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Advice on Interest Rates: Business Loan Tips from Lenders ...

June 15, 2020

When you’re trying to find a business loan, you’re trying to balance your risk with your reward. Naturally,...

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4 Ways a Loan Can Expand Your Business

July 30, 2020

Guest Post by Rebecca Lake Running a small business doesn't necessarily mean staying small. At some point, you might dec...

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Is Franchising Right for Me? | Insights from a Franchisee,...

September 22, 2020

You’ve toyed with the idea of running a business. You have a strong management background and believe that you cou...

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    Is Franchising Right for Me? | Insights from a Franchisee, a Lender, and a Franchise Consultant
    You’ve toyed with the idea of running a business. You have a strong management background and believe that you could succeed as an entrepreneur if you had the right business model. However, you don’t want to &mdas...
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    5 Lesser-Known Tips for Starting a Successful Business
    Guest Post by Ty Kiisel If you’re like many people, right now you’re thinking about what you really want out of your life and career. Maybe you lost your job because of COVID-19 or simply realize it isn’t w...
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    A Guide to Business Interruption Insurance During COVID-19
    Guest Post by Dan Christensen, Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney The last few months have been fraught with challenges for business owners, who carry the weight of their employees' paychecks and their clients' reliance...
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    5 Steps to Start a COVID-19 Nonprofit
    Guest Post by Travis Crabtree People across the nation are starting new nonprofit organizations at an unprecedented rate. In March 2020, nonprofit organizations increased by 39 percent when compared to other types of business...
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    Reflective Entrepreneurs Share How Their Fathers Inspired Them in Business
    You don't have to be a perfect dad to make a tremendous impact on your kids' futures. You don't have to avoid failure. You don't have to retire early. You don't have to hold a prestigious position. And if your work-life bal...
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    Innovation and Security: How to Combine Both in Digital Transformation
    Guest Post by Connie Benton The last couple of decades have been nothing but an unstoppable drive for innovation. The problem is, innovation often comes with new risks. Many people immediately think of Tesla's unfortunate 20...
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    10 Creative Adaptations for Fitness-Based Businesses
    If your fitness business has failed to generate sufficient revenue during government-mandated closures, you’re not alone. Times have been tough — even heartbreaking — for the fitness industry during the pan...
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    12 Ways to Keep Your Business Strong in Crisis Mode
    Guest Post by Vincent Sevilla Few anticipated this global pandemic to affect our modern world at such scale. No fewer than 212 countries have been affected. Now, thousands of people are stuck at home, fearing the virus, with...
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    When and How to Register a Trademark When Going Global
    Guest Post by Lori Wade If you are in a place where you can start to think about taking your business global, you should congratulate yourself and your team. You must have worked very hard to grow your business to become st...
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    How to Approach Financial Planning During COVID-19
    Guest Post by Michael Deane COVID-19 has caught many business owners unprepared. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable in this crisis as most are not as well established and might have already been struggling prior to...

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