Lexington Law has provided professional credit repair services to individuals and couples for over 14 years. To date, Lexington Law has helped over half a million consumers resolve inaccuracies on their credit reports. Each year, the certified staff at Lexington Law helps remove millions of negative items. Following a free credit consultation, Lexington Law credit repair clients will receive a customized plan to achieve their maximum credit results.

The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Licensed Attorneys
  • Advanced Credit Repair Services
  • Multiple Discounts
  • Reputable Experience 
  • Online Educational Resources

We consider Lexington Law to be one of the best credit repair companies. With over 14 years of experience, this credit repair service has helped over 500,000 customers and counting improve their poor credit.

Lexington Law works with a network of 24 licensed lawyers in 19 states, who all receive advanced training in consumer advocacy, consumer protection law, and current credit reporting issues.

The credit repair service also focuses on providing quality customer service and puts great emphasis on helping consumers repair their credit for a mortgage loan, with about 72 percent of clients motivated to purchase a home.

Lexington Law clients can also enroll in a personalized Focus Track at no extra charge. The firm's Focus Track addresses specific life situations like divorce, military service, student loan issues, medical problems, or identity theft.

Free Consultation

Lexington Law offers a free TransUnion credit report and FICO score summary with a free initial consultation as a part of its credit repair process.

This free, personalized initial consultation gives the firm a chance to review clients' current credit situations and allows clients to get a feel for Lexington Law's services, the firm's overall mission, and will help clients understand what actions the firm plans to take to remove negative items from their credit report if they choose to continue their credit repair journey with Lexington Law.

Licensed Attorneys

Lexington Law has dedicated, qualified attorneys and licensed paralegals on staff, providing financial analysis and insights to its credit repair clients. In addition, it provides members with 24/7 support.

Advanced Credit Repair Services

The credit repair firm offers three service levels that clients can choose from:

  • The Concord Standard Service: Costs a monthly fee of $89.95 and includes bureau challenges and creditor interventions.
  • The Concord Premier Service: Costs a monthly fee of $109.95 and includes bureau challenges, creditor interventions, InquiryAssist, score analysis, ReportWatch, and TransUnion Alerts.
  • The PremierPlus Service: Costs $129.95 per month and is the highest value service that the firm offers. The PremierPlus service includes everything that is offered in the Concord Premier service as well as cease and desist letters, a FICO score tracker, identity theft protection services, and personal finance tools. 

With each service provided, Lexington Law will work with creditors and the major credit bureaus to ensure each client's credit report is presented as fair and accurate. Credit monitoring services are also included in each plan offered.

Multiple Discounts

Military personnel and families can receive a discount with Lexington Law, which is rare in the credit repair industry. The credit repair firm provides couples with a $50 discount on the second account's first-work fee when couples sign up for credit repair services.

Reputable Experience 

Lexington Law offers a fairly reputable credit repair process in comparison to other companies in the repair industry. The firm has been in business for over 14 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of clients with a variety of credit repair situations.

Lexington Law is a law firm and prides itself on its strict adherence to both state and federal credit repair regulations including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The firm promises that it does dispute all negative items including late payments, charge offs, collections, and more from credit reports through ethical and legal means.

Online Educational Resources

Lexington Law is also known for providing easily accessible and free educational resources on its website that are designed to inform clients on a variety of topics including credit history, credit rights, credit repair, credit scores, identity theft and identity protection, credit card usage, things that can affect a credit score like late payments, etc.

Additionally, Lexington Law provides a wide range of helpful general personal finance information and advice on its website. Any client and non-client will be able to use these free, available online resources to further improve their current financial situation.

The Bad

  • Speed of Service

Although Lexington Law has several positive features like it's years of experience with major credit bureaus and provided discounts, the firm has been known to have one main drawback. When compared to other credit repair companies, Lexington Law can be slower in improving client credit scores.

