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    How Should I Optimize My Website for Voice Search in 2020?
    Guest Post by Vishal Vivek We are all set to enter the voice-first world in 2020. The primary reason for this is because consumers are using voice instead of typing to search for queries, make purchase decisions, find local ...
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    Augmented Reality: How Publishers Are Preparing for AR
    Guest Post by Sam O'Brien It's been a big year for augmented reality (AR). All the giant tech players such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have invested heavily in the sector in 2019.    But compa...
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    VOIP: Scams and Security Threats Unveiled
    Guest Post by Rob Stix Defined by strange vanacular and acronyms, VoIP can feel like an overwhelming prospect for business leaders. It is difficult to understand exactly what services VoIP offers and how they help your busin...
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    6 Benefits of Using VoIP in Your Multi-Location Business
    How would you like to increase efficiency, engage employees, and provide better customer service across your entire business? Well, these are just a few of the benefits of using VoIP technology instead of landlines for your ...
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    12 Ways to Communicate More Effectively
    There have been so many books, seminars, and information sessions on how to communicate more effectively. But how does this take place in your work place, in your home, and in your life? Communication boils down to these 12 ...
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    The Benefits of Investing in VoIP Services
    With all of the new and emerging technologies at our finger tips, it is hard to know which technologies are worth the investment and effort for your business. Have you been wondering if you should invest in VoIP services? Our...
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