While the company started as a small family business in the 1930s, CenturyLink has eventually become a household name in the ISP industry.

CenturyLink has a history of acquiring other companies to increase its nationwide reach. These expansion efforts led CenturyLink to become the third largest telecommunications company in the United States. It serves all 50 states with its extensive fiber-optic internet networks and DSL service.

CenturyLink offers Price for Life plans that don't have a contract and boast download speeds as high as 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps). Customers can choose plans that have a data cap of 300 GB or plans with unlimited data.

Recently, CenturyLink has expanded even further to offer entertainment like Century Prism and DirecTV service. If you're interested in purchasing phone or TV service in addition to internet, you can bundle services to save money. 

CenturyLink strives for great customer service to help each of its customers have a unique, positive experience.

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The Good

  • Fast Speed Available
  • Contract-Free Price for Life Plans
  • No Overage Charges
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Fast Speed Available

CenturyLink offers a wide range of internet speeds for its customers. These speeds are specific to an exact location and vary depending on the area, but they are typically among the higher speeds in the industry. In some areas, customers can have a download speed of up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) in major cities with fiber-optic availability. This top possible speed is one of the fastest internet speeds available on the market, especially compared to the available speeds from other broadband providers. 

Upload speeds range between 256 kbps and 5 Mbps. If you need a high-speed internet connection, check with CenturyLink customer service to see what is available in your zip code.

Contract-Free Price for Life Plans

Like most ISPs, CenturyLink offers packages based on speed. You can determine what works for you based on the devices you'll use and the number of people in your household.

If you sign up for internet service online, CenturyLink offers four plans that don't require a contract in most states. The rates for these plans won't rise if you keep the plan without making any changes (like an address change):

  • 20 Mbps — $45 per month
  • 40–80 Mbps — $55 per month
  • 100–140 Mbps — $65 per month
  • Fiber Internet 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) — $65 per month

You probably won’t need a contract, because CenturyLink can typically offer its packages on a month-to-month basis. You don't need to worry about pricing increases, an early termination fee, or rate changes. 

CenturyLink provides reliable internet for a home Wi-Fi network. The company also offers good internet security and backup services with its internet packages through Norton by Symantec. 

Making payments each month for internet is easy to do through an online CenturyLink user account.

No Overage Charges

You may have to watch out for CenturyLink's data caps; it's something that a few CenturyLink customers complain about.

CenturyLink sets limits for how much of the internet its customers can use in any given month, which is 1 TB. This is a generous amount of data, so most customers won't surpass it. Internet service providers do this to try to control the available speeds for all of their customers and make sure the system functions properly, but it can be a drawback if you use up a lot of data.

CenturyLink customers who exceed their data limits will not be required to pay an overage charge. If you eat up too much data, you'll receive a notice. CenturyLink might slow your service down.

24/7 Technical Support

The company offers 24/7 technical support, which is very convenient. If a customer is not satisfied with the services they receive from CenturyLink, they are protected with a thirty-day, money-back guarantee.

Be aware that some customers complain of poor customer support. Reviewers note that phone communication with CenturyLink takes a long time, and technician visits are sometimes missed and rescheduled. This is a frequent complaint in the ISP industry. Test out your commununication with a customer service rep through your preferred method of contact to get an idea of the average wait time and quality of response.

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The Bad

  • Variable Speed Availability
  • Variable Price for Life Availability
  • Additional Fees
  • Customer Complaints

Variable Speed Availability

Not all of CenturyLink’s plan options and speeds may be available in your area. Fiber is typically available in select urban locations.

It is easy to view plans that are available in your area on CenturyLink’s website. Rural areas are more likely to have access to DSL service and slower speeds.

Variable Price for Life Availability

The CenturyLink Price for Life guarantee isn't available in all 50 states. Check to see if CenturyLink allows a package with a Price for Life guarantee in your area.

Additional Fees

CenturyLink charges additional fees for the following:

  • Modem rental — $10 per month or ~$150 one-time purchase
  • Installation — $125

The modem one-time purchase cost varies but is no higher than $150. Be sure to ask what the cost would be to you if you purchased it one-time versus paying an extra $10 monthly rental fee.

