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    True Stories of the Best and Worst Credit Advice
    Most friends, family, and coworkers love to give advice. If you've asked them for credit advice, however, you've probably heard some pretty terrible suggestions. There's nothing wrong with seeking advice about your finances, ...
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    6 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Credit Score
    Spring is on the way, and that means it's time to start airing out the house and dusting every surface in sight. While you're getting your home in proper order, why not take advantage of this cleanliness-oriented mindset to r...
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    4 Credit Repair Myths
    The credit repair industry faces many myths and misconceptions that result from illegal practices and unrealistic credit repair time frames. Over time, these myths have significantly tainted the credit repair industry's reput...
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    6 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score
    The average American's FICO score is at an all-time high of 695. Fewer people than ever (12.5 percent) are below a 550 credit score, and 19.9 percent of Americans are now over an 800 credit score. This trend from poor credit ...
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    Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring with a Credit Card
    Engagement rings can be a symbol of promise, love, and in many cases, money. The average amount Americans spent on an engagement ring in 2016 was approximately $6,163, according to Although finding and purchasing...
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    Should I Repair My Credit? [Quiz]
    As many know, having good credit is essential in today's world. With good credit comes several opportunities, from purchasing a home to obtaining amazing credit card rewards. Although credit is important in the United States,...
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    What Your Kids Should Know About Credit
    Kids can learn almost anything by simply observing their parents. Unfortunately, parents can unknowingly pass along bad habits along with the good. Parents should be practicing good financial habits and taking the time to tea...
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    How Credit Repair Can Help You Bounce Back from Holiday Spending Missteps
    The holidays are upon us once again, and for many of us, 'tis the season for a bit of indulgence. Both at the dinner table and the cash register, the holidays can mean overdoing it a little bit. Like those extra calories we&r...
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    5 Best Credit Cards for Military Service Members
    Guest Blog Post from Guest Contributor at Being a member of the United States Military means making many sacrifices. Service members certainly deserve a debt of gratitude from their fellow Americans, as we...
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    How Marriage Affects Your Credit
    Planning for a wedding can be so overwhelming that many brides and grooms never stop to consider how marriage may affect their credit. Once the honeymoon high wears off, however, the new couple should sit down and begin plann...

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