When challenging negative and inaccurate items, Lexington Law employs a time-tested and formalized approach to how many unfair and inaccurate negative items per credit bureau it challenges each month. While this process may be slower than other companies for repairing client's credit scores, it actually helps prevent the credit bureaus from assuming any frivolous activity from the firm on behalf of the client.

Speed of Service

Lexington Law credit repair processes may take longer than the average company in the credit repair industry; however the time it takes to remove negative items from a client's credit report highly depends on the client's individual credit situation.

One credit repair case may take less time than others due to the type of services the client has signed up for and the amount of repair service that is actually needed in order to repair the client's credit and improve their score.

The Bottom Line

With Lexington Law Firm, the good easily outweighs the bad in comparison to other companies in the credit repair industry. The firm has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their bad credit.

According to consumer testimonials and reviews, Lexington Law has many years of experience with creditors and is transparent and thorough with credit reports and credit repair work updates, but is occasionally a little slower with its credit repair processes than other repair companies.

Although Lexington Law's credit repair process can be slower than expected, the firm is known to provide quality customer service as it is staffed with exceptionally trained paralegals and legal assistants that are set to help you improve your credit.

As part of its credit repair process, Lexington Law sends dispute letters to all three major bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, which is extremely beneficial to potential and current clients. The law firm also offers monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection service options for customers to choose, discounts, and a free consultation that includes a free credit score and report summary. This consultation can also help you better understand the Lexington Law firm's credit repair services and what actions the firm will take when repairing your credit.

In regard to the information above and the Lexington Law reviews collected, we recommend Lexington Law as the best place to repair your credit.

*Price is for the standard level of service.

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Jessica Martinez
March 28th, 2014 Pharr, TX

Just started today with Lexington. They seemed very trustworthy, got to take a risk with fixing my score. I did not hesitate to get in this predicament, but this time I am going in with a plan. This is where I will utilize Lexington to be my right hand guide. I will be in contact with them as often as my time allows. I am trusting in them to help me accomplish my goal. My goal is to improve my credit score first, Then refinance at a lower % my house and I just hope it don't take too long because time is not on my side The low rates won't be her for long. Once I accomplish that I will have extra money in my pocket to pay off all my other bills plus money for food etc.

Ms. Marie
March 24th, 2014 Manchester, MI

I had used Lexington Law Firm in the past and saw very substantial results. I went from a 500 credit score to a 650 in about 6 months. I had a job loss in the past and my credit score decreased significantly and my credit report was bogged down with both judgments and medical bills. In the first 30 days, there were already 8 removals (1 being a judgement) from my reports. Lexington Law Firm is wonderful.

Douglas Powell
March 24th, 2014 Tucson, AZ

I have to admit I was not sure about companies that do credit repairs. I was always wondering if they really work, or are they a scam to take your money and never really do much to fix your credit.....but Lexington Law is the real deal! I decided to give them a try because my wife and I want to buy a house in the near future but my credit score was around 530 and I had 31 negative items impacting my credit middle of December 2013. I have been with them for 3 months and they have removed 10 negative items from my credit reports and are challenging more items this month. My credit scores are around 570 to 590 now in just 3 months. They charge 100 dollars a month, which can be a little much if your on a budget. But... Lexington Law is worth every penny! If you want to fix your credit after you screwed it all up...they can help you but it's going to cost something right! It's a slow process but if you hang in there, I'm sure they going to fight for you like they have for me...thanks Lexington Law ...keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing my scores shoot into the 600's in the next couple of months....

Michelle Richardson
March 24th, 2014 Denver, CO

This is an outstanding company. They have worked really hard at getting items to report correctly on my credit report. I am so happy I found them. I have already had items removed in a months time.

March 24th, 2014 Draper, UT

So far ive.been with Lexington for about 2 months. started with 5 negatives and still have 5 negatives i know its a long process and not complaining yet. I wanted to leave a real month by month update of what is happening and progress we are making. So far Lexington has really been helpful and responsive to my questions wheather i call or chat. And still waiting to see those awesome results i keep reading about cant wait. I will repost on 4/21/14 with hopefully a great update for all you.

