**In 2017, Solar Spectrum and Horizon Solar merged under the Sungevity family. In April 2018, both companies officially rebranded as Sungevity. Read more about the merger and rebrand.**

With so many solar energy companies out there, it can be difficult to know which one provides the most value for you as a consumer. That's why we've done the hard research—so you don't have to.

We've weighed the pros and the cons and found Sungevity to be one of the top solar installers in the industry. Read on to discover The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line about Sungevity, as well as view Sungevity reviews from real customers. 

The Good

  • Several Financing Options
  • Helpful Remote Solar Design Tool
  • Customized Solar Solutions
  • Lengthy Warranties
  • Informative Mobile App
  • Highly Rated Customer Service

Several Financing Options

Sungevity offers several solar financing options, which means that taking advantage of renewable energy and obtaining a home solar system through Sungevity is possible for customers of all budgets.

With Sungevity's solar lease, loan, and PPA payment options, customers can go solar for zero to little down. Each of these options comes with 24/7 system monitoring, a 20-year manufacturer warranty on the panels, and a 20-year system warranty that encompasses the inverter and workmanship.

For customers who are looking for the solar power plan with the most long-term savings, buying the system outright is probably the best option. Customers cover the cost of the system and solar panel installation upfront, but then they own the system and reap the long-term rewards.

Helpful Remote Solar Design Tool

Sungevity's proprietary Remote Solar Design tool allows customers to get a personalized quote quickly without having to crawl around on the roof.

After answering a few questions over the phone with a Sungevity rep, the Remote Solar Design tool can view the roof of the customer's home, track the amount of sunlight that hits their house, and give them an accurate picture of how their solar panels will look and function.

Remote Solar Design can also show customers how much they are going to save with each payment option the solar company offers.

Customized Solar Solutions

Unlike some other solar installers, Sungevity doesn't believe in cookie-cutter solar solutions. As a result, the company's professional advisors custom design every solar power system to meet the needs and budget of the customer.

Sungevity uses sleek black-on-black solar panels and low-impact mounting hardware, and each of its solar energy systems is designed to accommodate multiple storage options and other functionalities, such as EV chargers, so customers can add those features now or in the future.

Lengthy Warranties

Sungevity offers a number of different warranties to ensure that its customers and their solar energy systems are taken care of.

The solar company provides a 20-year equipment warranty, which covers the panels, inverter, and other equipment; a 25-year performance warranty, which guarantees a certain level of energy output; and a 20-year workmanship warranty, which covers the labor and installation.

Informative Mobile App

With the Sungevity mobile app, customers have information about their solar system at their fingertips. Whether customers have an Android or an iOS device, the Sungevity app allows them to track how much energy their solar panels are producing and how much power they are using from anywhere in the world.

In addition to giving customers the ability to monitor their solar systems, the Sungevity app lets users contact customer service and earn rewards by referring friends and family through the app.

Highly Rated Customer Service

The Sungevity reviews on our site, which have been submitted by real customers, shed some light on the company's business practices and praise the solar provider for its customer service. Consumers are saying that Sungevity's customer service team is professional, helpful, and quick to reply to questions and requests.

Sungevity also offers helpful options for clients who need to move before the contract terms have expired, including assigning the energy plan to the new homeowner; prepaying the remaining payments and assigning the non-financial obligations to the new homeowner; and purchasing the remaining time on the lease, terminating the lease, and asking the company to remove the system.

Considering switching to clean energy with Sungevity? Visit site.

The Bad

  • Lack of Site Information
  • Limited Availability

Lack of Site Information

Sungevity has a lack of solar system information available on its website. While a basic explanation of each system component is provided, more technical specifications of the system are nowhere to be found.

Sungevity's FAQ section is sparse and does little to fully educate consumers on the value the company has to offer, and its website lacks a live chat option, which could provide quick and easy access to important company information.

Limited Availability

Sungevity is currently only available in the following eight states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. This limits the number of customers who have the opportunity to receive a solar installation from Sungevity.

The Bottom Line

Sungevity, which is one of the top installers in the solar industry, is a highly recommended option for consumers who are considering a rooftop solar system to look into. If you live in one of the states where the company services, its multiple financing options, proprietary Remote Solar Design tool, insightful Sungevity app, and top notch customer service are hard to beat.

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Verified Customer


Richard Abramson

February 15th, 2017 New Milford, CT

Well, the truth is they were fantastic in the beginning and then I feel there's a very high pressure thing. And I thought, and I felt I was lied to, they told me I gain a $65000 rebate which was false because it's only a $65000 of my taxes. Everything else is really good though!

