashes involved distracted teen drivers.

A drivers ed course aims to put an end to this problem by teaching teens safe driving practices. Along with road rules, lessons on risky driving behaviors and their effects on those involved are tackled in the program. 

But is it effective? Based on a study by the American Automobile Association (AAA), car collision rates went down by 4.3 percent in teen drivers because of drivers ed. Furthermore, the number of tickets they received decreased by 40 percent.

Most teenagers now have the option to take a traditional or an online drivers ed course. The traditional program involves classroom delivery, much like classes in school. It has a fixed schedule which can run for two to three weeks. You need to attend each meeting; otherwise, you would be required to retake the course.

Meanwhile, an online drivers ed course, as the name suggests, is delivered via the internet as a self-study program. As such, you determine your own schedule. You can study anytime you want and anywhere you are. As long as you complete the required hours, you’ll receive your certification.

Many students prefer an online course because of the convenience it offers. Furthermore, it allows them to study at their own pace. This means that they can opt to spend more time on lessons which they find difficult. 

It is worth noting, however, that people who require more structure or an instructor-directed learning may have a difficult time with the online setup. So, you need to assess if you’d do better in an online or traditional course.

If you believe that an internet-based program suits your needs and learning style, then you can begin searching for one. You should not have a hard time with this task since there are numerous providers out there. 

However, please don’t choose just any course. Pick one that is going to be worth your money and time. This entails thorough research and an understanding of what to look for in a drivers ed online course.

Below we list some questions which can help you pick the best internet-based program:

Is the course accredited?

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Find out if the course is recognized by the DMV or your state. An accreditation serves as your guarantee that the program adheres to the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standard (NDETAS).

With this program, you can be certain that pertinent topics you need to pass your licensing test are tackled. These include the fundamentals such as the parts of the vehicle and their function, basics of driving and national and local road rules, to name but a few.

It is also important that the course covers safe driving practices. It should teach you about defensive driving techniques. Moreover, it should discuss the importance of driving safely all the time. It should impart how accidents emotionally and financially impact those who are involved.

Remember, an excellent course should not just equip you with the knowledge needed to pass your written test but also create an awareness in you about the hazards of reckless driving.

What is the design of the course?

It is not enough that the course covers all essential driving-related topics. The program should also have ways for you to check your progress. Hence, it must include assessment tools.

Ideally, quizzes have to be taken after each unit or section. There also needs to be a timed final exam.

Why are these necessary? These help you identify what areas you need to work on, if there are any. Furthermore, the tests, particularly the timed one, hone your test-taking skills. It gives you a feel of how it would be like when you take your actual exam.

Aside from having quizzes and tests, the online course should have a user-friendly interface. It should be easily navigable, allowing you to locate everything you need without any difficulty. 

It is also imperative that the site is mobile-friendly. Just like everyone else, you’d be relying on mobile devices to access the internet. The website must load properly whether you use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Is the site secure?

Many students who take drivers ed online rarely put importance on the site’s security. Please do not make the same mistake if you do not want your sensitive information to get compromised.

One simple way to know if a site is secure is to check if it is using HTTPS instead of HTTP. If you are using Google Chrome, an HTTPS site is indicated with a padlock. When a site uses HTTPS, it means that the information entered into the site is encrypted.

Does the provider offer customer support?

customer support

Avoid providers that do not offer customer support. It is easy to think that you wouldn’t need assistance with this type of product. But this way of thinking can be costly later on, especially when the site experiences downtime.

Moreover, at some point, you may have a question or an issue which isn’t in the FAQs section. Being able to contact someone who can readily resolve your problem makes things more convenient.

Does the provider have a good reputation?

There are a lot of drivers ed online providers out there which are not legitimate. Their only intention is to scam people. Make sure the company you are eyeing isn’t one of them. 

Do a quick search online to find out if others have enrolled in its program. Furthermore, learn what the previous students have to say about the provider and its drivers ed course.

You want a company that has a consistently high pass rate. This is an indicator that the provider’s drivers education online program is excellent.

Furthermore, the company should be known for rendering first-rate service. As mentioned before, customer support is essential. However, just having a helpline won’t suffice; the support needs to be prompt as well. 

More than just a requirement, completing a drivers education course is meant to help you pass your written test and make you a safe and responsible driver. Choose a program that is going to enable you to achieve these things.

Fran Soriano is a content writer of DMVEdu, a company offering top-notch drivers ed online courses in California, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

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