Troy Barger
March 20th, 2014 CA

I have had 13 removals in the Last thirty days and things seem to be on track. Most of my negative items are from third party debt collectors. So far so good..

John Janisse
March 19th, 2014 Long Beach, CA

I started working with them one year ago. First let me say they have been great. People seem to think pay a company and it will all be fixed right away. First let me say this it took you years to get into the bad credit range so it will take them sometime to fix it. Next the web site they give you has very good information on it to help you help them help you and for you to help yourself. Great company would tell anyone to use them. Lesson learned and credit improving.

March 12th, 2014 East Brunswick, NJ

Just sign wit lexington law firm, my score currently is 603 hoping to get up to high 700's to get approved for a house.keeping my fingers cross for positive results. will keep you updated.

March 12th, 2014 Newark, NJ

I have recently started with Lexington Law, I already have letters sent out its great my only thing is the miss communication, the company would be great. My husband and I signed up around the same time. We both was calling those numbers that was provided to us from the company we was calling back to back for At least two days straight no answer we had very important questions to ask and its stressful when you keep calling a company and you never get an answer. This is my first time doing something like this so I will keep you updated on the progress. Starting off a little bumpy but I'll give it a try. So, I will keep my fingers crossed! !

Kim J
March 11th, 2014 Ypsilanti, MI

I've been with Lexington Law for six months. My credit worthiness is considered poor. My score is about 504. I had 80 negative items on my report within 6 months I've had 34 items removed. I'm actively working with LL to pay the bills I owe and getting the collections people to give me a deletion letter as suggested by LLF. I must say, their service has been outstanding. I had never worked with a credit repair company, so I was a little fearful. Yes! $99.00 a month is bit to chew, but the way I see it, I got myself in this mess, so I've got to pay the to play. I'm going to hang on, until I see a credit score of 700. I believe LLF will help me achieve it. I will keep you posted on my journey.

March 3rd, 2014 Columbus, OH

Been with LLF July 2013, Helping daughter who had cancer & then a divorce. You can imagine the med bills and c-card debt. Had over 70 negs across the three reporting agencies. Starting score 480 Now it is beginning March 2014, Fico of 543. 30 negs gone with 40 to go. I could not have gotten this far without them. Yes it cost about $100 a month but now we are saving that much by getting rid of he negs. Things did get a little slow in Nov and Dec 2013, not many deletions. Last month Feb 2014 we had 11 deletions, hoping to get 4 or 5 more this month. Our goal is to be mid 600's by late fall. It is taking more time than I had hoped but for us the money is worth it for my daughter to get back on her feet and smile again and to boot she is now cancer free. Was the money worth it. Yes, as a father I could not be happier knowing that she is well and her financial situation will improve with time and that we have now. Just gotta be patient.

February 27th, 2014 Killeen, TX

I must admit there are many things you can have removed yourself on your credit report. Although I am not satisfied with the turn around time with Lexington, I know they have been proven to have items removed off of my credit report. If you have the money, time and patience they are good. The only thing that I don't like is how they draw it out for so long and in the meantime you are spending money on their service. Within a six month period any dispute should be resolved. I feel that the service is great but they do linger it out.

Jim Imbrescia
February 25th, 2014 OR

I paid Lexington Law a total of $400 over the last 4 months and I still have 21 of 21 bad items on my credit reports. Just so we are clear, I paid Lexington Law $400 to get nothing fixed on my credit over a 4 month time frame! During this time frame, Lexington had me print out letters and send them off myself to creditors, using my own stamps. You would think they could cover this with my $100 a month payment! Wait time on the phones is just as bad!!! You will wait for ever to talk with a person that knows less about credit then you. Overall in 4 months Lexington Law did nothing for me but take my money. When I asked for a full refund in writing they did not even respond. At that point I ended my pointless account with them. Do not go with this company!! pick someone else and make sure your friends and family do the same!

