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LAST UPDATED: January 28th, 2023

Excel Home Solar has over 25 years of solar installation experience and provides solar panels, installation, and maintenance services to Florida residents. The company offers a free home solar evaluation and provides solar PV system installations and monitoring, solar attic fan installations, and solar water heating services. In addition, the company’s website states that it only uses U.S.-made solar panels and equipment, high-quality products, and professional solar-expert installation.

Excel Home Solar includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty for solar PV systems and also provides a rooftop solar monitoring system which allows customers to view how much energy their home is producing in real time. This monitoring technology can be accessed via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

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The Good

  • Home Energy Evaluation
  • Services and Installation
  • Financing and Warranty
  • Solar 4 Every 1 Program

Home Energy Evaluation

Excel Home Solar provides a free home solar energy evaluation to those who are interested in solar, but aren’t aware of what type of solar products can benefit their home the most. During a free home solar energy evaluation, Excel Home Solar will evaluate customers’ home energy situations and determine which areas of the home need improvement and which will have an impact on your overall energy spend.

Excel Home Solar also provides customers with the option to receive a virtual home solar energy evaluation. Consumers can request a free, no-obligation home evaluation by filling out a simple form on the company’s main website page.

Services and Installation

Excel Home Solar provides three main services including Solar PV system installation, solar attic fan installation, and solar water heating services.

  • Solar PV systems — Excel Home Solar uses high-quality products as well as U.S.-made solar panels and equipment. Additionally, the company provides expert-level professional installation and offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty for every solar system. After the company’s solar experts install a rooftop solar system, customers can then get access to a solar monitoring service that tracks the overall performance of their new solar system. To obtain access to solar monitoring, customers simply need to download an app on their phone or tablet and can then view how much energy their home is producing in real time.
  • Solar attic fans — Fans are powered by free solar energy and can be installed in consumers’ homes, lofts, storage sheds, garages, and more. Like the company’s Solar PV Systems, these fans are made in the United States and are created with top-quality materials.
  • Solar water heating systems — Consumers can heat the water in their homes with solar energy. This heating system has a heating cycle that “continues as long as the sun is available to provide heat” to the water in the tank. Consumers who wish to get hot water beyond what the sun can offer can use the company’s “back-up heating element.” This back-up heating system ensures that consumers have as much hot water in their homes as they want. This heating system is designed to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, etc.

Financing and Warranty

Excel Home Solar offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty. This type of warranty can help solar customers have a peace of mind when it comes to their homes' solar equipment.

Along with a warranty, Excel Home Solar offers a $0 out-of-pocket financing solar program. According to the Excel Home Solar website, the majority of its financing program options do not require customers to pay anything out of pocket. In terms of financing options, customers can get 18 months of no payments or 18 months interest free.

Potential customers can learn more about Excel Home Solar’s financing options by filling out a contact form on the company’s website and/or contacting the company via phone.

Solar 4 Every 1 Program

Since its founding, Excel Home Solar has helped people in Florida communities access solar services by donating solar power systems to those in need. The company has donated solar systems to multiple families and businesses.


The Bad

  • State Restrictions 
  • Limited Website Information

State Restrictions 

Although Excel Home Solar does cover a wide state area, the company only services consumers who reside in the state of Florida. 

Florida residents who are interested in the company’s services can request a free home evaluation and communicate with the company directly to learn more about its state service coverage. 

Limited Website Information

Excel Home Solar does provide a decent amount of information on its website regarding its three main services, however, the solar company does not seem to disclose the following information online: 

  • Financing options and details 
  • Warranty details 
  • State service coverage and restrictions 
  • Customer requirements 
  • Length of time of services 
  • Staff credentials and qualifications 
  • Refund policies 
  • Privacy policies 
  • Home energy evaluation process details

Although Excel Home Solar does not seem to provide this information on its main website, potential customers may be able to receive this information after contacting the company directly.

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The Bottom Line

Excel Home Solar is a Florida-based solar company that offers solar panels, installation, and maintenance services. The company strives to teach Florida homeowners about the benefits that solar energy offers and how solar can increase their property value, reduce energy consumption, and save them money in the long run. 

Excel Home Solar offers a free, no-obligation home energy evaluation service that helps the company and the homeowners determine which solar solutions will improve the homeowner’s energy efficiency. Currently, Excel Home Solar is also offering virtual home energy evaluations that are also free of charge. 

In terms of solar services, Excel Home Solar offers three main services — solar PV systems, solar attic fans, and solar water heating systems. With each service, the company claims that it only uses U.S-made, high-quality materials and equipment. Excel Home Solar also ensures customers that each installation is conducted by solar experts/professionals. 

The company’s systems are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty and the company has a few different $0 out-of-pocket financing options that customers can consider when they make the decision to purchase a solar service. 

Additionally, Excel Home Solar offers easy solar monitoring that customers can access via an app on their smartphone or tablet. This solar monitoring technology allows customers to see how much energy their homes are producing in real time. This technology also allows Excel Home Solar to check the performance of each solar panel that was installed. 

Along with state service restrictions, the company also does not provide much information regarding its financing options, warranty, customer requirements, refund and privacy policies, home evaluation process, staff details, and more. 

We recommend that potential customers contact an Excel Home Solar company representative if they wish to learn more about the company’s solar services and options.

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Scott Jenkins St Louis, MO

Excel Home Solar. Was very helpful with the purchase of your 22.68kw system and the cost was about $25000 cheaper than the other company that came out to see us on Farmington Mo. I would highly recommend Excel home so let they are good folks that dont nickel and dime you too death. And have service after the sale.

2 years ago