Some areas may have an option for self-installation, which is free.

If your plan with CenturyLink is based on a contract agreement, then you may be subject to an early termination fee if you end the contract early.

Customer Complaints

Customers complain about a variety of issues with CenturyLink, including poor customer service, connection issues, and connection speeds lower than their advertised plans. Be aware that most internet providers have similar complaints.

The Bottom Line

In recent years, CenturyLink has become one of the biggest broadband ISPs in the country. Its broadband internet service is available in all 50 states. But be warned: each specific address has different high-speed availability.

One perk of CenturyLink is that the service is month-to-month without a contract. This gives customers more flexibility.

Before signing up for CenturyLink, be sure to pay attention to additional fees — setup and equipment — and the offerings available in your area. As with any internet service provider, read the terms and conditions before signing up for service.

Overall, CenturyLink provides quality service with affordable prices. Potential customers should consider CenturyLink when choosing an internet provider.

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Aaron Runkle

June 14th, 2017 Columbia City, IN

good luck trying to use their website to pay your bill, or good luck calling customer service to try to get any relevant done to your account such as changing accounts. Its an absolute joke.


Michael Lyman

June 13th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

CenturyLink is awful internet, I would only use it as a last resort. They are super cheap, but from my experience, the internet is super slow and drops a lot. Their customer service is not helpful and seemingly always in a bad mood. I happily left them for better service.


Breanna Jones

June 13th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

Century Link has been reliable internet for me. After my 12-month promotional pricing ended my price increased almost double and I called and they gave me a new even better price. I feel like I never have problems with their service. Customer service is a pain to call. You have to go through so many automated voice menus to actually talk to a real person. That is my only complaint.


Doyal Stewart

June 12th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I absolutely hate CenturyLink. Every month I had some kind of issue with my bill and would have to wait on the line for forever. Their internet was so bad, I had to call all the time to try and figure out what was wrong with it. It was extremely frustrating. I was so glad when I moved to a place that had better options than just CenturyLink.


Christopher Haueter

June 6th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

Century link has definitely been one of the better internet providers that I have experienced. They aren't the best though. Luckily you can find them anywhere and the prices are about as good as any other place.


Benjamin Tetteh

June 6th, 2017

I have been with centurylink for about two years and their Internet services is sub-par. Yesterday I was in middle of my school quiz and all of the Internet went. It came back 30 mins after the test. These MFs want me to pay them. Please do not make that mistake but their service suck.


Susan Stewart

June 6th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

When we had CenturyLink, our internet was always slow and down half the time. They gave really great initial prices, and they skyrocketed the price on really crappy service. I would not recommend anyone use them.


kevin tucker

June 1st, 2017

What should have been a simple transfer from one apartment to another apartment was a big mess that left me without service for a week, and several frustrating hours spent on the phone over several days with countless untrained customer service representatives. Now, two years later I am being contacted by a bill collector for a charged on a final bill on an account that Centurylink hooked up wrong and disconnected themselves by a team of specialist. Essentially I am being charged for their mistake. I contacted Centurylink to dispute the false charge and their records show the timeline of events that took place that supports my claim but the team of specialist, supervisors, and customer service representatives failed to make the proper notes and so they refuse to waive the fraudulent fee caused by their mistakes. I guess that would take another "team of specialist" to correct? NO THANKS! Not worth the headache to deal with these people EVER again! I am paying the debt on the fraudulent account in protest but I want people to be aware that Centurylink has very poor business practices.


Joshua Stewart

June 1st, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

Haven't been super impressed or unimpressed by their internet when I've hopped on.


Aubrey Rentschler

June 1st, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

Even though the Internet is cheap, it is very slow.


Jonny Hancock

June 1st, 2017 Draper, UT

Century Link promised me a lot before I signed up, but the service just didn't measure up. The internet speed was mediocre at best and it was very difficult to make payments online through Century Link's online portal. The company was somewhat difficult to deal with as well. Would not recommend.