February 25th, 2014 San Jose, CA

So far, I've been impressed with a few removals in a short period of time, 2 months. However, there has been a lot of miscommunication and errors with customer service. Not sure I will continue with this company.

February 24th, 2014 Penfield, NY

Hi, I decided I didn't want to work with Lexington Law and called them. I had no problem canceling, my credit card was never charged, and the person on the line was very cordial and professional. She also did tell me that they have varying plans for people who are unable to pay the monthly rate. If you go to the Better Business Bureau, you will see that it is stated that most people don't understand the law about billing. Anyway, I was never billed, and I did find everyone helpful and professional.

February 21st, 2014 Rosemead, CA

I just signed up. I heard good things and all my friends are waiting to see what they do for me because I will refer everyone to them. I have my fingers crossed.

Jason Lozano
February 14th, 2014 West New York, NJ

I started with Lexington a week ago...but i have used them few years ago and they were great...i stop because i couldn't afford them any more.. But now i really need their help again .. I have my credit score at 598 ..and 14 negative items ...paid few credit cards late... And went down again. But I used to to have a score 525 and LLF jump me to 620's and only few months . They had help me before... And i have faith they can do again . And I'm anxious to see new results by the end of the year.. Looking forward to buy a new car and few years from now may be a home. Over roll their service is great and we have to be patience. I will post upcoming results.

February 6th, 2014 La Place, LA

1st week in February. 2014 My wife and I signed with LLF. I was very skeptical having had a bad experience with a prior credit repair company still a little scared, but I have read some awesome reports about this company. Their credibility seems to be very high. Anticipating a wonderful experience. There are other members in my family are considering using LLF. I guess you can say I'm the guinea pig. Many spectators in my family are waiting to see the results. I spoke pretty highly of this company. I pray and hope that they can do what they say they can do at this point in time I have seen a very aggressive approach. I like that will keep you updated. Just for the record, I am just an ordinary person that have credit problems not being influenced by anyone, nor any representative of the company will give you progress as it develops. Thank you, Rudy

February 5th, 2014 Lansdowne, PA

I would advise anybody who is trying to fix their credit with Lexington law to be careful...the numbers of the negative items moved doesn't reflect on the credit score because simply most of the items removed by them are already old enough to be removed by a simple letter sent by anyone...the score is what matters for everybody, and more money is what matters for Lexington law that why they will try to keep you as long as they can to make more money even though all the negative accounts can be removed in few months only but they make it couple years and believe it or not your score will go up by 35 or 40 points only while doing everything else right .

January 30th, 2014

I've been researching ways to repair my credit and am going about the process to responsibly and legitimately repair it. I've been added as an authorized user on a family members accounts with a minimum of 6 years of positive credit history ( 13 to 15 yrs. for others), have applied and been recently approved for a secured credit card... improving my overall credit utilization to 4-5%, and the last step was looking for a reputable credit repair company. No smoke and mirrors here folks. What you see is whatyou get. I called on September 20, 2013and spoke with Lisa ( a paralegal) she was very ppolite and in conducting her interview process to see where she could help in this journey, and to see if I'd be a good fit with Lexington, and was very surprised at my responses and that I had done my homework (making her job a little easier) as she explained the process, I decided to sign up. I'm currently enrolled in the premier package ($99.95/mo.) and am looking forward to see what they can do for me. I'm a little nervous. As of 09/20/2013, 43 negative items between the 3 bureaus... TU: 12, EQ: 14, EX: 17, average score 551. My expectations are high but reasonable. After all, I created this mess, i'm just paying someone to clean it up for me. I will have patience though. Could I do this myself, yes, but at how much time spent, and how much aggrivation and headaches? So for my sanity and piece of mind, I don't mind paying the $$$. You would be paying close to the same each month either way you dispute these items. Certified mail can get pretty expensive x's the # of disputes adds up real quick, not including the $$$ spent in man hours researching and disputing each item. So, it makes sense to contract a third party to handle my claims, especially one that has such a great reputation. Thank you Lexington Law, Thank You Lisa. Looking forward to positive responses in the future.

