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Last Updated: January 19th, 2021

Satellite TV

Satellite TV users: listen up!

With all of the streaming options for viewing your favorite shows, satellite TV providers may become a thing of the past. Expensive contracts mean a two-year commitment and taking out a payday loan just to pay your bill.

We all know satellite dishes are aesthetically unattractive, and there is also the risk of having one improperly installed, which leads to potential damage to your home. Everyone who has ever used satellite TV knows that with satellites, there is always the risk of poor reception or signal loss from bad weather, sunspots, or the dog barking too loudly (you get the point). To those who want what they want, when they want it, satellite TV can be incredibly inconvenient.

But it’s probably not your only option in 2020. With so many other viewing options right at your fingertips, attaching a dish to the house is probably unnecessary. You can watch most of your favorite shows on-demand, through live TV streaming, and other options.

Maybe high-speed internet isn’t an option for you just yet. Maybe you live in an area where it makes more sense to have satellite TV. Maybe you’re just old school and uneasy about separating from a satellite dish. If you find yourself in one of these scenarios, it’s still important that you do your homework first. Choose your satellite provider carefully and be sure to read the fine print on any contracts before you sign.

As if those reasons weren’t enough, here are three other reasons why it may be time to switch your satellite provider in 2020.

Streaming is the new wave

Why wait to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows when you can stream them on your phone, tablet, laptop, gaming system, or TV? On-demand providers are the new wave, and they’re here to stay. You can watch all of your favorite cable network shows, movie channels, and sports networks on your cell phone by simply downloading an app. Gone are the days of cables and boxes connected to your TV.

We live in a culture of instant gratification. Entertainment is at your fingertips now more than ever. What better way to find it than having 24-hour instant access to shows, specials, and series? Services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix are all on-demand streaming services that charge fees for instant access. In general, the fees are less than satellite providers and they don’t require a contract. You can cancel at literally any time. 

But let’s say you’re a sports fan and the idea of giving up live sports just sends shivers down your spine. Or maybe you just like the hum of a show and commercials in the background for whatever reason. If that’s the case, then there’s an option for you as well. 

Services like YouTubeTV, Sling, and DirecTV Now all allow you to stream live TV to your streaming devices through your ISP’s in-home Wi-Fi connection. No cords, no boxes, and no contracts! 

But if this is the route you want to take, your internet service and speeds can make or break your decision. Investigate your satellite internet service before canceling your satellite service entirely. Your connection will have to support your streaming services, and if you don’t have adequate download speeds, your shows will be constantly buffering.

Each streaming service will recommend certain broadband connections to support their particular service. Without the connection support, you might be better off staying with your satellite provider.

Satellite TV is being replaced in many places by on-demand streaming. Between relying on the perfect weather, contract restrictions, and needing the satellites in space to line up appropriately, it is quickly becoming the antique edition of entertainment options.

Less equipment means less hassle

Satellite TV comes with all kinds of wires, cables, boxes, dishes, and a headache to boot. From the waiting list for installation to the installation fees, it can be quite the hassle. 

Installation requires a professional to come and mount equipment safely and securely to your house, either on the roof, decking, or another high point with no obstructions that may diminish quality.

There may still be a lag time with satellite TV even without obstructions, while on-demand streaming relies solely on your internet connection. 

Having said that, with streaming there’s always the nasty issue of buffering. We have all been glued to the TV with our favorite show, right at the good part, and the screen freezes with those three dots blinking that signal buffering. No option is without its flaws.

Smart TVs come with on-demand streaming ready to use. HD TVs are ready to hook up to a Roku, Fire TV Stick, or gaming system with on-demand streaming apps already available. 

Computers and laptops can travel with you wherever you go with your shows at your fingertips. With a few tools that you can hook up or download on your own, it’s a simple solution to the problems of satellite TV.

It all boils down to cost

Rumor has it that the cost of satellite TV is going to increase in 2020 due to an increase in costs to the providers. Dish and DIRECTV, two of the largest providers, have both announced price increases for satellite TV in 2020. The increases may also impact add-on packages. 

If you are a current satellite TV user looking for a discount, contact your provider and ask about new package prices. Then call the competition and compare packages and prices. Be sure to ask about discounts they may be promoting for new customers. There may be discounts on bundles or a discount on your overall monthly bill.

In the end, the options are limitless!

Gone are the days of having one means of entertainment. We don’t have to choose between a couple of providers and just suck it up while they take what they want from our wallets and limit our options. You’re in control now more than ever. So get informed, and let the watching commence!

Robyn Flint writes and researches for Loans.org and loves to binge-watch the latest ground-breaking series. Robyn is a licensed Realtor, a freelance writer, and a published author.

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