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Insight Pest Solutions focuses on eliminating unwanted pests but in a way that keeps homes, families, and pets safe. With Insight Pest Solutions, customers can gain peace-of-mind knowing that their home is free from ants, spiders, roaches, mice, bees and wasps. The company hires licensed technicians and encourages them to continue their pest educations by attending the Insight University. Each tech is trained to find safe and effective pest solutions in a variety of situations. 

Insight Pest Solutions has an A+ rating with the Better Business Beauru (BBB) and is a part of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), Pest Management Professional (PMP), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Read our Insight Pest Control reviews (below) to learn more about this pest control company.

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The Good

  • Current and New Customer Coupons
  • Five Guarantees
  • Extra Pest Control Programs

Current and New Customer Coupons

Insight Pest Solutions clients should check out Insight’s coupon page, to see if there are any deals to apply to their service. If a coupon has a green check mark on it, Insight will allow customers to combine the coupon with other offers. 

For example, Insight offers new customers $45 off termite monitoring (when combined with the general pest control plan). Current customers have the same coupon, but it cannot be applied with other offers. 

Customers can also fill out a short survey providing feedback about their technician and their experience with Insight Pest Solutions. They are then entered in the companies quarterly raffle for an iPad Mini or a year of free pest control. 

Five Guarantees

Insight Pest Solutions offers its customers five guarantees:

  1. Pricing Guarantee: Insight Pest Solution aims to help customers get the best price possible. 
  2. Contact Guarantee: Insight’s promise to respond promptly and politely, as well as to not repeatedly call or share clients personal information.
  3. Re-Treatment Guarantee: If customers have pest issues between quarterly visits, Insight Pest Solutions will perform a re-treatment for free.
  4. Smile Guarantee: Every technician will greet customers with a smile.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee: If Insight Pest Solutions has performed two re-treatments between their regular visits and interior pests are still not controlled, Insight will credit customers back their last payment. 

Extra Pest Control Programs

Insight Pest Solutions provides treatments and pest control solutions for the most common pest problems in its regular pest control plan. However, depending on the location, Insight does offer the following add-on programs customers can purchase to target specific issues:

  • Termite Monitoring
  • Moisture Control
  • Mole Remediation
  • German Cockroaches
  • Mosquito Reduction
  • Ticks and Fleas
  • Rat Control
  • Stink Bugs
  • Fire Ants

The Bad

  • Negative Reviews
  • Undisclosed Information
  • Services Not Available in All States

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews for Insight reveal that customers are unhappy with the company as many felt they were tricked into signing a contract and did not receive the promised quality services. Homeowners also mentioned that the pest control products were ineffective and did not get rid of their problem pests. 

A few other reviews mention a cancellation fee that caught a few homeowners off guard. While a cancellation fee is not uncommon within the industry, it is something that the sales rep should be transparent about. Canceling your contract with Insight may cost you at least $100. 

Undisclosed Information

For its general pest control program, Insight Pest Solutions offers little information about the plan. The website says the pest control plan covers common ants, spiders, wasps, roaches, and mice, customers can expect an initial treatment followed by quarterly services and a quote can be estimated in as little as two minutes over the phone. While the information is there, it is vaguely described. The site advises customers to call for further details. 

Services Not Available in All States

Insight Pest Solutions only offers its pest solutions to 17 states and to ensure customers are getting the right pest control for their area the company advises potential customers to visit the page for the branch nearest their home. 

  • Colorado
    • Colorado Springs
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
    • Fort Lauderdale
  • Idaho
    • Boise
    • Eastern Idaho
  • Illinois
    • Chicago
  • Indiana
    • Indianapolis
  • Massachusetts
    • Boston
  • Minnesota
    • Minneapolis
  • Missouri
    • Kansas City
  • Nebraska
    • Omaha
  • North Carolina
    • Wilmington
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
    • Cleveland
    • Columbus
  • Pennsylvania
    • Philadelphia
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
    • Northern Virginia
    • Virginia Beach
  • Washington
    • Seattle

The Bottom Line

Insight Pest Solutions is a growing pest control provider that offers a variety of pest services and add-on products. The company focuses on customer service and aims to control pest problems in an effective and timely manner all while keeping families and pets safe from potential health threats and diseases. However, Insight Pest Solutions could provide a little more information about its general pest control plan. This will help customers decide if Insight Pest Solutions is right for them.

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September 26th, 2017

Mike H came and helped us out today...very helpful and have me tips on what I can do to help keep the pest away. He also double check to make sure he did what he needed to do and if I'm satisfied before he left.



September 1st, 2017 Milwaukee, WI

1st time application I stii have bee problem I call they come back still have bee problem. I call to cancel and they want another 210$ this company is a ripoff. I should pay them $300 for not delivering as promised?