January 30th, 2014 Troy, MI

Good so far. Will keep u updated

Andrea D.
January 30th, 2014 Orlando, FL

13 years in USA. Never understood the credit at the begin and here i was .Always made a lot of money but i was never approved for anything unless had a huge down payment and the interests were sky high. 525 was my score one year ago. 714 is what i have today. 32 negative items removed 7 to go. Change my life for me and my family. 2 brand new cars ( 70 k total) , a $2000 line of credit on my first credit card and approved for a loan to buy an house. It's an awesome feeling!!! Can't thank you enough!!

January 29th, 2014 Somerville, MA

I was happy with Lexington Law for the first 3 months. They wrote a few letters each month and got items that were old deleted. They issued challenge letters that were unaffective. But when I called to stop their monthly service they put a hold on my account billing and gave me a few months free. When I called again to suspend service and ask for a month refund they refused. The bottom line is that I gave them 10 months at $80 per month. My credit reports are cleaner but my score stayed the same. with the $830 I spent on Lexington Law I would have been better off paying a few bills (which would have helped my score by comparison.

January 27th, 2014 Macungie, PA

This is to let anyone that complains about Lexington Law Firm know that you are totally foolish! This company is not slow, the Credit Bureaus stall all consumer and businesses from getting errors and negative items of reports! It takes months and sometimes years and all of you that leave less than 10 should not even bother to write a report about a company that knows what and how to do things!

January 22nd, 2014 Jersey City, NJ

Been with LL since November 2013 so far so good have 51 negative items and LL remove 13. I'll upset in a month

January 22nd, 2014 Minnetonka, MN

Actually, I didn't really want to leave a score YET because I'm in the infant stages of this process. My main purpose in writing this review is to ascertain if the other reviews are from real people or merely planted. I can say that if things keep progressing the way they have as far as working on my behalf, then I will definitely be giving Lexington a 10-star rating. I'm cautiously optimistic, however, because while I am willing to pay for tried and true results, all of the "scam" warnings I have read on the Internet give me slight pause. Crossing my fingers!

January 21st, 2014 Palm Bay, FL

I have been with Lexington since 2010. Never had not one issue with them. There were a couple times that I was going to cancel because of some $$ issues and boy did they find a way to work with me, in order to keep me! I started off with the highest one where they work on all three reports, but have taken the cheaper one for the past year or so. Yes I agree that it is a slow process, but 30 days IS 30 days. Can't rush days. Every time I have called or online chat, everyone has been professional and have answered all my questions. Awesome job! Now if we can get them stubborn people that respond even though the bill is paid....

January 21st, 2014 Fresno, TX

I was using Lexington Law for 5 months and I originally was impressed for the first 2 months. But then I realized and was confirmed by another credit repair company that this company only sends out 5 to 6 letters a month. So someone like me we 36 issues needing to be addressed would be financially bankrupt if I continued to use them. PLUS, my score never even changed. So, they got my $500 and I got screwed, big time!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THEM...... Trust me.

January 15th, 2014 Medford, OR

Outstanding! I started with Lexington Law less than a year ago. My scores were 528,625,548,... There now 668,699,735. and Im closing on my house in 12 days Thank you so much this would have been hard to do on my own. I look foward to dealing with you on the rest of the collections I have paid off after the close so there are none left on the report

Nick lewis
January 15th, 2014 GA

They only removed the items that you can remove yourself. The hardest items to remove is repossession, it takes forever and your score doesn't go up until the serious items is removed. #Thanks for not helping my score.!!!

January 15th, 2014 Quincy, IL

I have been with llc for4mo and yes they are verrrrrrry slow but they are working,i don't know how long I can hold out, I will see in month or too, cause I do have a lot to do,i thought that they would send them letters all out once, but I guess not..

