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LAST UPDATED: December 21st, 2023

Vista Energy Renewables, formerly known as Excel Home Solar, has over 30 years of solar installation experience and provides solar panels, installation, and maintenance services to Florida, Houston, and southwest Illinois residents. The company offers a free home solar evaluation and provides solar PV system installations and monitoring, solar attic fan installations, and solar water heating services.

Vista Energy Renewables solar systems include a 25-year manufacturer warranty for solar PV systems and also provides a rooftop solar monitoring system which allows customers to view how much energy their home is producing in real time. This monitoring technology can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet via a mobile app.

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The Good

  • Home Energy Evaluation
  • Vista Energy Renewables Solar Attic Fans
  • Vista Energy Renewables Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Monitoring and Technology
  • 25-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Home Energy Evaluation

Vista Energy Renewables provides a free home solar energy evaluation to those who are interested in solar, but aren’t aware of what type of solar products can benefit their home the most. During a free home solar energy evaluation, Vista Energy Renewables will evaluate customers’ home energy situations and determine which areas of the home need improvement and which will have an impact on your overall energy spend.

Vista Energy Renewables also provides customers with the option to receive a virtual home solar energy evaluation. Consumers can request a free, no-obligation home evaluation by filling out a simple form on the company’s website.

Vista Energy Renewables Solar Attic Fans

Beyond solar panels, Vista Energy Renewables offers additional solar products that aren’t typically available with other solar companies. One such product is a solar attic fan. Vista Energy Renewables solar attic fans are powered by free solar energy and can be installed in your home, loft, storage shed, garage, and more. 

Solar attic fans are an effective way to maintain a healthy and energy efficient home by improving air circulation through existing vents. Fans collect sunlight through a PV solar panel which then powers the fans’ motor and increases air movement. Generally, solar attic fans introduce colder and drier air into a space, preventing the accumulation of condensation, which not only keeps a space dry but prevents the growth or rot or mildew. 

All Vista Energy Renewables solar attic fans are made in the US, using only the best materials that have previously been tested for quality and performance. In addition, fans are designed to be sleek and should blend in easily with your home’s roof line.

Vista Energy Renewables Solar Water Heating

In addition to solar attic fans, Vista Energy Renewables also offers solar water heating, another solar solution that isn’t typically offered by other solar companies in the industry. 

A Vista Energy Renewables solar water heating system includes a circulating pump that is activated when enough heat is available to absorb, which then draws cold water up from the bottom of the solar storage tank. This cold water is heated through your installed solar PV system and then returned to the tank as hot water. The system continually monitors itself and available sunlight, cycling  on or off based on its ability to absorb heat.

If there isn’t enough heat from the sun for the system to absorb or if you need more hot water than is available, Vista Energy Renewables ensures that each solar water system has a back-up water heating element that isolates hot water. Thus, no matter what, you can have access to hot water in a more energy efficient manner.

Solar Monitoring and Technology

Every Vista Energy Renewables solar system is equipped with a monitoring system which can be accessed via mobile or tablet through a simple app. The Vista Energy Renewables solar monitoring app allows you to see how much energy your solar system is producing in real-time, while also allowing you to ensure that all solar panels are functioning properly and performing at a high level.

25-Year Manufacturer Warranty

All Vista Energy Renewables solar systems are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty. This type of warranty is common within the solar industry and can help solar customers have peace of mind when it comes to their home’s solar equipment.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • No Solar Financing Information

Limited Service Area

Vista Energy Renewables currently only services Florida, Houston, and southwest Illinois. If you don’t reside in any of these areas, Vista Energy Renewables’ services will not be available to you.

It is common for solar companies to service limited areas, and a smaller service area typically indicates that a company doesn’t outsource any solar installation work as is the case with companies that service a large number of states. However, it is important to make note of what states a solar company services because you want to make sure that you’re researching options that are available in your area.

No Solar Financing Information

The Vista Energy Renewables’ lacks some key information that could be of interest to customers, such as specific warranty details, refund policies, and privacy policies. Most notably however, is the lack of information regarding solar financing options. Based on this lack of information it appears that Vista Energy Renewables doesn’t offer any solar financing options, which are typically available with many other solar companies in the industry

Although Vista Energy Renewables doesn’t provide financing information on its website, you may be able to receive this information after contacting the company directly.


The Bottom Line

Vista Energy Renewables is a residential and commercial solar company that offers solar panels, installation, and maintenance services in Florida, Houston, and southwest Illinois. Vista Energy Renewables offers a free, no-obligation home energy evaluation service that helps the company and the homeowners determine which solar solutions will improve the homeowner’s energy efficiency.

In terms of solar services, Vista Energy Renewables offers three main services — solar PV systems, solar attic fans, and solar water heating systems. All systems are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Additionally, Vista Energy Renewables offers easy solar monitoring that customers can access via an app on their smartphone or tablet. This solar monitoring technology allows customers to see how much energy their homes are producing in real time. This technology also allows Vista Energy Renewables to check the performance of each solar panel that was installed. 

It is worth noting that Vista Energy Renewables doesn’t provide any information regarding its financing options, warranty, customer requirements, refund and privacy policies, home evaluation process, staff details, and more on the company website. 

We recommend that potential customers contact a Vista Energy Renewables company representative if they wish to learn more about the company’s solar services and options.

Vista Energy Renewables reviews on are currently limited so we are unable to provide an accurate recommendation of this company based on customer feedback at this time.

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Scott Jenkins St Louis, MO

Excel Home Solar. Was very helpful with the purchase of your 22.68kw system and the cost was about $25000 cheaper than the other company that came out to see us on Farmington Mo. I would highly recommend Excel home so let they are good folks that dont nickel and dime you too death. And have service after the sale.

2 years ago