Verified Customer


Paul Carboni

February 15th, 2017 Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I was satisfied with their explanation of the process, they seemed like a reputable company. The installers were very professional, everything has been very excellent.

Verified Customer


David Galvan

February 15th, 2017 Woodland Hills, CA

A few of my friends have gone with Sungevity and had good experiences. I decided to research several companies and Sungevity is the best in terms of price. The installation process was excellent, the management team was excellent; I am very satisfied.

Verified Customer


David Vorspan

February 15th, 2017 Woodland Hills, CA

We're happy with Sungevity. All the reviews that we read are right; great customer service, quality equipment, great prices. We are very happy.

Verified Customer


Adrian Laboy

February 15th, 2017 Bloomfield, CT

I had a request on someone from other companies but they were , they showed a lot of willingness to help and to come up with the best installation fee so they were very attentive, very very helpful, very good communication so that's why I hook them up. the installation I'm very satisfied, very good job and the measurements that they gave me were great on in terms of duration and I was very satisfied.

Verified Customer


Ricky Williams

February 15th, 2017 Oceanside, CA

The installation process was very,very good. Everything went well and we are totally satisfied.

Verified Customer


Steven Taylor

February 15th, 2017 Foothill Ranch, CA

This was a great company to work with. The price and warranty were the reason that I went with them, I am very satisfied.

Verified Customer


Gregory Thomsen

February 15th, 2017 Carlsbad, CA

We found them to be responsive and they help us to a process to keep this as simple as they could and was quite happy with the work and look forward to a plenty of lease so that, everything been good.

Verified Customer


Philip Goodge

February 15th, 2017 Palm Desert, CA

They were referred to me by my sister and brother in law and it already worked with them. I had a very good experienced, like their online tools and all of that were very helpful and helping me understand and you know move through the process. One of the reason I picked them too is they didn't just gave a referral fee to my sister that referred me but they gave me a nice discount because I was referred to them and none of the other companies that I talked to did that, they only gave the referral money to the people who referred me to them.

Verified Customer


Timothy Cameron

February 15th, 2017 Runnemede, NJ

I looked at Solar City and their costs were higher, so thats why I chose sungevity, great quality for lower costs. Everything has exceeded my expectations.

Verified Customer


Richard Cunningham

February 15th, 2017 Vallejo, CA

Sungevity had the right panels, they had the right prices, everything was great with them. I am totally happy with Sungevity.

Verified Customer


Stephen Sokolic

February 15th, 2017 San Diego, CA

I had look at 3 diff. companies and I like Sungevity because of the package that they were offering and I got some recommendations from other people and said they were happy with them. I am very happy with them!

Verified Customer


Michelle Bigelow

February 15th, 2017 Auburn, MA

I did a bunch of research and just happened and fine for me that they have the best reviews and best ratings. It was really nice to have a company that was looking out for the most they could get out of my solar and they actually load my payments and added a couple more panels that they couldn't meet what they originally ... so that was nice.

Verified Customer


Hendry Jacques De Jager

February 15th, 2017 Pleasant Hill, CA

I did some research online and found that Sungevity was the best company. Everything was excellent, I really enjoyed dealing with this company.

Verified Customer


Emilia Jacoby

February 15th, 2017 Highland Mills, NY

Their price was the most competitive and their customer service was top-notch. We were very pleased with the whole process from start to finish and we're very pleased with the product that we're using currently.

Verified Customer


Peggy Cogliandro

February 15th, 2017 Paso Robles, CA

Purchasing solar panels from sungevity was a very smooth transaction. I am very happy we did it!


Brian Pate

February 14th, 2017 B M Goldwater A F Range, AZ

outsourced installation just horrible . $1100 upgrade to power panel fuse box .$8000.00 roof to be able to covered for installation warranty $14500 to pay off the the lease after selling the house plus two years of payments $2800.00 now after all of this big loss i have been waiting on a $180.00 check for the performance promise that has yet to show up after six weeks


Martha Shearer

February 10th, 2017

JD M was awesome he came and troubleshooted my system and fixed it so I can get my full production out of my system. Thanks Horizon for sending him out I would have him come back anytime. Martha Estrella


Rosemary Payne

January 31st, 2017

My 72 year-old mother had Sungevity install solar solar on her rental. The set-up that they did does not cover the household usage and resulted in an almost $3000 true-up bill this year! When we asked them to fix the problem they said they would not move the panels or add more without adding another lease! Now the solar bill plus the PG&E is almost more than the PG&E bill without solar! I am now working with another company to try and fix Sungevity's screw-up. These guys are crooks! If you are considering them for your solar project, DON'T! Any company would be better than these guys.


