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LAST UPDATED: June 20th, 2023

Urban Solar Group is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and is a full-service solar company that specializes in providing turnkey residential and commercial solutions. The company started out as Key Power Services Inc. in 2001 and changed its name to Urban Solar, Inc. in 2014. 

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The Good

  • Company Longevity
  • Equipment Options
  • Mounting Solutions
  • Zero-Down Financing
  • HOA Advocacy 
  • System Monitoring
  • Online Resources

Company Longevity 

Even though it had a different name, the roots of Urban Solar go back to 2001. With that much industry experience, Urban Solar claims to have a proven process that is tested and that works. Urban Solar's project management and installation crews work hard to deliver fast results.

Equipment Options

Urban Solar has had time to establish direct relationships with manufacturers and has a track record of sourcing high-quality equipment for solar projects. The company prioritizes warranty terms, financial backing, technology, cost, and research and development. 

The company uses Qcells solar panels, Enphase microinverters, and Tesla Powerwall solar batteries. 

Mounting Solutions 

Every solar system installed by Urban Solar is engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 170+ mph, which is a Florida Building Code requirement. Solar panel mounting hardware is attached directly to the roof trusses to ensure a secure attachment of your solar panels. 

Urban Solar also offers a Tile Replacement Mount to install solar on tile roofs effectively while protecting against water leakages. The water sealing technology is guaranteed to be waterproof. 

Zero-Down Financing

Urban Solar is somewhat vague about financing particulars but is clear about offering $0 down financing options, including PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing. 

HOA Advocacy 

Urban Solar is vocal about communicating directly with HOAs for project approval on behalf of the customer. A state statute in Florida states that HOAs can’t restrict you from installing solar based on how they look or where they’re installed. Nonetheless, sometimes lack of HOA approval can cause project delays. 

If you go with Urban Solar, you can be confident that this area of communication will be taken care of. Each solar system is installed with adherence to strict building codes and guidelines with neighborhood aesthetics front of mind. 

System Monitoring

Solar installation comes with solar production monitoring with online performance monitoring software. If there is ever an issue with your panel production, Urban Solar will be notified by your monitoring system and can dispatch a technician to resolve the issue. 

Online Resources 

The company provides a gallery full of photos from past Residential and Commercial Solar installations. Prospective customers can peruse this gallery to get a feel for what completed installations look like before committing to solar. 

Urban Solar also has a helpful blog with articles on various solar system topics including roof repair, bifacial solar modules, solar monitoring, and solar energy storage.  


The Bad

  • Short Workmanship Warranty 
  • Unclear Customer Reputation 

Short Workmanship Warranty

It is helpful that Urban Solar is transparent with its warranties since some companies in the industry are not. That being said, the workmanship warranty is only 5 years, unlike leading companies that offer a 25-year workmanship warranty. 

All solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-25-year inverter warranty, consistent with leading manufacturer and performance warranties offered in the industry. 

Unclear Customer Reputation 

Solar reviews provide essential insight into a company’s quality of customer service among other factors. Of the reviews we have on Urban Solar, there is an inconclusive mix of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. Even the best companies get negative reviews, but we like to see a substantial repository of positive reviews and, where applicable, responsive company replies to negative reviews. 

To accurately assess customer satisfaction with Urban Solar against the competition, we need more verified customer reviews. If Urban Solar has completed a solar project for you, please consider leaving a review below. 

As for a presence on social media, the company has a sizeable following on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with more than 2,000 followers on Twitter. 


The Bottom Line

Highlights for Urban Solar include zero-down financing, company longevity, and HOA advocacy. We also appreciate the company’s informative website which contains a helpful solar learning center as well as photo galleries to browse past projects. 

However, Urban Solar offers a shorter-than-average workmanship warranty and we can’t yet assess the company’s overall review profile. 

While this company may not stand out in every aspect, it is worth looking into for Florida residents.

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Kathleen Ford Delray Beach, FL

Look no further! If you are considering solar panels for your home or business, we already did the research for you! After deciding to install solar panels on my 1950s Florida bungalow, my son and I spent MONTHS researching the local solar panel companies and narrowed the list down to the top five. Then we had intensive meetings with all five of the solar companies, some virtual and some in person. After more due diligence (even searching court records and the Better Business Bureau) we finally decided to go with Urban Solar. Not only did they offer the best financing terms and interest rate, but we were most impressed with Andy H who was our initial point of contact. Andy was impressively thorough and honest and designed the perfect configuration for my home. He is also just an all-around great guy and such a pleasure to deal with. Andy oversaw our entire installation from start to finish and was always available to answer the numerous questions we had. The entire staff of Urban Solar was remarkable – from the installers who worked diligently to get the job done swiftly and efficiently to the Vice President of Operation Rhiannon E who personally guided us from start to finish and even gave us her cell phone number! As we all know, customer service at this level is extremely rare these days. We could not be happier with our solar system, and it truly is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The panels have only been up for two months are we are already seeing significant savings (my FPL bill this month is $10). We are also exporting tons of energy to the grid and doing our part to combat climate change. Another major benefit is the HUGE tax credit – and if you are going to get panels installed, do it soon before they get rid of “net metering!” Tell Andy you saw this review and he’ll give me a cookie!

