Changes Coming to Satellite TV Pricing in 2020

Guest Post by Alexandra Arcand

Satellite TV is a popular choice for many people. It offers a wide range of channels, cool add ons, bundles, and packages to fit almost any budget. But with the new year here, and with television companies changing constantly, there are always changes coming to cable and satellite bills. So let’s take a look at what to expect when it comes to changes in satellite TV prices in 2020.

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Overall package price increases

Dish is one of the two largest names in satellite TV. The company has already announced prices will be raised in 2020. Dish’s package prices will increase by about $5.00 per month across the board.

  • Welcome Pack — from $29.99 to $34.99 
  • Flex Pack — from $37.99 to $42.99 
  • Smart Pack — from $35.99 to $40.99 
  • Dish America Pack — from $52.99 to $57.99 
  • Dish America Silver Package — from $67.99 to $72.99 
  • America’s Top 120 Package — from $67.99 to $72.99
  • America’s Top 120 Plus Package — from $72.99 to $77.99 
  • America’s Top 200 Package — from $82.99 to $87.99 
  • America’s Top 250 Package — from $92.99 to $97.99 
  • America’s Everything Package — from $117.99 to $122.99

Note: These package price increases do not include the $12 per month optional fee to add local channels in your package.

DirecTV (now owned by AT&T) is the other big name and will also be increasing prices, though its raises are more spread out. Depending on the package you have, you may see your price go up anywhere from $1.00–$8.00 per month.

  • Basic Choice and Basic Packages — $1.00 
  • Preferred Choice Package — $3.00 
  • Select, Select Classic, Select Choice, Entertainment, and Entertainment Classic Packages — $4.00 
  • Choice, Total Choice, Total Choice Limited, and Total Choice Mobile Packages — $5.00 
  • Choice Xtra Classic, Preferred Xtra, Xtra, and Ultimate Packages — $7.00 
  • Premier Package — $8.00 

Satellite TV is reportedly being raised due to price increases of programming on the providers’ ends.

Add-on package prices may be raised

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If you are a Dish subscriber or you plan on becoming one, note that some of the company's packages may require an add-on fee for certain channels. Dish is creating a regional sports surcharge, which will be an additional fee to certain regions. No price for this has been disclosed; we only know Dish has announced the surcharge. 

Much like Dish’s sports package add on, DirecTV will also be increasing its sports package extras pricing. Depending on the package you choose, you may see a price increase anywhere from $1.50–$2.00. 

Deals could save you from price increases

Satellite TV prices aren’t going the other direction. If you are considering satellite TV or other options, some companies will lock in your price for a set amount of time. This can give you the chance to get a lower price than current customers, and the ability to keep that price for the contracted period.

Dish is offering huge savings to new customers in the coming year. All of its “America’s Top” packages are cut by at least $15.00 for new customers, and the price is guaranteed for two years. However, the prices do not include taxes, and there is a fee for early termination before the end of the two-year contract. So be sure to do the math.

DirecTV was not as forthcoming with its deals for new customers in the coming year, but it is offering the NFL Sunday Ticket for 2020 with the purchase of any of its packages starting with the Choice package. To get this deal, you must sign a 24-month contract, and the offer is only good for 12 months.

Discounts may apply

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If you fall into categories below, there’s a chance you’ll be able to save and get some extra perks. These offers are exclusive to Dish Network. AT&T does not offer deals on satellite TV alone. It only offer discounts when customers purchase a bundle.

Military and first responders

If you or a family member are one of the brave men and women who currently serve or have served in our military, a firefighter, police officer, or a paramedic, Dish has a discount for you. 

For active-duty military, veterans, or first responders, Dish gives its “Stars and Stripes” bundle, which includes eight extra channels to your package at no additional cost. This package also includes a free movie rental each month on Dish. You can choose any one of its on-demand movies to rent for free once a month. 

This offer also includes a two-year price guarantee and a DVR upgrade, allowing you to store and stream shows right on your phone.


For customers 55+, Dish offers a deal with free in-home technician visits, a free movie rental each month from its on-demand movie list, and the option to add the “Stars and Stripes” bundle for only $10 per month.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to watching your favorite movies and shows, but if you are considering satellite TV or are a current customer, these price changes and potential savings are what you should expect in 2020.

Alexandra Arcand writes for and is an avid, movie, television, and sports lover.

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