Biz2Credit LLC is an online marketplace founded in 2007 that matches small business owners with potential lenders. The New York City-based company provides loan solutions that include SBA loans, equipment loans, lines of credit, and franchise financing. The company has provided $1.4 billion in small business funding across the United States and has a network of more than 1.6 million users. In 2014, Biz2Credit launched a peer-to-peer lending platform where small business owners may acquire financing directly from institutional investors.

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Typical Borrowers

Typical borrowers through Biz2Credit have been in business operation for at least two years with consistent income. Borrowers will excellent credit scores will generally acquire lower interest rates. Borrowers will need to be prepared with either business or personal collateral in order to obtain a small business loan. Borrowers should also be prepared to submit a business plan, income statements, balance sheet, and bank account information.

Best Uses

Small business loans from Biz2Credit can be used for multiple reasons, such as inventory and equipment purchases, payroll accounting, marketing, and technology systems upgrades.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Two Years in Business
  • Personal/Business Collateral
  • Consistent Annual Income for More than Six Months

The Good

With Biz2Credit, small businesses can expect to receive the financing they need to launch a new project or service. Those that decide to use Biz2Credit for their financing can expect the following from the service:


Pros of Biz2Credit Small Business Loans include:

  • Up to $1 Million in Loan Financing
  • Fast Approval Times
  • Numerous Loan Types
  • Financial Calculators
  • Educational Resources

Types of Offered Loans

Biz2Credit offers a comprehensive range of loan options to small business owners. The company provides SBA loans, traditional bank loans, lines of credit, equipment financing, merchant cash advances, and more. Loans exclusively for women, minorities, and veterans are also available.

Educational Resources

The company offers small business owners numerous educational resources and financial tools on its website. Business owners can calculate monthly payments on fixed-rate loans and improve the overall financial health of their businesses through the company’s Biz Analyzer tool. Borrowers are also able to track every stage of the funding process through an online dashboard. Borrowers can also receive answers to any questions they may have from a customer service representative through the live chat option available on the corporate website.

The Bad

While Biz2Credit can help businesses that would otherwise not be able to obtain a loan, there are some concerns that need to be addressed. Prospective borrowers should be aware of the following items:

No Fee Disclosure

The company does not disclose any interest rates, prepayment penalties, origination fees, or closing costs on its corporate website. These rates and fees vary from lender to lender. The borrower must rely on the company’s information regarding potential loan offers and makes to hard to determine whether or not these offers are the best possible deals available.

No Lender Disclosure

The company does not publicly disclose the list of lenders it works with. Business owners are only offered a limited selection of loan deals from these unknown lenders.

Find Term Business Loans

The Bottom Line

Biz2Credit offers a comprehensive range of financing options from more than 1,100 nationwide lenders. The company offers numerous informative articles and financial tools to small business owners as well; however, fees and rates vary from each lender and are not publicly disclosed. Overall, Biz2Credit appears to be a trustworthy source for obtaining business financing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive funds from Biz2Credit?

The company can have funds available to consumers within 24 hours–four weeks, depending on the loan selected.

Does Biz2Credit require collateral with its loans?

The company requires both personal and business collateral in order to receive a loan.
Does Biz2Credit have prepayment penalties?

Some lenders through Biz2Credit may have prepayment penalties.

Does Biz2Credit charge origination fees?

Some lenders through Biz2Credit may have origination fees.

Does Biz2Credit charge closing fees?

Some lenders through Biz2Credit may have closing fees.

How can I contact Biz2Credit?

Consumers may contact the company by phone at 1-212-644-4555.

More Information

Types of Loans Offered

SBA loans, Traditional Bank Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Equipment Financing, Business Acquisition Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Refinancing, Merchant Cash Advances

Rates Offered

4–21 percent

Term Lengths

Term lengths vary by lender.

The Borrowing Process

Small business owners can complete a short online form that asks for general information regarding the purpose for the loan, desired loan amount, and some personal and business information. Once submitted, business owners will receive pre-approval results by email. The company will send offers from various lenders that closely match the applicant’s needs. Small business owners select one of these options, fill out the necessary paperwork, and receive funding directly to their business bank accounts. Borrowers are able to track the entire funding process through an online account.

How to Apply

In order to apply for a small business loan, small business owners must complete a short pre-approval form located on the company’s website. This form asks for some basic information and takes only a few minutes to complete. The company will send results to the applicant’s email address and match the borrower with potential loan offers. Borrowers select the choice that is right for their needs and begins the full application process to obtain the loan.

The borrower will be asked to submit personal and business documentation and provide collateral. Interest rates, loan fees, and leasing terms will be determined based on the borrower’s income and credit history. Once the application process is completed, the company will transfer funds from the lender to the borrower’s business bank account. Small business owners can track where they are at all times throughout the funding process on an online dashboard included in their account on the company’s website.

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