Sheryl Wilson

June 1st, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

We had a service man come and fix our internet line. He was great and helped to get our internet running a little faster. However, he said that we would never get the fast internet speeds in our area, because CenturyLink will not put the money out to do that. He basically said if we want fast internet then we should get Comcast.


Bianca B

May 18th, 2017 Omaha, NE

stay away from this company the overcharge you double even triple what u agree on then promise to fix your bill every month after hpurs on the phone never do and when your finally over them and them scamming you they charge u for cancelling service that was never provided. stay far away from this conpany this has been the worth experience I have ever had w a company.



May 18th, 2017

If i can give less than zero rating with centuly link customer service.i would do that in daily basis.i wonder why this company is still open,consumer board need to do something about this company.very bad customer service!!!



March 20th, 2017 Lehigh Acres, FL

THEY ARE SO CORRUPT!!! SUCH LIARS!!!! They were offering an online only promotion where you sign up for 12 months with auto pay and its $35 plus tax. I have had to call every single month because the bill is over $100 every time. How is that possible?! I can't live in peace always having to call these people and fight over our bill just to get it to where it was promised. It's a part time job to be on top of them so that they don't steal your money. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!


Dan Czarnecki

March 2nd, 2017 Saint Paul, MN

In the particular location of my apartment I've lived in for half a year now, we have only 2 choices for ISPs: CenturyLink and Comcast/Xfinity. Before I got into my apartment, I briefly stayed with some friends at their place, which had CenturyLink Internet and Prism TV. Overall, I was very pleased with both of those services, so I thought why not go with them for my Internet (plus, I already had a phone jack in a convenient place in my apartment so that made the choice of going with them even better). Didn't need Prism or traditional cable TV since I don't watch too much live TV other than sports. So because of that, I have PlayStation Vue for my TV service, and I pay only $35/month for that. For the time I've had my service with CenturyLink, it has been problem free for me. The speeds I have are the fastest ones I can get in my area, that being 40 Mbps down/5 Mbps up. Wish the upload speed could be faster, but at least it's faster upload speeds than with the 20, 12, and 7 down services (all of which are a pathetic 896 Kbps up). For uploading photos it's plenty fast, but when uploading longer videos, the slower speed is definitely evident. Nothing too unbearable though. If anything, it's nice knowing that I have fairly decent speeds without the worry of having to deal with slower speeds during peak hours that users of cable Internet have to deal with. That right there is one of the many reasons I'm happy I went with CenturyLink over Xfinity as I'm sure a good majority of the tenants in my building have Xfinity for their Internet as opposed to CenturyLink. My speeds are very sufficient for my usual YouTube and Netflix streaming, and it works great with my PlayStation Vue TV service as well. As you will see in my attached image, my speeds are actually a little faster than advertised, clocking in at 45.12 Mbps for the download and 5.12 Mbps for the upload. Speed tests that I run every now and then on speedtest.net and other sites clock in a little below what my modem configuration page shows because I of course use WiFi (with an AirPort Extreme), but they're still very respectable at 42+ Mbps down and just below 5 Mbps up with anywhere from 18-20ms in terms of my ping. In the grand scheme of things, CenturyLink is great, but only if you can get their 40 down/5 up service or their gigabit fiber service if available in your area. Unfortunately, in my parts it's only available in Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs at this time, and plans for it to extend east over to St. Paul is currently unknown. Not a huge deal though, since I am very happy with my service I'm getting.



February 23rd, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

i was set up with century link for less than $50.00 a month for tv and internet my first bill come up and it was for $220.00 i call to complain about this and end up cancelling the tv service (witch it was just basic) then i was told i was gonna paid less the $40 for internet and they will fix my bill of $220.00 i just got my bill and now if for $440.00 this guys are a joke i try to canceled the service but i was told i have a contract and now ihave to pay a $200 cancellation fee plus the $440.00 that they say i owe to them i dont know what to do anymore is to much money for me im a single father and this is way to much and i dont want my credit to be ruin by this nonsence


John Tanner

November 7th, 2016 Glendale, AZ

I was a happy customer for 20 years. Today I spoke with Rosemary at the Finance Dept and was told how to behave. I have no complaint about the product, price and service all those 20 years. I am now looking for options.


