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    How to Protect Your Credit After Racking Up Medical Debt
    Guest Post by Lexington Law   It’s no secret that costs for medical treatment and prescriptions are rising. Medical bills are some of the most substantial and troublesome kinds of debt for many Americans. Medical ...
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    Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Credit Cards
    Guest Post by While it doesn't have a technical name, the fear of credit cards is genuine. To some people, it’s all about fiscal discipline or lack thereof. These people believe that if they gain access...
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    Financial Abuse: The Dark Side of Money and Love
    Love is clearly a powerful emotion. It can make even the most normal people do crazy things. Unfortunately, love can also be powerful enough to hide a person's dark side. That's why hundreds of people fail to see the reality ...
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    Credit Repair Versus Getting Out of Debt
    Guest Blog Post from Lexington Law The terms credit repair and debt relief may sound similar, particularly to individuals deeply mired in financial problems. When those problems start to control an individual’s life, t...
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    Should I Refinance Now Since Interest Rates Have Gone Up?
    Guest Post from Lexington Law If you have ever considered refinancing your mortgage, you probably know it is a numbers game. The fluctuation of mortgage interest rates can make a significant difference in your payment &mdash...
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    5 Ways to Teach Kids About Money
    Guest Post from Lexington Law Some financial lessons are hard to learn, and unfortunately, some of us do not learn them until it is too late. It is important to begin teaching children the value of money while they are still ...
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    Will Having No Credit Hurt Me?
    Guest Post From Lexington Law Just 60 years ago, the credit score did not exist. Instead of having information run through a database, loan applicants were instead judged by their reputation and, often, their personal relati...
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    Experts Advise to Live Below Your Means
    Have you ever heard the expression "live below your means," and wondered what it meant? According to the Huffington Post, living below your means is when "you live a lifestyle below your net income." Basically, if you focus ...
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    True Stories of the Best and Worst Credit Advice
      Most friends, family, and coworkers love to give advice. If you've asked them for credit advice, however, you've probably heard some pretty terrible suggestions. There's nothing wrong with seeking advice about your fi...
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    How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?
    Guest Blog Post from The Credit People   You know you want to have the highest credit score you can, but do you know exactly what to do to get there? One of the first questions you might have is how many credit cards y...

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