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Solar Giant Sungevity Is Back in Business

July 06, 2020

Founded in 2007 by Danny Kennedy, Andrew Birch, and Alec Guettel, Sungevity was a solar company originally based in Oakl...

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Your Most Important Solar Energy Questions Answered - Intr...

April 30, 2020

Are you thinking about making the switch to solar? Maybe you'd like to lower your electricity bill, or perhaps you want...

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10 Things Only People Who Have Solar Panels Will Understan...

April 30, 2020

1. When the solar salesperson first knocks on your door via GIPHY 2. When they start to give you their pitch about how ...

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    Using Solar to Ward Off Vampire Energy and Phantom Loads
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews It's hard to imagine life without electricity. Our countless electrical appliances have made life more comfortable and allow us to do far more than our ancestors could have dreamed. It's safe to s...
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    Trends in Sustainable Business Practices
    Guest Post by Maggie Potter Sustainability is all the rage these days as the world works to address climate change and combat its negative effects. However, it’s important that sustainable business and marketing practic...
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    4 Things to Know About Costco Solar
    In addition to electronics, furniture, appliances, and groceries, Costco members also have access to solar products. Here are four important things to know before deciding whether or not to purchase solar though Costco: 1. Co...
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    Grid-Tiered vs. Off-Grid Solar: What's the Difference?
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews If you're starting your journey into solar solutions, you might not know the terms grid-tiered and off-grid. While they sound similar, they refer to two separate kinds of systems. Knowing the diff...
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    Why More Homeowners Are Pursuing LEED Certifications — and Why You Should Too
    Guest Post by Scott Turner You may have heard of LEED certification mentioned with regards to office buildings, commercial real estate projects, or new construction.  However, more and more individual homes and renovated...
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    What Nobody Told You About Keeping Your Solar Panels Clean
    Guest Post by Matthew Casey Your panels could be producing up to 30 percent more energy. Solar energy can be a great investment for a variety of reasons. It makes the world a better place — and it saves you money every ...
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    How Do Solar AC Systems Work?
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews If you're interested in keeping your home cool while being more reliant on renewable energy, a solar air-conditioning (AC) system could be a smart choice for helping you save money, enjoying more ...
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    Which Generation Is Most Eco-Friendly?
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews People from everywhere — from all backgrounds and of every age — stand united on the planet’s behalf. That’s not to say eco-friendliness and environmental conscientiousness...
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    5 Ways to Participate in Renewable Energy Without a Significant Capital Cost
    Guest post by Kyle Kroeger of Green Coast Shifting to clean energy is one of the best ways of acting on climate change. There is a vast potential for universal clean energy access, which can result in human health and economi...
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    Why It's Your Responsibility to Create a Sustainable Work Environment
    Guest post by Alice Porter With the threat of severe global warming looming over us all, the need for sustainable living is more important than ever. It’s been reported that if the global temperature rises by an additio...

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