Michele B
January 14th, 2014 Shallotte, NC

These people are the real deal. I got ripped off prior to using Lexington Law by anther credit repair company. This is why I was very leery about signing any long term contract. Lexington Law didn't ask me to. When I first tried them I was very skeptical but need help. I didn't see results immediately so take heart. This is a process. But give them the amount of time the ask you to and you WILL see results. My credit was BAD a Nightmare. Lexington Law had me up in the high 700's after 6 months! I am not paid by them and I am not a stock holder or anything else. I am just a normal person who had fallen on bad times more then usual. They are so good I am going back again after a bad divorce. I would tell you to try these people first if you have credit issues and you will be happy that you did. May God Bless you and America !

January 10th, 2014 Greensboro, NC

I have been with lexington since 9/13 and so far I have had 20 items removed total from all reports. I believe my scores were in the low to mid 500's to start and I have no idea what they are currently cause I have not checked (might not hurt to check). I reduced my plan today from $99 to $59 today because I didn't need the creditor letters sent out or the inquiry assist. I have 9 items left on equifax and experian, and 10 left on transunion. I was told that transunion is a bit more stubborn than the other agencies's but so far so good. Overall, I'm happy with the results and I'm itching to see these last few items removed and see how my credit score has increased. As long as the items are removed,I'm not too concerned what the score is, tis the reason I have not checked it. I'll post an update when the results are in.

January 7th, 2014 Merced, CA

I started using Lexington Law less than a month ago, 12/5/13 so far, they have removed 12 items off of my horrible credit...including an illegal repossession. They have been easy to work with and always responsive to my phone calls and requests. I cant wait to get this mess cleaned up and start over with a clean slate.

January 7th, 2014 Homestead, FL

I previously post posted Nov 26, I was excited to start with LL. Right now, I am okay with them. I have had 2 items removed but these were not the 1st things on my list to start working on. Additionally, It seem to me that they do more work on the transunion credit. Im in the south so we use equifax the most; therefore, i need them to start working on equifax as hard as they work on transunion. Lastly, you have to order new report monthly to see if the removal has really took place and the affect on your score. I still happy and will update you'll again.

January 6th, 2014 Graham, WA

I rate Lexington Law a FAIR 6. The reason I rate them a 6 is because of the help of the website they provide. I have been with Lexington for 6 months now and I am just starting to realize they only challenge a few marks a month. I take it that is how they keep you lured in. Their website is very informative and tells you everything you need to know. They do what they told you just to a slow extent. If I had to make a recommendation it would be to sign up for their service for two months...Let them send our the first set of letters and read up on their information and learn. What I did was print out the letters they provide for you to send in to the companies and bureau's and cancel them and send them in yourself. All my hits are off and they did all the letter generation. That is why I feel a 6 is more than FAIR

January 6th, 2014 Houston, TX

I've just hired Lexington law like three weeks ago....I had my credit score was 497 when I started and noe is at 510... they do are working pretty quick.......to be honest I don't know how many neg items they had removed so far....but whatever they are doing it's working....my score went up in matter of weeks...... thanks Lexington law......will post at next update.....

December 20th, 2013 Baton Rouge, LA

Lexington has made me a believer from the first month. I have had 11 neg. items removed from my credit report. That's in four months. I have challenge letters that have been sent out right now, and I am expecting results this month as well. I have things on my report that are over 7 yrs. old, and they will get those off I'm sure. I guess I could do this myself, I just do not have time. These guys are great, and they do their job very well. I give them a big thumbs up, and A+ for a job well done. I will post again when they update me. Here's to Lexington Law!!!

Anna h
December 12th, 2013 Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been with them less than one month and they have removed 6 negative items off my credit score. They are the best and the $100 I pay every month is very much worth it. Thank you Lexington Law.

Terrell Wroten
December 9th, 2013

They really do get it done.