August 29th, 2017

Mike H and Patt M were out today and did a phenomenal job at our property. Very professional and through.


Mike C Powell

August 29th, 2017

Deceptive sales pitch Penalty to Cancel is outrageous.


Gina Ricca

August 28th, 2017

Horrible company to deal with. Like many other reviews say, their door to door salesmen lie and they use dishonest sales tactics. I paid in full for the first service call then cancelled because I still had bug issues and their competitors were much cheaper. Was hounded by the company that I owed them $130 for the discounted service for the 3 additional treatments. They reduced the amount to $70 but they kept changing their stories after they told my husband there will no longer be balance. They have an issue dealing with woman too. I paid more than adequate compensation for the one treatment I received $130 but they still wanted the total to be $200 for one treatment. Reported them to the BBB after the lies and harassment and finally made an offer to pay them $35 which was 1/4 of the discounted amount which they refused to accept. This company must be desperate to come after me for an additional $70 and threatened to take it to collections agency. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!



August 19th, 2017

they come to your house with the same story.. all your neighborhoods are using our company... the salesperson is very polite.. explains about pest.. ok but they never say is a one year contract until you pay and recieve the email confirmation and nothing you can do because if you want to cancel you have to pay a lot.. so Im stuck with them but NOT happy... I'm even seeing more ants and spiders than before!!! and roaches I'm starting to see them...... So what did I pay for????



August 16th, 2017 Smithfield, VA

Terrible company to work with. Had technicians come an spray and pest problem did not resolve. Tried canceling service and was told we owe them money to cancel. This was not told to us when we signed up and was misleading since they had said we can cancel any time if we were not happy with the service.


Larry Huffman

August 5th, 2017

Mike H. Was a delight to have service our home. His skill and knowledge of our situation was great. I would recommend them to anyone.


Mary Frances Edmonds

August 3rd, 2017 Tulsa, OK

I wanted a local company for pest control. The guys who actually come to your house are very nice and professional. They are not a local company though and the service from the back office is terrible; whenever you need to talk to them you get a "crackly" call center, indifferent experience. I have cancelled my contract and will never use them again.


Judith Knoll

August 1st, 2017

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!First, the strong arm techniques implemented by this company should have been a red flag. I was a sucker. The application of their material to exterior was applied by 2 guys who looked like they were high school drop outs. When the work was appalling, I was not able to dispute the charge. After about 1 year I have been sent to collections. Awesome American Business Practices!! NOT!!



July 26th, 2017 Meridian, ID

Izzack said that the company was doing a special of $30 off the price, but ended up charging $20 off the price instead.


Pat Gott

July 20th, 2017 Manchester, CT

Logan came to our door on Monday and he was so knowledgeable - , explained thoroughly about the pests we have. The price was right and we're excited about getting rid of mice and ants! Paul C. and Kemar M. performed our first service today and my husband and I are very satisfied with them - both so polite, quick, clean, experienced in their job.


Nicky W

July 12th, 2017

They came out and treated my home for the earwigs and spiders. I had an issue with some more coming back out and Insight Pest Solutions quickly came out and addressed the issue. I would recommend.


Jesse John Herrera

July 1st, 2017

I am absolutely disappointed in the way Massey Services and Insight Pest Control handled a mistake on our bill. My wife has tried to rectify the issue since April (3 months) and that is unacceptable and highly disappointing. We liked the service they provided when we started and due to the in actions of their customer service department, it has ruined their customer service reputation. My wife had proven time and time again with emails and documentation that the $102.00 was a mistake and it took them until 6/30/2017 to remove it. That's not customer service, that's disrespecting your clients who have been a loyal customer. Why did it take so long? Was it because we decided to cancel the account that you decided to take action … bad on you! WE will take our business elsewhere. Thank you! Highly disappointed, Jesse John Herrera


Donna Flanagan

June 27th, 2017

I'm very pleased with their service. Their technicians are efficient and friendly and professional. So far I have dealt with Steve and Kyle. I was a shored that if I needed any insight health services they would also serve as the inside when they come to service the outside of the house. And they followed through with that assurance.


Jennifer Paredes

June 22nd, 2017 Livingston, NJ

I just got scammed by these guys not even an hour ago. Lovely young man at my door selling services. He talked it up, made small talk in between, made my appointment. Lied TO MY FACE. He said I'd be getting a service for $129. Gave him my credit card and his story was "can you just read it to me, it's easier for me" so I did. See, they never actually touch your card so you can't say they possessed it. La dee dah, I signed and he said he'd email me my receipt. Look at the receipt and it says I just signed up for a YEAR LONG SERVICE, which "Taylor" never mentioned. I signed it. I'm stuck. The receipt says specifically "this is not a one time service. It's a year long service." It also says that if I cancel before the year, they have a right to keep that first payment of $129. Yeah I'm stupid. Oh and I called immediately to cancel and surprise surprise, has to leave a message. And boy, did I. Chalking this up to a $129 lesson but they messed with the wrong person. Social media will bury you.


al stephens

June 18th, 2017

This a company that apparently knows no boundaries as far as obtaining clients!! They help themselves by soliciting others in gated communities who have not called them when they are called to service one client!! Even after being told that they are in violation of the rules of the association, they continue their trespassing behavior!!!



