6 Reasons Why Liberty Home Guard Deserves Your Business

Rochelle Burnside

Last Updated: August 19th, 2020

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The home warranty industry could use some disruption. If you’ve read our overview of one-star customer complaints for home warranty, you know that many consumers can run into some recurring issues. A stagnant industry lets companies resist change to the detriment of their clients. That’s why an innovative competitor can refresh our expectations for home warranty providers — and that’s where Liberty Home Guard comes in.

Based in New York, the company serves 37 states and boasts a network of over 10,000 service technicians. LHG offers an array of main plans with optional add-ons. Sounds like your typical home warranty company, right?

Not exactly.

Liberty Home Guard is daring to do a few things differently. We’ve talked with the founders of LHG, Benjamin Joseph and David Moreno, about how they run their company and why it makes a difference.

LHG will work with you even if your claim isn’t covered

Over half of our one-star reviews in the home warranty industry cite denied claims; some warranty providers seek every opportunity to avoid helping you. “We simply offer our customers as much savings as possible, whether a claim is covered or not covered under the policy,” explain Moreno and Joseph via email. “We do not turn our customers away like most other companies, even if a claim is deemed to not be covered. Most other companies do not offer this value-add since they are likely concerned about the overhead and call/work volume that would be correlated with such an offering.”

Some warranty companies pepper their fine print with several circumstances for denying a claim, which can lead to false expectations for customers. Conversely, LHG finds reasons to help customers even if their claims are denied.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager through Liberty

Lots of warranty providers pass you between customer service associates. You spend time repeating your situation to each employee, none of them able to get the full picture. LHG is doing things differently. “In most cases, customers will be assigned a dedicated account manager and an ancillary team to provide customer support,” Joseph and Moreno tell us. “This ensures that we have a strong rapport with and understanding of our customers.”

Positive reviewers note that they like having a dedicated support agent who follows up and serves them through the duration of issue.

LHG Review

Liberty Home Guard intensively vets its technicians — and treats them well

You’ll also hear disgruntled home warranty customers complain that their technicians made the problem worse. To save on costs, some warranty providers contract entry-level technicians who are building their clientele. But the better practice for companies is to vet their technicians and hire the best.

“We perform a multivariate analysis before onboarding any technicians,” say Moreno and Joseph. They explain their process, which begins by programmatically analyzing a potential technician’s digital footprint, looking for any legal issues or bad reviews. Then, LHG interviews contractors, assessing their experience and industry knowledge while analyzing their fit. Approved techs will sign a vendor agreement including rules and regulations, one of which being that they must submit their proof of insurance and licensure.

And once a technician is on board, they can expect timely compensation: “We pay our technicians same day for their services. . . . We believe that paying technicians promptly — technicians that are by and large small business proprietors — is both the right thing to do and is good business, as it attracts a higher caliber of technician to our network.”

LHG makes claim processing easy

If you’re worried about confusing phone trees or long wait times, Liberty Home Guard has you covered. “All our representatives are based in the United States,” the LHG founders note. “In addition, while our competitors have wait times that can approach an hour, our wait times are virtually never more than a few minutes. We believe our team is of the highest caliber in the industry, bar none. We heavily leverage technology and have an automated triage approach for claim intake, where we will do our best to help our customers self-resolve issues before charging them deductibles and assigning technicians.” Or, if a phone call isn’t your thing, LHG has you covered, too. 

You can manage your account online and on the go

Liberty Home Guard has a mobile friendly platform to file claims and manage your account. “We view a mobile-friendly (on a browser) platform as the best and most convenient way for users to interact with Liberty Home Guard.”

With some warranty providers, you’d only have the option of calling in. Thankfully, Liberty understands that twenty-first century convenience depends on having a range of ways to contact a company: “Customers do respond positively to the option to manage their account online and through their mobile devices. Ultimately, the more intelligent options we can provide our customers, the more likely we are to suit the diverse set of needs and desires that exist across our customer base.”

You won’t be left hanging if a technician is on the way

Communication between a client, their home warranty company, and the technician sometimes breaks down through the claim process. But Liberty Home Guard has seen this concern with the unhappy customers of other warranty providers, and they’ve created a process to mitigate missed or cancelled tech appointments: “When servicing a claim, we take several added measures to ensure that communication does not break down after a technician is assigned.”

Joseph and Moreno explained to us that the LHG team sends SMS and email reminders to clients with contact information for the assigned tech. You aren’t left in the dark wondering who is coming to assess your situation.

Do your homework and see if Liberty Home Guard if the right fit for you

Both our team at Best Company and the founders of Liberty Home Guard agree that customer reviews are important. “Make sure the company does not have a lot of negative reviews,” warn Moreno and Joseph. 

But it’s also important that you find a warranty provider that’s licensed: “Even if you are not in a state that requires licensure, ask if the company is licensed in a state that does, and if the company says they are, ask them for their license number or how it can be proven.” This will require a little work on your part, but using these tips to find the right home warranty company for you can go a long way.

It's worth studying up on Liberty Home Guard, a company that works to build positive customer experiences and earn your business. Liberty Home Guard is taking an intentional approach to customer service that is setting a new standard for warranty providers.

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