Dr. Trish Larson

January 30th, 2017 Santee, CA

Sungevity's customer service is the best. We were informed of every step in the process both through emails and phone calls. All went very smoothly on the installation. We did have some problems in the beginning and were resolved quickly. We also have been guided by their customer service reps how to operate the system in terms of a city power outage. We own a fully electric car and we charge it up for free during the daytime when solar power is being generated, a total win-win.


Paul Larson

January 23rd, 2017 Chino Hills, CA

We are now entering our fifth year of Sungevity solar panels on our home. Service, for the few times we've requested it, has been prompt and efficient. We have owned an electric car for the past three years, and find it satisfying that it is, for the most part, powered by the panels on our roof.



January 18th, 2017 Randolph, NJ

my experiance was very good however i had to call them every week to get going on my sisten until the day it went live it took me 3 months on a 3000w system that i baught cash .After having the system for about 10months i still do have a bill i live in nj and my utility wont allow a larg aray because it goes by your yearly average usage,i baught the home 2 years ago so my bill was low at the time all in all im happy with the system and happy with the service.my advice to any one planing on getting a solar system is pay cash after financing it and go maximum load or usage its nice not having an electric bill with a couple dollers of line mentance.



January 13th, 2017

What an integral company upfront and honest no outsourcing and backed by Oak Tree financial. My pick by far!! Southern California experts.


Gerry T.

January 4th, 2017 Wappingers Falls, NY

Here is my experience with Sungevity. So far I have had no problems. I took the lease option for a 22 panel system of 250 watts each. I paid the lease payments for the 20 years up front. That means that Sungevity owns and maintains the system for 20 years and will repair anything that needs replacement. Also I assume my property taxes will not be affected since I don't own the system. However I had to fill out some form from the town specifically for the purpose of no property tax increases for at least 10 years. The up front cost for the system was $7800 including a $1000 discount using a referral. I couldn't claim any Federal Tax credit because I'm leasing the system. However NY allowed a 25% tax credit on the amount paid for solar energy systems including leased systems so I took that credit last year (the system was installed in December, 2014) and subtracting the credit which I received, I ended up paying roughly $6000 for the whole system. The nice thing is that all solar electricity I generate is free. If I overproduce at any time, the electric meter reverses. Otherwise I pay for the net amount of electricity I used above what I generated. I read that users with PPA are paying quite a bit per Kwh for electricity that they generate. I am paying 0, but of course I had an up front cost of $6000. Sungevity took care of everything for me and then installed the system in one day. They assume that the power inverter will need replacement at some point before 20 years and they will do that at no cost along with any other repairs or maintenance. I haven't needed any in 2 years so far. On the power inverter panel outside the house I can see the instantaneous power being generated as will as the cumulative total for the day and a bar chart. On the web on my account I can see what I generated each day, week or month since the panels were installed. Here is the power I generated since installation in mid December, 2014. kWH produced in two months 12/2014 384.32 (about 1 3/4 months) 2/2015 459.35 4/2015 1594.54 6/2015 1583.53 8/2015 1473.71 10/2015 894.87 12/2015 557.32 2/2016 1071.45 4/2016 1444.47 6/2016 1712.43 8/2016 1394.72 10/2016 874.14 12/2016 227.47 (one month) Since April, 2015 I have always paid the minimum electric charge per month on my all electric house. This amounts to about $24.50 per month since I am generating more electricity than I use. Before April 2015 I didn't have any credit for overproduced electricity since production goes down in the winter and usage for electric heating goes way up so I had some bills.At the anniversary date of installation, the electric company will pay me a little for excess electricity generated, if any, and start over again with a zero electric surplus. This is bad for anyone starting out at the beginning of winter since generally you will need more electricity than you generate during winter. Then after the summer you will have surplus for which will be paid at a very low rate (like 3 cents per kWH). It's better to be able to use that surplus yourself and avoid the high charge per kWH for purchasing electricity. So the electric company allows a one-time anniversary date change which I made to the April billing so I can build up surplus electricity and use it during the winter. So with that, a winter installation didn't hurt. The amount of referral money Sungevity gives varies from about $500 to $1000. Now it is $750. If this information has been useful to you and you would like to contact Sungevity, please use my Referral Code: 1013253 for a $750 reduction in your installation costs. Thanks.