June 8th, 2017 Pardeeville, WI

Had a tech come out, great guy explained everything so well it made me at ease. thanks so much JIMMY B.


Jose Flores

April 5th, 2017

I entered a contract with them about 1 year ago. I'm writing this about 5 months after canceling my contract. They send college students door to door for sales, promise total control with no cost re treatments if needed. However, their service is much less than desired, their re treatment in my case (for ant control) made no impact. I suppose I could have kept recalling them, but truthfully it was more efficient to exit their contract and get a real pest control company to come out.Their contract works annually and is payable in quarters. The salesman told me I could cancel anytime after the second quarter if I was not happy without penalty. Since they don't disclose their contract cancellation policy at signing, it cost me $150 to end my contract after the second quarter. I signed for the contract on an tablet the salesman carries, it provided no information on contract policy cancellation.When I canceled they sent me a copy of my contract with large box next to my signature detailing the penalty for early cancellation (that detail was not there when I signed, clearly it was added after I signed). I give them a 1/10 rating because I did notice a decrease in ants (though not to extent promised), but in my opinion they use false advertising techniques, don't disclose their contract in order to mislead customers and so I think it's just short of scam. Beware of this company. I would recommend staying away.



March 16th, 2017

Do not use this company. Stay totally away from them. Terrible communications and customer service. They trap you into 4 services even if you are not happy with them. Dominique was the only bright spot of this company. She always was polite, curious and friendly when she came out.


Tim Rocky JJ

December 27th, 2016

It is a big scam. I was told I could cancel service if I do not like it. I had very bad experience on the 2nd service because the guy came in did not do the job in the agreement and so rush to leave. When I discontinued my service, they charged me the cancellation fees twice as much as the service fees.


H W Beckley

November 2nd, 2016 Danville, IN

Like many other reviews on the internet, the 1st visit is the only one they care about. After that they drive by and may put a sticker on your door saying they were there. 1 year later I have as many if not more ants. I called them back for multiple resprays and still have an ant problem. After my 1 year contract was fulfilled, they came by one more time and tried to bill me for it. Turns out their "policy" is ongoing and NEVER expires once you sign up. Regardless of original contract length. So, I am now on a mission to WARN EVERYONE I CAN...DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!



September 17th, 2016 Gainesville, VA

First two times I had to call them back.second time they said they put glandular down and there was no evidents.told me that it dissolved .That's funny fist time it rained three days strait and it was still on ground. Cancelled it next day.I don't have time for their bullshi . Do not use them unless you got money to through out the door.



August 25th, 2016

Door to door sales convinced my wife to use the company. BBB seemed to have very good rating so I went with them. The first visit was very good, but the second one not so much. They messed up the deck by spraying on the wood made ugly stains. The company didn't offer proper fix but sent one nice lady to manually wash the stain off without succeeding. Now I have to refinish the wood.


lonniesha W

March 29th, 2016 Concord, NC

only giving a one because they customer service act like they was very helpful. the first time i called customer service told me i can get someone to treat my apartment the same day. micheal luisa told me he couldnt treat it because he had other appointments and that i would need to reschedule a treatment. when scheduling a treatment i spoke to queene and she told me she would have someone come out that saturday. i called friday the customer service person told me i didnt have and appointment saturday and that she would set it on the 15th of march. on the 15th of march i got an called from oneday saying that they would have to reschedule because the tech quit that day. i fuss then they send out micheal luisa who first did the inspection. micheal treated my room, the living room, the kitchen and the launry room charging the laundry the kitchen and the living room as one room which was the total of 400.00 and stated to me that he would be back in 2 weeks to check. i called 3 weeks later and they told me that they stated in my inspection paper saying they are not coming back out. what company treat a place and not check on their work. dont go to them if you have bed bugs. micheal didnt even know anything about bedbugs dogs being apart of inspections. they did not tell me that they would not come back out


Heidi Elliott

February 18th, 2016 Tacoma, WA

I have used this company for about four years now at two separate homes. I have always been very pleased with their professionalism, their knowledge base of the insects that are living in our area and how to get rid of them safely. They are willing to come back out and re treat if necessary but it usually is not ever needed. Great company.