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Cricket Wireless is one of the largest prepaid phone service providers in the United States. They were founded in 1999 and Jennifer Van Buskirk is their current president. Recently, the FCC approved AT&T’s merger with Leap, Cricket’s parent company. This merger was valued at $1.2 billion. Cricket Wireless provides some type of 4G coverage over most of the United States. They actually claim to have upwards of 98% connectivity which was bolstered by their acquisition by AT&T. Another important aspect that drives Cricket’s corporate DNA is their “data throttling.” Every client gets the amount of data that comes with their plan. If a user exceeds their data amount, they notice significant “slowing” of their Internet and data services. As a user approaches their monthly allowance, they may also notice a slower data speed. 

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The Good

  • Large selection
  • Variety of plans
  • No contract

Cricket's sells some of the latest smartphones and accessories. With this large device selection, customers are able to find a phone that fits their needs. Although some pre-pay cellular services do not include Apple products, Cricket has the iPhone. In the past, users of prepaid services had a hard time finding the latest iPhone that was on the market. Users of prepaid phone services often had to settle for an "old" generation, one that was behind the latest hot iPhone on the market. Cricket has two iPhones available at different prices. One does not have to purchase the "highest end" iPhone through Cricket.

Current customers also appreciated the number of Android models that are available. While there are not that many Windows phones to choose from, Cricket does offer two nice Nokia models. Overall, the best variety of phones comes through Android-driven phones. All of Cricket's phones come with the standard operating systems that are on the market, including: Android, iOS, and Windows. Even though Cricket doesn't have BlackBerry, some users might consider that a "good thing." BlackBerry phones have fallen out of favor over the years for the latest models of Android, iOS, and Windows that are currently driving the market.

There are also a variety of phone plans that are available through Cricket. Cricket offers the most versatile plans to assist as many customers as possible. Cricket also has some nice international options. Cricket International and Cricket International Extra make it easy to call and text your friends who might be living in a foreign country.

Cricket has all the bells and whistles of a contract provider, but doesn't require the contract. There are plenty of "storefront" locations to get help with your Cricket wireless plan. Cricket does a good job of providing quality customer service for its users. You can speak to an online representative with the live chat feature on the website. Current customers also like that Cricket includes multiple line discounts for families (up to $100 in discounts for up to five lines), affordable insurance for your phone, and affordable prices that kick in when your phone is activated.

Cricket does also offer a discount for each plan if you set up automatic payment every month. This is a nice feature and ease of convenience for Cricket users. They don't have to worry about logging into the website to make a payment if they have the automatic payment method setup. Also, it is more affordable for users because this convenience saves them a little bit more per month.

The Bad

  • Data throttling
  • Customer complaints
  • Lack of BlackBerry products

There are aspects of Cricket's business model prospective customers should be aware of. While the data throttling option makes it easier for Cricket to "spread" their data around, data throttling does kick in when a user is still within their allotted data amount for the month. This may make it difficult for users to check their email, surf the net, or use their data, as they'd like.

Most of the complaints were with products and services. This indicates that Cricket may not "follow through" with the product or service that they are offering. Some users were likely dissatisfied with the data throttling as they approached their monthly quota or they were simply dissatisfied with the phone that they purchased.

While many users may view the lack of BlackBerry phones as a good thing, BlackBerry is still a popular product with some users. Many phone owners like the BlackBerry product that they purchased for their business. The BlackBerry product, one that Cricket doesn't offer on their website, is a crucial tool for many business decision makers.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Cricket has proved to be a solid option for cellular services. Customers like the products that Cricket offers. We found the latest Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems and the latest phones. They provide flexible plans and include the "add-ons" that let users customize their phone plans, as they needed.

Cricket does a very good job with the grouping options, also. Customers can get up to five phone lines and get a $100 discount on their additional phone plans. This makes the Cricket platform both suitable for families and businesses.

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    March 15th, 2016 IL

    Had service with company for over two years paid Insurance on time every time. Insurance to replace the phone they wanted another $75 for the same phone that was ready for an update. So in short they lost a customer for good and you should stay away from them too.