December 14th, 2016 Imperial, CA

Panels were installed approx. on 05/2016 and our weather for the summer reached up to 110 degrees. So far for the last 7 months we havent seen any help/reduction on the bill as it was promise. Wish I would never have installed them....think twice before installing them as saving money is not a real thing...well at least on our case.


Lori Rodrigues

November 24th, 2016 Pomona, CA

Our experience with Sungevity was superb! The Sungevity contact as well as the installer were both professional and great at their jobs. Our panels went up as scheduled. We have enjoyed over a year of extremely low PG&E bills. We recommend Sungevity to all of our friends.


Paul Young

November 16th, 2016 San Diego, CA

With the exception of a few start-up issues the system has performed as promised or even better. Our electricity costs went from $275- $485 / month to $152/mo (Cost of system). We now have a credit over $250 that we can use or refund.


Christopher Cole Sr

November 14th, 2016

JD M was very knowledgeable and his customer service was top notch, best I've experienced from Horizon Solarpower thus far. If I have any issues in the future I would like to request JD. Thank You Master Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Cole USMC



November 14th, 2016 Kansas City, MO

I got 5 quotes from other companies on this list. Sungevity offered the best warranties, and my consultant was extremely knowledgeable, and not pushy.


Dona Schneider

November 11th, 2016 Riverside, CA

JD M came to investigate an issue with my meter which I was unaware of...and he fixed it. He is a very knowledgeable young man. I was very pleased with his punctuality and work ethic. Thanks Dona J Schneider


Suzanne Mulcahy

November 11th, 2016 Aliso Viejo, CA

J.D. M, from Horizon Solar Power, made a Service Call to my home regarding "0" production of my new Solar Unit. He was very professional, knowledgeable and polite and resolved the problem quickly. This young man is an Asset to the Company and I wish more businesses would have employees like him!


steven jenkins

November 11th, 2016

Jd M took care of everything we need and got my system 3x more power! Thanks again! Steven Jenkins


Edward Williams

November 11th, 2016

I have been very happy with the way JD M has helped me with fixing my system. He has been very pleasant to deal with and is very professional regarding his trade. And I appreciate Horizon stepping up to the plate and fixing what I thought was wrong. Edward Williams


Larry Malmberg

November 11th, 2016

JD M was very helpful with all my questions and concerns. I appreciate having a knowledgeable tech assisting me. He has been a pleasure!!! Thank you, Allen Hickerson


Mike Rapoza

November 11th, 2016

3 months to get system in service after installation. RIDICULOUS. installation company left mess in my yard.Trampled my flower's


Dianna Woodley

November 11th, 2016

Freddy M did a great job of fixing the problem of the solar problem great customer service


Fred Brauer

November 10th, 2016 Lincoln, CA

I decided to have Sungevity install my solar system after I checked around and talked to friends who used them. Sungevity had the twenty year prepaid leasing program that I was interested in. They also had a referral rewards program, which I will get to shortly. Anyway, the process got messed up during design phase, not sure why but the number of panels changed three times, Not a big deal. Then things got messed up in scheduling when we lost a month because they changed project managers on me. Sungevity's subcontractors finally showed up, (Sungevity subcontracts their work out to local contractors) and in two days we had a working solar system. System worked well during the first month and a half. Then I received an e mail to shut down the system for safety reasons due to some sort of recall. The e mail stated that I would be reimbursed for electricity used during downtime. Well a week passed and no contact, so I called and was told that they were very busy with the recall and would get someone out ASAP. Again they told me that they would be paying for the electric used so not to worry. Another week goes by without any contact so I called again only to hear basically the same story. Well finally someone came out and replaced four screws in the shut off box. In total my system was off for 18 days. Without asking or checking with me about expenses or review of my electric bill Sungevity sent me a check for $30, which would break down to $ 1.66 a day for each day the system was down. My electric bill for that period was $ 165.00. They quoted some sort of mythical formula that was used to calculate the reimbursement. I called customer service to voice my disappointment. A nice polite customer service representative reviewed the reimbursement with me. She had me e mail the electric bill to her and said she would review, recalculate and have a supervisor review the information and get back to me. She called back and informed me that the calculations were correct but the supervisor would like to contact me tomorrow. The following day the supervisor called, sounded like he didn't know anything about my complaint and wanted me to start from scratch and tell my story. I wasn't interested in starting all over so I told him the system was off 18 days and I got a check for $30 to put towards a $165.00 bill and wasn't happy. He responded by saying how about $90. Well I went off on him, they were trying to screw me by sending the $30 hoping I would just settle for that. Makes you wonder how many people did settled for it. $90 doesn't cover my bill but I said if they want to send it go ahead. But now my problem is I can't trust a company that I am in a 20 year lease with. He said he would pass that on. Well I haven't seen a check yet but it is still early. So be care full, I'm sure there are plenty of company's to choose from out there. And understand that all these company's buy their panels, mounting hardware and connecting hardware, they don't manufacture it. All they do is install it and hopefully stand behind the warranty. I feel solar is a smart investment and is normally worth the expense. Now about that referral rewards program, its been four months with several phone calls to find out the status of the reward. As of today we are on the third customer service rep who will "look into it". If you won't keep your promises don't make them.