Jonathan Liu

November 4th, 2016 Vancouver, WA

I was overcharged yet again. My billing has been an ongoing issue, and last month I even checked ahead of time because my account was showing a large amount due even though I should have had a credit balance due to previous overcharges. I was assured via Twitter that the credit balance was correct, and that my credit card would NOT be charged the amount shown on my account. When I got my credit card statement, I was in fact charged again--not only did I have a credit, but the amount charged was more than three times my monthly bill. When I contacted CenturyLink through Twitter again, I got a response from the same person as last time (Aaron) basically saying that, yes, it was an error, and that I need to call the financial services department to get a credit. When I complained that I should not have to spend more time on the phone getting an error fixed that he has already admitted was an error, his only remark is that I would not have to explain anything--that I could just ask for the credit, as if I could even get to a live person without giving all of my account information and personal information and a brief explanation of WHAT credit I'm referring to.


Maria crane

August 5th, 2016 Gilbert, AZ

Horrible. Worst customer service I have ever experienced from a business. Inflated bills with no explanation as to why. My bill jumped in one month from $157 to $183 and when I called to inquire as to WHY this was, I was shuffled to 4 different people, on hold for 20 minutes them lied to and told it was "taxes" . I was looking right at the bill and saw the taxes including century link fees amounted to $10.23. When I told the gal on the phone that, she said , and I quote, "well I don't know what to tell you mame". As this is not the first time this has happened with them I decided to cancel my service with the! Right then and there and go back to Cox. I was with century link for 3 years and I can tell you their service has gone down considerably. As for their actual products. Television is constantly freezing now (this was not the case in the beginning and the internet has gotten considerably slower. I believe this is being done purposely to try and bump people up to the higher priced version. We are not stupid and this is not how you treat your customers. Maybe when they lose enough business they will understand that. I, however, will never go back.


W. Bacher

July 27th, 2016 Jonesboro, AR

Have had Centurylink since April. Bundled land line, internet and TV. TV is fine due to it being DirecTV but internet and land line service is horrible. Constant service disruptions and like my situation at present they can't come out to repair for four days. I work at home so I am basically out-of-service for this period. Can't wait until AT&T gets to this area so I have a choice.


JustAnother ScammedCustomer

July 15th, 2016 Denver, CO

Internet that cuts out often, speeds that are 7-8 times worse than advertised in their plans, customer support that basically amounts to: "did you try turning it off and on again". Funny story about that, I called to question the above points which had happened to me, and they went through an hour of my time turning various things off and on again, until they put me on hold for 40 minutes to schedule a technician to my house to fix a cable they shoddily put together outside the house. Technician never came, and when I called about that they said they never had an order to send a technician ever. All in all, terrible company with terrible support. Switch to something more worth your time and money.


Michael Golden

June 29th, 2016

Bill kept going up but never got close to ad internet speed. Bye. Cellphone hotspot is 2 x as fast.



June 17th, 2016 Saint Paul, MN

Poor quality internet that frequently cuts out. Very long hold times for customer service. Frequently transferred from department to department and often disconnected when calling costumer service. Excuses excuses excuses from employees. No shame in over charging you because they don't think you will want to deal with the above noted.



May 23rd, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

BEWARE!!!!!! Century Link increases your monthly payment on a monthly basis, so if you are NOT checking your statement, you are probably getting RIPPED OFF. If you have auto pay, you NEED to check your bill every month. When we call them on a monthly basis, to get the problem solved, they have all sorts of excuses. They may lower your bill for a month and then they are back to their criminal ways again hoping you are not aware of what's going on. Our bill INCREASED by $59 this month with no warning. We get a paper statement, so we caught it once again.


ronald keller

March 19th, 2016 Orlando, FL

mediocre product rude defensive, data manipulating support staff. If ever a company deserved to be taken to account for their practices, this one does.



