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Ooma VoIP empowers customers to connect in smarter ways. It provides VoIP services for small and enterprise level businesses. It’s small business package includes 35 features specifically curated to help you run more efficiently. Ooma also creates customized enterprise VoIP solutions to support your specific team and business processes. 


The Good

  • Services and Features
  • Free Resources
  • Desk Phone, Softphone, and Mobile App Options 

Services and Features

Ooma offers multiple plans with robust feature options at competitive prices. Its plans include unlimited calling and SMS/MMS messaging with no contracts. Ooma’s simplest plan comes with more than 35 features. The following features go above and beyond basic communication needs to help you provide excellent service for your customers:

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Call park
  • Hold music
  • Transfer music
  • Forward calls during device outages
  • Fax online
  • Call blocking
  • And more

Advanced features include Ooma’s desktop app, call recording, and voicemail transcription. 

Ooma not only has plans for small to medium sized businesses, but also enterprise level companies. Its enterprise features allow for API integrations, dashboard/heads-up displays, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more. No matter the size of your business or the industry you serve, Ooma’s features provide everything you need for a successful communication system. 

Free Resources

Ooma’s website provides several useful resources for potential clients. There are several case studies and videos featuring businesses of different sizes and industries. Interested clients can browse through Ooma’s customers for a business similar to their own and see the positive impact of Ooma’s services.

Ooma also gives regular webinars. Interested participants can sign up for upcoming webinars or access the archive on its website absolutely free. 

Desk Phone, Softphone, and Mobile App Options

One of the benefits of VoIP is that it does not require a traditional phone to make calls. Ooma’s plans cover desk phones, softphones, and its mobile app so you can choose the options that work best for your business. If you do not already have VoIP capable phones, you can purchase several different models on Ooma’s website.

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The Bad

  • Limited Information on Customer Support

Limited Information on Customer Support

Ooma’s website provides very limited information on its customer support options. If your business has limited or off-site IT staff, we recommend having detailed discussions with Ooma’s sales representatives about what customer support the company provides and if it comes with any extra charge.


The Bottom Line

Ooma is a reliable choice for most businesses. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, its plans go beyond simple necessity to ensure clients get the most out of its VoIP solutions. The free resource on its website makes it easy for potential clients to do thorough research and feel confident in Ooma’s service before ever speaking with a sales representative.
For more information, see Ooma reviews below. 
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Max Winkel Lindon, UT

Ok technology. I was not happy with the customer service. I cancelled and they didn't do it. I ended up paying for three more months before I cancelled again.

4 months ago

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James , IL

These guys are clowns, their support center which is all one can contact is in the Philippines. I have been trying to use their security system for months now, every time I add a sensor I have to sign up for a 60 day trial after which they try and charge me. So I intentionally didn't give them my credit card info.. Then, being a fool I gave them my card to buy a sensor and now it's locked into their system and can't be removed. So despite not giving them permission to use it, they can't fix it. I guess my only solution then it to start legal proceedings.

4 months ago

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Chad Shephard Alpharetta, GA

We have a small office, with only 2 users (extension). There is a few things I really don't like about OOMA business. 1. Doesn't allow you bring your own VOIP phone. We have some nice Cisco phone that we can't use. RingCentral allow you to bring your own VOIP. 2. To use a phone in a conf room, it count as another user (extension), you have to pay full price. 3. Its mobile app is subpar. needs lots of work

6 months ago

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Dre35 West Valley City, UT

Ooma has been a great online phone service. The reception was crisp and clear for all my calls. As long as there's internet reception, the call is clear.

7 months ago

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Tom L. Ashburn, VA

Pros - Price (we saved an average of 28%, 45% less that our most expensive quote) - Online vs. Physical lines are the same price - Phone numbers (our main number and fax) are hosted without additional cost (most other companies charge $5 per month per number) - Ease of administration use - Ease of phone app use - Ease of Web calling use - All lines include eFax and conference numbers for free - Can forward callers to numbers outside the organization - Easily configurable office hours to automatically send callers to voicemail - Regular virtual training to use basic and advanced service features - No commitment - Technical support answers calls quickly, with only 1 button-press, and answered all our questions Cons - Limited payment options - Only one user can administer the team - Phones must be purchased in full (with the lowest option often on sale) - The conference lines don’t support an admin pin to start a meeting - No two-factor login authentication option

8 months ago

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Ron Demorest, GA

Ooma has been our primary phone service provider for more than one year. Ooma has never been unavailable and provides good quality communications. The price is reasonable and our only worry is the 5000 hour monthly limit, but we have not had a problem with that so far. Hope to continue with Ooma in the fiture if the service continues to be very good . The Ooma internet connection devive is very easy to use and setup.

1 year ago

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Sam Jacksonville, FL

I have had Ooma since JAN 2017. Purchased Ooma Telo for about $100. With this, basic calls are free, but you pay monthly taxes. Although not needed by everyone, I added Premier service for about $126 annually. This adds tons of premium calling features. As an example, using their web portal, I used their highly configurable call blocking features to block all unwanted calls from telemarketers, spammers, etc. These annoying and dangerous calls have become a thing of the past. 'Whitelisted' everyone in my Contact List allows all their calls to come through. You can block or send all other calls to voicemail. Needs a HS internet connection and connects to a standard house phone or base set with cordless handsets. Moved recently and took my Ooma with me, keeping my phone #. Affordable, and easy to set up. 100% satisfied.

2 years ago

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Shauna Craig Pleasant Grove, UT

We had OOMA when we used a landline. The service was good as was the quality. we discontinued it when we decided to use only our mobile phones.

2 years ago

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Jaime American Fork, UT

We have used Ooma for many years now. We have been very happy with it! It is nice to be able to keep a landline for our younger kids who don't have mobile phones yet. It is also nice to have a "home" number I can give out when I don't want to give my cell number out. I also love that we can check our voicemail message online.

2 years ago

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HLG American Fork, UT

I would give it 5 stars if it were compared to conventional phone companies. I might give google voice an edge because it has a totally free option. I still have to pay monthly taxes with Ooma.

2 years ago

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Nathan Glade American Fork, UT

Pros: -Integrated app that allows you to retrieve voicemail on your phone remotely. -Set up in pretty simple. Cons: -You still have to pay taxes ($6-7/month). -If you have problems, tech support is not helpful. You are on your own. -All of the calling features cost extra.

2 years ago

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Abbey Gilbert, AZ

Ooma works great as long as your internet is on:) Have had a great experience with them!!

2 years ago

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Alyson Mansfield Lindon, UT

I really like Ooma because it makes it affordable to keep a landline and not just switch to only using our cell phones. I feel like there's a delay in getting our messages sent to our email account but other than that, this has been a great service.

2 years ago

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Comparison with another service. I used to have another VOIP provider that was comperable in price to Ooma. there was no on call service but you had to check their blog to see if your problem had already existed and how to fix it and if the problem wasn't listed you could post a new issue. a member techy would then contact you. The provider was then bought out be a big player and immediate phone support was available, but the service quality went down as well as the phone quality itself. Ooma so far is crisper sounding, great phone support and offers super pricing.

3 years ago

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