1 year ago Edited April 27, 2022

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Scott Broughton

While their initial quote was high, they were good about offering a discount when pressed. The overall process was very well executed and the installation team stellar. I could not imagine a better process from deposit through net meter application. Urban Solar has an excellent team that coordinated everything, while keeping me informed all along the way. PV system monitoring is achieved with a phone application (Envision) that is supplied by Enphase, the maker of the Microinverters installed on each.of 26 panels. Overall I am very pleased with Urban Solar and highly recommend them for your solar power needs.

4 years ago

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Drescher Boca Raton, FL

We had an overall GREAT experience with Urban Solar from getting started by receiving helpful advice and information on residential solar to getting a very well priced quote and having a smooth and trouble free install. We felt like we were being taken care of in a genuinely caring way. This is a company that seems to take pride in promoting a greener future by delivering a quality product and delivering great customer service. Their staff has been exceptionally polite and receptive to any concerns or questions we had.

4 years ago

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Jo Bonita Springs, FL

My panels seem to work pretty well. Follow-up customer service is not available. I'm not sure how other companies are about follow up in comparison. I have not received any phone calls or letters to make sure I'm happy with my product or if I have any questions. When I called them with a question the fellow I spoke with seemed annoyed. My FPL bill seems to be creeping up and up so I was wanting them to come out and make sure all my panels were up to par. He said, they don't do that. When they sold me the panels they told me there would be follow-up and cleaning/checking.

4 years ago

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Juanita Is All Loxahatchee Groves, FL

--Updated Review 2022-- I also emailed the CEO- Haven't heard anything yet! My initial review was obviously based on that time frame. We purchased Sept 2020 panels and 3 tesla powerwalls. Dec 2020 was the install of panels only and we were very pleased to have had it done so quickly before the year was over. No powerwalls yet. The initial project manager was amazing and communicated with me every step of the way. I was told in Jan 2021 that my 3 powerwalls were coming and I was scheduled for 5/14/2021 install. Paperwork was sign in April for our powerwall location. March we had a new project manager because our first one got promoted. Never not once was emailed by her. Then 4/26/21 we got the 3rd one. She did reach out and on my actual install date 5/14 said that they had no clue as to when the batteries were being shipped. We tried to see if we could switch to the enphase batteries being that they were on hand and hoping they would honor our deal. They said no because since tesla raised their prices they had raised their price on the enphase batteries. We were trying to get them prior to hurricane season. Once again they were just sitting in the warehouse. I would get weekly updates from the current project manager. Same thing -no clue when we will receive them. Then it switched from weekly to monthly and now the last email she sent me was in March 2022 same message. I emailed her 5/9/22 to find out what was going on with the batteries. As I am writing this updated review (5/15/2022) I haven't received not one email or phone call from her. So are we pissed- highly! The lack of transparency has definitely been slacking. We are 2 veterans who work serving our vets. We are actually the same branch as Harold who we having been trying to see since 2021 if we could have the enphase and because of the price increase he refuses to do it. We continue to refer coworkers and friends but at this point I will stop; because if a company is treating us like this and only sees us as $$$ and not people then I don't want anyone to go thru the same. We love our sales guy Andy but he can't do anything, his job is done. The owner and management are the ones who should be ashamed to have customers waiting since Sept 2020 for a product, knowing that they can remedy it. Will they lose a couple of dollars, yes; but will they gain very loyal fans who can continue to bring them business- Absolutely! We are just sick of it!! We can only adapt and overcome so much. People reading this think twice. --Initial Review 2020-- Working with Andy and Urban Solar has been amazing thus far. Andy is very knowledgeable and you can tell he knows his stuff. We aren’t new to solar but Andy is amazing. They let you know what is going on and communicate every step as well as having an app that also lets you know what’s going on. To think that I had called Andy to cancel our appt because my husband didn’t want to do it. Andy convinced me and sparked some curiosity in me; and here we are getting solar. Call and setup an appointment even if you’re curious, you won’t regret it. Tell them I sent you, Juanita and Joe!

1 year ago

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Akhee Boss Lehigh Acres, FL

Urban solar installed my solar panels after we had our new roof installed. They were professional and easy to work with. My wife and I are very happy with their work.

4 years ago

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Reggie Fort Lauderdale, FL

My sales person from Urban Solar Group lied to me! Tommy told me my monthly bill would be less and end of year tax assessment would also be less than the cost of my current electric bill. This was a lie. My mortgage payment went from approx. $1,800 to over $2,400. Be very careful dealing with Urban Solar or you may find your self in the same predicament as my family. I have reached out to the company and they have refused to refund the purchase which is over 200% profit for them. The owner does't care about customer service at all.

5 years ago

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Roberto Cortes Madrid, M

This company and its owners are looking how to cheat people. I referred them a multi million dollar home and customer and did not pay me the promised fee and on top of that my friend and their client was not delivered the system offered. So you know the system was over $150K. !!!!!!!

2 years ago

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Jose Ortega Atlanta, GA

stay away from them and Sunnova, customer service sucks

3 months ago