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Experts Explain How to Build Credit from S...

Building good credit can be difficult, and building good credit from scratch may seem like an even greater challenge. Mo...

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4 Credit Repair Myths

The credit repair industry faces many myths and misconceptions that result from illegal practices and unrealistic credit...

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How Marriage Affects Your Credit

Planning for a wedding can be so overwhelming that many brides and grooms never stop to consider how marriage may affec...

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    What You Need to Know about Store Credit Cards
    Guest Post from   Store credit cards are an increasingly common offering from retailers. Department stores, in particular, promote store credit cards to consumers by offering alluring benefits to first-t...
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    Credit Repair Versus Getting Out of Debt
    Guest Blog Post from Lexington Law The terms credit repair and debt relief may sound similar, particularly to individuals deeply mired in financial problems. When those problems start to control an individual’s life, t...
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    Should I Refinance Now Since Interest Rates Have Gone Up?
    Guest Post from Lexington Law If you have ever considered refinancing your mortgage, you probably know it is a numbers game. The fluctuation of mortgage interest rates can make a significant difference in your payment &mdash...
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    Experts Explain How to Build Credit from Scratch
    Building good credit can be difficult, and building good credit from scratch may seem like an even greater challenge. Most people start learning how to build credit when they are in high school or college, but some will avoid...
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    5 Ways to Teach Kids about Money
    Guest Post from Lexington Law Some financial lessons are hard to learn, and unfortunately, some of us do not learn them until it is too late. It is important to begin teaching children the value of money while they are still ...
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    What Real Customers Say about Lexington Law Credit Repair Services
    Lexington Law has provided credit repair services for quite some time. You've probably seen their brand represented on social media and various websites when you browse online. So, how do you know if they can help you repair ...
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    Will Having No Credit Hurt Me?
    Guest Post From Lexington Law Just 60 years ago, the credit score did not exist. Instead of having information run through a database, loan applicants were instead judged by their reputation and, often, their personal relati...
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    Why Summer Isn't the Best Time to Buy a House
    Guest Post from   Many home buyers plan their purchase in the summer months for a number of reasons, including warmer weather potentially simplifying the logistics or the fact that children are out of sc...
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    What Power Does a Collection Agency Actually Have?
    Guest Post from Lexington Law The prospect of having a delinquent credit account turned over to a collection agency can strike fear in the heart of any consumer. While this is certainly not an ideal situation, the collectio...
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    10 Gifs That Describe the Credit Repair Process
    Credit plays an important role in our lives. It can determine if you qualify to purchase a house or car, if you can land jobs, and even determine your eligibility to fulfill your life-long dream of starting your own business....

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