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    What Is a VoIP Number and How Does It Work?
    What is a VoIP number? A VoIP number is a real phone number that is assigned to a user instead of to a specific phone. This creates the possibility to call others with that phone number using multiple devices, such as a comp...
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    How You Can Combine VoIP and E-commerce Software to Boost Your Business
    Guest Post by Nicholas Shaw E-commerce is a fiercely competitive field. Consumers have a wide range of choices when it comes to buying online. For that reason, global online conversion rates stand at an average of only aroun...
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    How Can Software Make Your Employees More Efficient?
    Guest Post by Sara Marcum The more efficient a business is, the more profitable it will be. Successful business owners are already aware of this, which is why they turn to software solutions to increase efficiency and motiva...
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    How VoIP Can Help a Small Business
    Guest Post by Sara Marcum Owning a small business is rewarding. As a business owner, it is important to maximize your profits while keeping your assets safe in the process. For example, making sure that you have excellent bu...
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    7 Tips That Every Small Business Owner Should Know
    Guest Post by Robyn Flint Owning a small business has a lot in common with owning a large company. Both require time, capital, and a host of other similar necessities. But some small business owners don’t treat their s...
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    A Comprehensive Guide to VoIP
    Here at Best Company, we reached out to VoIP industry leaders and business professionals who have had personal experiences using VoIP technologies. Read on to hear what they had to say: What is VoIP? Simply put, VoIP (Voice ...
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