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    Satellite TV: Are You Still Here?
    With the first month of 2020 behind us, life is getting back into a rhythm. With work back to normal and life settling down after the holiday season, it is no surprise that many of us are getting back into the habit of watch...
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    Comcast Apologizes for Renaming Customer "A**hole"
    You thought Comcast simply treating you like an a**hole is rough. Cable horror stories are as pervasive as airline travel hassle stories. Everybody's got one but, of course, yours is the worst. ...
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    Cine Sony and getTV Will Come with Dish Network Packages
    Satellite and cable monthly fees are expected to keep rising next year but, at least in the case of Dish, you may get something in return. Tom Troy, senior vice president of distribution at Sony Pictures Television's U.S. net...
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    TruTV Will Reduce Ads by 43%, Should You Subscribe or Go for Streaming TV?
    Ever heard of the term "cord cutter?" Cord cutters are increasingly common, so much that they have become a threat to cable TV companies. They're a threat because they're choosing to "cut the cord" (the cable) and put their&...
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    AT&T, DirecTV Heading to Court over Allegations of Race Discrimination
    After DirecTV was purchased by AT&T earlier this year, an organization representing African-American controlled media conglomerates claims the two companies explicitly refused to offer customers programming from any Afri...
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    Dish Network Keeps CBS Alive during Talks
    After threatening to blackout all network programming on Dish Network if a deal wasn't reached by Thursday, it looks as though CBS will continue to be broadcast to the more than 14 million Dish subscribers while negotiations...
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    Comcast waits on FCC regarding Time Warner acquisition
    After suspending its review of Comcast's acquisition of Time Warner Cable, the United States Federal Communications Commission has decided to restart the process, meaning that Time Warner Cable may be no more in the near fut...
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    Dish Network customers may lose top network Thursday
    It's no secret that problems between television service providers and networks are becoming more and more frequent as the years progress. And unfortunately for those who chose to get their television programming from Dish Ne...
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    How AT&T's Acquisition Will Affect DirecTV
    On May 20th, AT&T agreed to purchase America's leading satellite television provider, DirecTV. AT&T is buying DirecTV to the tune of $67 billion dollars (including the $19 billion debt carried by DirecTV). Surely the...
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    Price Increase For Satellite Customers
    The cost of television services for DirecTV customers will possibly see an increase in 2014. It would not be that surprising, seeing as prices for DirecTV have steadily gone up every year for the last decade. The price incre...
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