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LAST UPDATED: January 27th, 2023

The Solar Cowboys is a professional solar installer that utilizes an electrical background to help clients save on monthly energy bills. The installation team is made up of experienced master electricians that are intrical in the design (along with the in-house engineers) and eventual installation of each solar system. The Solar Cowboys will install residential and commercial solar systems. 

The mounting abilities of The Solar Cowboys set the company apart from its competitors. With The Solar Cowboys, clients can have a system rooftop of grid mounted, access off grid or grid tied solar system solutions, or utilize ballasted or anchored installation techniques. From AC to DC, The Solar Cowboys is well-equipped to handle it all.

It should be noted that no part of the installation process is outsourced by The Solar Cowboys. Everything is done in-house. 

The Solar Cowboys are also members of the Texas Solar Energy Society working to advance and make renewable energy sources more accessible. 


The Good

  • Financing Solutions
  • Panel Removal Service
  • Complimentary Services
  • Solar Battery Options

Financing Solutions

To provide a more comprehensive service, The Solar Cowboys has partnered with Mosaic to provide $0 down loan financing solutions. 

Panel Removal Service

Most solar contractors or installers are focused on selling and installing solar systems with little regard to what happens if a system needs to come off the roof for any reason. The Solar Cowboys has gone the extra mile by helping homeowners with potential removal techniques in the event that the panels and inverters need to be removed. The Solar Cowboys will remove and reinstall solar systems, even if the company itself was not the original installer. 

Complimentary Services

Many solar installation companies utilize aggressive sales tactics, but The Solar Cowboys takes a different approach. Instead, the company focuses on educating potential customers and letting them make an informed purchasing decision. The Solar Cowboys offers a number of complimentary services to equip potential clients with as much information as possible, including an energy evaluation, in-home consultation, and quotes.

While some of these services are offered as complimentary solutions by other installation companies, all of them are rarely free of charge. 

Solar Battery Options

In order to help clients increase their energy independence, The Solar Cowboys is certified to install two  battery storage solutions. These systems are compatible with a number of panel and inverter brands, allowing for seamless energy production and storage for later use. The Solar Cowboys is authorized to install the Al Storz Power and Enphase battery systems.

While many solar installation companies have started to offer solar battery solutions, few are authorized dealers of some of the best storage technology on the market and have the ability to help clients obtain off-grid endeavors like The Solar Cowboys. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Workmanship Warranty

Limited Service Area

As a locally owned and operated enterprise, The Solar Cowboys works to provide a competitive service within a comfortable geographic area. Currently, The Solar Cowboys only service the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Outside of this service area, The Solar Cowboys will not be able to take on the project. Many competitors, both in and out of Texas, are able to service more than just one metro area in any given state. 

Limited Workmanship Warranty

Since The Solar Cowboys offers panel removal services, the company has opted to offer a limited workmanship warranty. Technically, all this warranty covers is roof penetration mistakes. Unfortunately, this warranty lasts only 10 years, which is average for the industry. Top competitors offer more robust workmanship warranties covering 25 years. 


The Bottom Line

The Solar Cowboys offers residential and commercial clients end-to-end solar solutions in an effort to make clean energy more accessible and affordable. The company also offers panel removal services.

The Solar Cowboys are equipped to handle removal and reinstallation needs. Each interested client can take advantage of a number of complimentary services prior to making any sort of commitment. This allows clients to make an informed solar decision. The Solar Cowboys are certified installers of tier-1 solar battery solutions, completing off-grid solar needs. 

While there are a number of beneficial services available through The Solar Cowboys, there are limitations to what the company offers clients as well. The service area is restricted to the DFW area, limiting who can work with The Solar Cowboys. The company also offers a limited workmanship warranty.

Those interested in learning more about how solar can positively impact a property or those looking for a customized mounted or tied solar system will likely benefit from what The Solar Cowboys offers to clients. 

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The Solar Cowboys Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar photovoltaic (PV) panels work?

The solar panel absorbs the energy from the sun with the PV cells in the panel creating energy charge that moves in response to an internal electrical field in the cell generating direct current DC. That is then passed through an inverter to convert it into alternating current AC. In this way, you can either use it in your home or send it back to the electric grid.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

The main benefit is financial. You can protect yourself from the increase of electricity and end up saving thousands of dollars. It will increase value on your property, and you will contribute to the planet by getting green energy.

What happens when there is no sun?

Usually users will be connected to the electrical grid and during the night or times when the sun is not that bright, the house will be receiving power from the grid. Of course, often the solar panels will produce so much energy that some will be sent back to the grid, generating credits in the consumers' favor.

How do I estimate the cost of solar panels?

The cost will depend on how much energy you will need. The Solar Cowboys offers free quotes and creates a design tailored to customers' needs. The company offers full financing, so you don't have to pay anything out of pocket.

How long does it take to get the solar panels installed?

From the moment you sign the contract, it could take about five weeks to get your panels up and running. The Solar Cowboys will take care of the whole process including financing, permitting, installation and inspections.

What are the requirements to install solar panels?

The main important thing is to have sun exposure. If you have a lot of shade from trees, that wouldn't be beneficial. You will have to have a roof in very good condition because the solar panels will be installed for life. Lastly, the company requires owners to have Wi-Fi, so they can monitor the panels with an app.

What about maintenance?

The panels require very little maintenance. Just washing them once every year or two should be sufficient, and it doesn't require much. Just some water will do.
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At The Solar Cowboys, we know that your home is the most important thing. That's why we spend time and effort creating your residential solar panel installation specifically for you and tailored to your own electrical needs. We offer $0 out-of-pocket financing!

When you choose The Solar Cowboys, you’re choosing a $0 out-of-pocket solar solution. Literally take what you are currently paying for your electric bill and apply that to a solar loan. You can save money on electricity from day one. It’s that simple!

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