How VoIP Can Help a Small Business

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Guest Post by Sara Marcum

Owning a small business is rewarding. As a business owner, it is important to maximize your profits while keeping your assets safe in the process. For example, making sure that you have excellent business insurance to protect your business could make all the difference if the unimaginable happens. 

Whether it is through insurance or technology, businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money. Incorporating VoIP into a business plan can help reduce some business expenses.

Important characteristics of small businesses

Small businesses have unique characteristics. You can tell small businesses apart from a corporate business with just a surface-level look. 

When starting out, funding is often difficult for small businesses. They often do not have the backing like larger corporate businesses which forces them to take out loans. Loan selection can make or break a small business.

Authentic values

The foundation of a small business is generally built on the owner’s core values. When businesses promote their values in their marketing and the way they interact with customers, it radiates throughout the rest of the business. This is how loyal customer relationships are cultivated.

VoIP providers that put values first are often an asset to small businesses. They understand what it means to believe in something, and they know how to foster the lasting relationships with customers that are vital to small businesses.

Small businesses that view their values as a priority come across as more authentic. This authenticity isn’t always present in bigger businesses who mass-produce and sell products. 

VoIP prides itself on no contracts and a plethora of options available with their services. Because they don’t try to tie anyone down with a hidden upcharge or early termination fees, they are especially great for startup businesses.

More personal customer relationships

Whether they take a specific interest in something a customer is searching for or just have conversations about family, a small business embraces its customers as a part of the family. They are viewed as more than just dollars and cents. 

Service providers take extreme pride in their VoIP services. Just like small businesses take initiative in each of their customers, so do service providers which make them stand out from traditional landline businesses.

Growth and adaptation from mistakes 

If something comes up that trips up a small business, they don’t just lay down and take it. They learn from whatever it was that caused the bump in the road. They adapt to changes and grow from the experience.

VoIP is a newer concept for some businesses. VoIP providers are an obvious choice for small businesses as a logical and cost-effective way to show customers that they are capable of adapting but keeping their communication strong.

Best small business tools

Owners have to worry about a lot of different things when they run a business. They have to run the business, calculate expenses, find trustworthy employees for the business, and other small details behind the scenes that no one thinks about. Fortunately, they have options available to help them manage their responsibilities.

Marketing and advertising

Several different companies offer specials for small businesses and their owners who are looking to market or advertise their brand. These business marketing solutions can range in price from the low end to thousands per month. 

Having another company handle your business marketing and advertising can save a lot of time while still incorporating the values of the business.

One aspect of advertising can be making seemingly endless phone calls. With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. You know what your prices will be upfront.

Human resources

Human resource solutions that can put payroll, onboarding, and training all in one structured program can be beneficial to business owners. Having an online solution to keep track of payroll and attendance can cut down on personal ledgers and the possibility of losing information.

Voicemail services provided by VoIP can make it easy for employees to leave a message if they aren’t able to get you on the line.

Accounting solutions

Paying for a program that can help keep track of cash flow is important in a business, big or small. Owners have to keep track of the amount of money coming in versus the amount of money going out of the business. 

Accounting software is available to help with keeping track of invoices that are due and personal invoices that need to be paid.

Businesses have a lot of calls coming in and out all day long. VoIP offers call screening tools as well as attendant services that can get calls routed to who they need to go to. You won’t have to worry about calls being lost.

Office solutions

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From Google to Microsoft, a variety of office solutions are available. Things like document writing to note-taking and presentations are easily accessible to small business owners.

If your business has several different locations or even different floors, staying in touch is important. VoIP services can help connect everyone together, whether by a conference call or a video conference.

Communication systems

From intercoms to phone calls, there are different products out there to help small businesses. VoIP providers offer internet style servicing options. Group chat software is also available to keep in touch with employees, especially those who may be in an entirely different country. 

Keeping the communication lines open for business is what helps them succeed.

Why is VoIP a good small business solution?

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Switching from a traditional landline phone to VoIP is becoming a trend with businesses. These internet protocol based phones have more features, and you can call from just about anywhere you have an internet connection.

VoIP is also a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses. The price ranges anywhere from $15 to $20 per month depending on the VoIP carrier you choose. 

You can conference call just like you would with another service, but you can do it from your smartphone if you aren’t at the office. You can do it from your computer if you don’t have a handset available at the time.

Small businesses are good at adapting to the changing world around them. Using VoIP as a form of communication is a technological innovation that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. It is important for small businesses to maximize any sort of technology that will save them money.

Research which VoIP service provider will be the best for your business. The internet provides a multitude of information to help make the best decision for you. Welcome to the next phase of technological innovation!

Sara Marcum writes for She is a full-time wife and mother to two boys and the stepmother to a little girl. After many years of working outside of their home, she decided it was time to make a change and pursue her dream of writing. She is currently working on a novel while juggling all the other tasks in her life.

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