Kim Fox

November 2nd, 2016 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Horizon Solar has been awesome so far. No bills yet as too soon, but I have to give them credit. If they say they will be there, they will. They keep you in the loop. They have good sub-contractors. Today we worked with Brandon B, an inspector, who was extremely professional and gave us a rundown on what to expect next.



October 28th, 2016

Very unprofessional at the customer service level. We never got to beyond the information level with this company. They were late in calling us at the appointed time. They didn't seem to use the information that I had provided in a previous phone call. When the phone call was mysteriously disconnected they didn't bother to call back. It didn't seem like they really wanted our business. I originally contacted the company since they are recommended by the Sierra Club.


Barb Christensen

October 28th, 2016

JD M we are very pleased with the results. Great job



October 19th, 2016

Sungevity was very efficient and organized from the consultant all the way to permitting. I would highly reccomend them to anyone. Their prices and equipment was a lot better then the other companies and their over all customer scores was still better then anyone else. After looking at their BBB A+ rating report and reading a recent article in Forbes magaizne about how their being successful when other companies are not, makes me feel that I made the best choice by going with them. Do yourself a favor and make sure you talk to them before going with other companies.


Paul Fiorello

October 18th, 2016 Wappingers Falls, NY

Sungevity made every step of the process easy and simple. From the solar consultant to managers and installers working with me everybody was professional and very helpful. The sales consultant worked with me to accommodate some changes I wanted. I have recommended Sungevity to friend and neighbors. Definitely a great company


charles lundquist

September 22nd, 2016 Paso Robles, CA

they do not respond to my problem. I have been on the phone with them for a year now with no results. I paid cash and would love a return on my purchase


Michael Olah

September 22nd, 2016 Palm Springs, CA

Rude installers.



September 22nd, 2016 Menifee, CA

Going solar was a huge decision for me. Steve was my salesman and he was patient and informative. He came out multiple times as a revised plans. I also spoke to Norma on the phone and she was courteous and helpful.


Terri Spelling

September 22nd, 2016 Hicksville, NY

They are absolutely amazing, and way better than Sunrun (customer service is TERRIBLE IN EVERY WAY) Solar City changes prices... Sungevity is amazing.



September 19th, 2016 El Dorado Hills, CA

After several revues from other companys I felt Sungivity was the best co for me. Every phase the company started there are five steps Every step went perfect the only part was the right time to start. It would take two weeks be-for start After that iit went fast now the system is complete and producing KH hours as the contract said I'm very happy with Sungivity


Thomas Matthews

September 10th, 2016 San Ramon, CA

You guys are the most unorganized solar bunch that I have dealt with out of the 4 or 5 that I have been in contact with. Even the patio cover company said the same thing to me. I don't understand why there is such miscommunication among the Sungevity team. Every time I talked to someone from Sungevity they acted like they had no clue of what was going on with my project. Do not use this company!!!


Patty and Richard Maier

August 15th, 2016 Palm Desert, CA

My Husband and I can not say enough about Horizon Solar Power. Everyone we worked with was professional, quick to answer our question and keep us well informed. Brita who was our project coordinator, made sure that we knew exactly what was happening and when and who was coming. It was great to have all that information! After our project was completed there was follow up to make sure we were happy and that we understood how our solar system worked. We have had no problems and have no problem recommending this company! Patty & Richard Rancho Mirage, Ca.


Michelle Kacy

August 12th, 2016 Williamstown, NJ

The man I spoke to from this company was a nice upbeat n friendly salesman but after they look at my property on Google maps they decided they didn't want to bother because I have trees. If they came to my house they would see that my roof is in direct Sun all day. One tree in the backyard can be trimmed but it does not hinder the sun. I even sent them photos, showing the sun shining on my roof, but still doesn't want to be bothered. I think it's tacky to use google maps considering the image they use is extremely outdated. At least I've found a few other companies who will actually come out and see with there own eyes.