December 6th, 2013 Baton Rouge, LA

It's been three months, and I have had 15 negative items removed! My fiancé has had 11 removed! We are planning to build a house soon, so this is ideal for us. Sure, it will take time!! They do their work though, and it is the not really them that makes it slow...it is the credit bureaus. They have an appointed time to respond, and that is what takes time. I give them 10 points all the way! My Transunion score is now 655, and the other two are increasing also. They are very nice with emails, and chat. They are doing what I paid them to do. Plain and simple!! Give them a try, and I promise you won't be disappointed. Just remember, it takes time to see results. It does not happen over night folks! We messed our credit up, and they help us fix it! They are awesome. **** :)

Daniel Mejias
November 26th, 2013 Newburgh, NY

I've been with Lexington law since may of 2013. I had a total of 16 items on all three credit bureaus combined. I now only have 2 on experian, 2 on transunion, and all items removed from my equifax. I pay Lexington law $100. A month. So far I've paid them $700. Total since I've been a client of theirs. To me it's worth the amount I've paid them because just one of the 16 outstanding debts that I had was well ove $1,000. And Lexington law had it removed. Because of the choice that I made choosing Lexington law I will be able to apply for a home loan in the very near future. Lexington law is giving me a second chance a great credit :-) I would definitely recommend Lexington law to any and everyone who is seeking to improve their credit.

November 26th, 2013 Homestead, FL

I just started with LL the beginning on Nov 2103. I'm not sure yet but have heard nothing but good things about LL. They say they average about 11 removal every 3 months... I only have 8 negatives but really only 2 that I definitely want removed. I am giving them the 3months that they say it normally takes them. Iwill be back with an updated. So far, in only one week they have sent out letters to about 6 of those 8. WAITING on results

November 25th, 2013 Benton Harbor, MI

I just recently signed up with LLF, and I am excited about what they can do for me. I want to purchase my own home and pay my own mortgage. I have faith in them and I am going to be patient.

Cassandra R
November 15th, 2013 Tuscaloosa, AL

I've been with Lexington since July of this year and have had 22 negatives removed from across the board of all three credit reporting agencies. My score went up 17 points and I am very happy with their results. I had a total of 51 negatives to start and I understand that there will be some difficulty and it may take some time with some of the removal, but their accomplishing something that I would've had no knowledge of how to achieve. My credit has been not good for so long and gone this long with my credit not being so good and I am willing to wait because just think of how much I owe these people in comparison to what I'm paying Lexington to assist with this process. If it gets too expensive you can downgrade to a lower pkg. You have to have patience and after having not so good credit for so long, I can wait a while longer. Thank You Lexington!!!

Mike Jordan
November 15th, 2013 Miami, FL

Started out pretty quick but after a few months they slowed down drastically. Last month no disputes were sent out. They aren't sending out that many disputes in the first place. Seems like a very lengthy process and the $100 a month isn't making it any better. Hopefully they pick up soon or I will be changing to a different Credit repair service.

November 15th, 2013 Lake Jackson, TX

I started with Lexington around Oct. 22nd or so and as of Nov. 15th they have already removed 3 items from my report which isnt a whole lot, but it hasnt even been the 30 days that the creditors have to respond. I am seeing results and cannot wait to see what happens after the 30 days has passed. My Equifax score has already climbed 14 oints which isnt very high but it has only been 3 weeks. I am overall satisfied with the results so far and plan on sticking with them for the long haul to see what happens.

November 12th, 2013

Just started Nov 10th, I give them a 10 for their proffetionalism. Were very attentive, answer every question I had, didn't lie to me promising anything but effort to deal with my screw up! Hoping for the best, will give them time to work with my case.

Pidak K
November 12th, 2013 Rice Lake, WI

Lexington Law...where no matter how many times you try to cancel, they keep charging you. I have to change my back account number because I have been calling every month for the past three months to cancel and they still charge me every month

October 28th, 2013 Villa Rica, GA

I was with Lexington Law for 4-5 months and they were able to remove alot of items from my report. I was always able to reach them and I got alot of results, however I had to leave them before the completion of everything on my credit because of the $99.00 a month fee was a little more then I could pay. I know they have less priced packages but those were a little higher then I was able to pay at that time.