January 7th, 2016 Pleasant Grove, UT

Century Link was a life saver. In a world full of over over priced internet providers (I am taking about you Comcast!), Century Link provided cheap internet that fit all my needs. All I wanted was internet fast enough for streaming services like YouTube and Netflix at an affordable price. Century Link delivered. I pay less than $30 a month and have no problems streaming shows. The downside to Century Link is that you need a DSL Connection (phone line) in your house. You do not need to pay a phone bill but you do need the connection in your house. Thankfully the apartment my wife and I are in has one. I know friends of mine who pay $50-$70 for the same internet speed I get with Century Link. And I do not need to buy some stupid tv package. Why would I pay for cable tv when there is Netflix. You can't go wrong with Century Link!



December 26th, 2014 Omaha, NE

I signed up for CenturyLink in February 2014 right after moving into my Omaha apartment because the rates were competitive and the specks were comparable to COX in a very good way. I thought I was getting a steel. I quickly learned that was not the case. Upon receiving my modem, I learned that my house wasn't wired for DSL. That was fine, I called the CenturyLink help line and they told me that they would send someone out to set it up for me, I just had to make the appointment. I was transferred to the appointment line where I was told that someone could come out the next Friday (and seeing how I called on a Thursday that was an entire week away) sometime between eight and four-thirty. I said that was fine but that I worked on Friday so it would be best if they came at four and I would just get off early. I was then informed that I couldn't make an appointment for a specific time but that the tec would actually arrive sometime between eight and four-thirty. “I have work,” I said. “I can't take a whole day off just to get my internet installed.” The man told me he was sorry but that that was my only real option. I made the appointment, thanked him, hung up and promptly called COX. “If I switch my internet from CenturyLink to COX right now,” I said, “When is the soonest that you could get someone out to set it up.” “I could have someone out tomorrow.” “I work tomorrow.” “That's alright,” the man said. “I can get you an appointment for the evening. What time do you get off work?” “4:30.” “I have a slot from 5-8. Someone would arrive between then.” I took it. Immediately after I called CenturyLink to have my service cancelled. What I didn't realize was that, for whatever reason, the account wasn't closed but I didn't realize that until I got a bill in March for an internet service that I never even had. I called right away and informed them of the problem and that I wanted to have my account closed. I was told explicitly that the account had been closed but in April I received another bill, this time for twice the amount. I called CenturyLink again and asked to have the account closed. I was again told that the account was officially closed. In May I received another bill and, after a long and arduous conversation with several people bouncing me back and forth, the final person I spoke with then informed me that he would place a request for credit to have the account zeroed out. I thanked him and said I would call back to verify in a few weeks. Before I called back I received another bill, this time from a collection agency. I again called CenturyLink to inquire on the status of the credit. I was told that the paperwork had been misfiled and that this new person would file it correctly. I was again informed that the account had been zeroed out. Fast forward to December 19. I've just received my third collection call from the debt agency in charge of my apparently outstanding debt. I called CenturyLink after each agency call and was told twice that my account had been balanced out. Today I called again and was informed that, not only was the account still holding a nearly 300 dollar charge but that the credit had been denied and no one bothered to tell me. At this point, I just paid the charge because I can't believe anything else they say to me. I don't even fully believe that the account has been paid. I guess I'll find out when I get my next bill but, should that happen, I will gladly inform them that I have bank records saying that the money was withdrawn from my account. The only nice thing I have to say about CenturyLink is that the people I worked with were professional, kind and, at the very least, pretended to be helpful but that doesn't make up for the months of what essentially adds up to lies, manipulation and inflated charges (for service that I never even HAD mind). I would never, ever recommend CenturyLink and I strongly caution anyone from getting into bed with them in the future. Cassie



August 6th, 2014 Pleasant Grove, UT

The internet service is decent. We don't get as high of speeds as advertised and they play tricks after your promotional year has expired. So you have to sign up again under a new promotion to keep low prices. However, support is pretty spot on when there are issues.