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LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2023

Lumio has absorbed Lift Energy.

Lift Energy is no longer in business. Lumio has absorbed the company.

Lift Energy Solar is a residential solar energy company designed to help homeowners maximize their savings. Founded in Utah in 2015, the company operates in both Utah and California, and provides a suite of industry-leading solar equipment to help customers reduce their carbon footprint while also saving on their electricity bill.

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The Good

  • Tier 1 Solar Equipment and Warranties
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Tier 1 Solar Equipment and Warranties

Lift Energy offers homeowners some of the best and most energy-efficient solar equipment on the market. Depending on the needs and budget of the homeowner, solar panel arrays by Lift Energy can feature solar cells from any of the following manufacturers:

  Efficiency Temperature Coefficient Warranty
Canadian Solar 15.88% to 19.91% -0.41 to -0.37 10 Years
LG 18.44% to 22% -0.4 to -0.3 25 Years
Silfab 17.6% to 19.4% -0.38 to -0.36 25 Years
Solaria 19.4% to 20.5% -0.39 to -0.39 25 Years
Mission Solar Energy 18.05% to 19.35% -0.38 to -0.38 12 Years

Per data from EnergySage

In addition to these industry-leading solar panels, Lift Energy offers industry leading warranties, setting a 25-year minimum on workmanship, parts and labor, equipment, and solar panel performance. That means in the event of an installation error, product malfunction, or significant dip in energy output within the first 25 years of the solar panel system’s operation, Lift Energy will fix the problem at no cost to the homeowner.

Tesla Powerwall

Lift Energy also provides customers the option to install a solar backup battery courtesy of Tesla. The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery ideal for solar self-consumption, off-the-grid use, or emergency battery storage. The battery comes with 24/7 outage protection, remote access and energy management, and a 10-year equipment warranty.

Multiple Financing Options

Lift Energy provides a number of competitive financing options to help its customers take full advantage of available savings, including the federal solar tax credit and other state level tax incentives. In addition to cash purchase, which requires zero money down, the solar providers offers solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPA) as cost-effective solutions to go solar:

  • Solar Lease — Lift Energy installs and retains ownership of the solar system at no cost to the homeowner; the homeowner pays a set monthly “rental” rate that is often lower than their current electricity bill. And, as Lift Energy is the system owner, the company will conduct routine maintenance for free.
  • PPA — Similar to a solar lease, a PPA places the burden of ownership (installation and maintenance costs, etc.) on the installer. The customer, meanwhile, will only pay for the energy their solar panel systems produce at an effectively lower monthly rate than their current utility bill.

24/7 Monitoring

Through Lift Energy’s partnership with Enphase (a leading solar inverter manufacturer), the company provides round-the-clock monitoring of every solar energy system its technicians install. Through the user-friendly mobile app, customers can track the overall status of their solar panel array:

  • Daily amount of kilowatt-hours produced and consumed
  • Solar backup battery storage
  • Performance of individual solar panels

With so much useful information readily available, customers can have full confidence that their system is performing as advertised.


The Bad

  • Limited National Reach
  • No Solar Loan
  • No Known Certifications

Limited National Reach 

Unfortunately, Lift Energy only appears to be available in Utah and California, two of the most competitive states in the solar industry market. With hundreds of solar installers and contractors vying for contracts in these two states, standing out can be a difficult task especially for local companies with a small national footprint. One of the most effective ways for small solar providers to distinguish themselves from the competition is by leveraging verified reviews from actual customers. Until then, companies like Lift Energy may have difficulty competing with national brands.

No Solar Loan

Lift Energy does not appear to have a solar loan program or partnership in place. Solar loans can be an effective means of financing a solar panel system (and therefore take full advantage of the federal solar tax credit) without the burden of an upfront cost worth tens of thousands of dollars.

No Known Certifications

Although Lift Energy has been in business since 2015, the company does not appear to hold any industry-recognized certifications or partnerships either from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) or the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The SEIA is a nonprofit that promotes solar adoption from a policy and legislative standpoint, while the NABCEP supports solar providers by defining best industry practices and educating solar installers on the latest technologies and industry standards.

Although the omission of these certifications does not imply poor quality in a company, they can help set companies apart in the minds of customers searching for the best solar company in their area.


The Bottom Line

For solar customers living in either California or Utah, Lift Energy provides a wide variety of solar energy solutions. Customers can invest in solar for zero money down through cash purchase, lease, or PPA. In addition to solar panels, the company also provides solar battery storage to help further maximize savings.

However, Lift Energy is not widely available. With pending verified Lift Energy reviews and industry certifications, the company has some further ground to cover in terms of standing out. If you’re interested in going solar, Lift Energy could be a solid choice, but further investigation could be required before making a final decision.

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Eirlene Clovis, CA

After tons of solar ppl at our doors, I felt most comfortable & confident with Lift. Cameron & Conner made the transition so smooth & it wasn’t a sales pitch, it was common sense & a no brainer to go with Lift Energy. Save money, they take care of the panels, great customer! Plus the installers were amazing as well...great company & proud to refer my friends. Thank you Cameron & Conner for getting the ball rolling & saving us money!!

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Todd Snelson Yucaipa, CA

I would not recommend using Lyft Energy or Lumio, signed a contract for Solar panels and Roof work, just days before work was to start they raise the price $10,000 with no explanation

1 year ago

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Jason Highsmith Austin, TX

Bad company, does installs without permits. Also doesn’t pay anyone that works for them. Steer clear from lift energy

1 year ago

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Realtor Amy Garcia Victorville, CA

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! They did not install the 200watt electrical panel as they informed us and after installation they said they job was done theres is nothing they can do. We planned on doing pool and jacuzzi and we ordered extra panels for this reason so now we are stuck with all these panels to do nothing with them because we only have a 100 watt electrical panel. When we called the rep said she had gotten other callers with the same issue. ultimately when we talked to the person who was able to resolve the issue, said nothing they can do. Very disappointing when your paying over $65,000.

1 year ago