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LAST UPDATED: June 14th, 2023

Suncatcher of Atlanta offers several solar, pool, and heating solutions to clients in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Since 1983, Suncatcher of Atlanta has worked with clients to install the latest solar technology in order to save property owners money and utilize clean, renewable energy. Suncatcher of Atlanta originally started by offering a solar heating system and has since expanded into solar electric and solar pool services.

The Suncatcher of Atlanta team is equipped to handle both residential and commercial properties. The company prides itself on installing quality products that are both dependable and guaranteed to produce all for a reasonable cost. 

The installers for Suncatcher of Atlanta take an engineer-styled approach when designing and putting together all solar services. Each solar powered utility is built to last and requires little to no maintenance. All construction materials used by Suncatcher of Atlanta must meet a structural stability standard set by the company. 

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The Good

  • Solaria Power XT
  • Solar Pool Solutions
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Decades of Experience

Solaria Power XT

Solar installation companies generally partner with or become certified installers of various solar manufacturers products. Since the solar installation companies themselves do not produce the equipment that is installed, these equipment partnerships play a key role in the overall service the company provides.

Suncatcher of Atlanta offers tier-1 equipment to its clients installing the Solaria PowerXT Solar Panels. These panels work in conjunction with Enphase microinverters to provide a high level of energy production. This equipment is backed by a 25-year equipment and production guarantee and are generally more aesthetically pleasing than most solar panels installed on residential and commercial properties. 

Solar Pool Solutions

Heating a pool can cost hundreds of dollars each time when using a traditional electric system. This discourages many pool owners from taking advantage of the heating system attached to the pool. With a solar pool heating system, pool owners can heat pools year round if desired for little to no cost.

Suncatcher of Atlanta is one of the few solar installation companies that also offers solar pool heating services to residential clients. Most SUncatcher of Atlanta clients are able to use their pool with a solar pool heating system for seven months out of the year. 

Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating systems are by far one of the most practical uses for solar energy, and it is actually one of the least expensive solar energy applications on the market. Not many solar installation companies offer solar hot water systems as part of their service offerings, but Suncatcher of Atlanta does.

The Suncatcher of Atlanta team installs the EagleSun Solar Hot Water System which will reduce current energy expenses, add value to the home, and will actually pay for itself through energy savings. 

Decades of Experience

Solar installation companies started to pop up all around the country when tax incentives were introduced at the federal and state levels. With financial incentives to install solar, many property owners found it a more enticing option than in years past. Most solar installation companies have started to offer services in the last decade as the solar industry has taken off.

Suncatcher of Atlanta was far ahead of this curve, offering solar solutions to residential clients since 1983. While the company started out only offering solar heating, it quickly realized the potential of other solar solutions and followed suit. Not many companies in the industry can boast the same level of experience as Suncatcher of Atlanta. 


The Bad

  • No Financing Options
  • No Battery/Storage Solutions

No Financing Options

Solar systems in general are expensive. Whether it is the traditional solar electric system, or solar pool heating or hot water services, these systems all cost thousands of dollars to have installed. The most expensive solar option is the solar electric PV system, with most systems costing anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 on average to have installed. Not every property owner has this kind of money to purchase these systems upfront and outright. While a cash purchase is the most effective ROI, it is simply not possible for everyone.

To combat this issue, most solar installation companies will offer or partner with financing organizations to offer loan, lease, or PPA agreements. However, Suncatcher of Atlanta does not offer these financing options to its clients, potentially limiting who can financially utilize the company’s service. 

No Battery/Storage Solutions

More and more solar installation companies are starting to offer solar battery and storage solutions to clients. A solar battery or storage solution allows for clients to experience an uninterrupted power supply even during inclement weather situations or when the utility grid goes down.

While many companies still offer the option to hook up the solar system to the utility grid, more and more are offering battery and storage solutions for a more “off-grid” type solar set-up. That being said, Suncatcher of Atlanta does not offer any solar battery or storage solutions for its clients, opting to connect systems to the utility grid. 


The Bottom Line

Suncatcher of Atlanta provides a wide range of solar solutions to its clients interested in harnessing the power of the sun to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint. The Suncatcher of Atlanta team installs the Solaria Power XT solar panel system which is partnered with Enphase to supply microinverters.

In addition to providing traditional solar electric services, Suncatcher of Atlanta also installs solar pool heating and solar hot water systems for residential property owners. Lastly, the Suncatcher of Atlanta team has worked in the solar industry since 1983, making it one of the oldest solar installation providers in the industry. 

While there are a number of reasons a client may want to use Suncatcher of Atlanta for solar solutions, there are some restrictions prospective customers should be aware of. First, the company does not offer or partner with any known financing providers. While the company promises “reasonable prices,” there is no way to know what those costs are until a quote is obtained and what is “reasonable” for one client may not be feasible for another. Additionally, Suncatcher of Atlanta does not install solar battery or storage solutions.

Clients interested in unique solar solutions like solar pool heating or solar hot water systems should consider Suncatcher of Atlanta. However, for more traditional solar electric services, clients may want to look elsewhere for assistance. 

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Gary Noonan Lawrenceville, GA

Suncatcher of Atlanta review I was introduced to this company by my roofer who used them to uninstall and then reinstall my Solar array after a roof replacement, suncatcher did a great job of reinstalling my solar panels and in fact did a much better job than the original installer who was from out of state. The solar panels were reinstalled in a much more balanced array configuration and with some additional hardware to better secure the panels to the racking. I will use this company to do any further work on my system they were very responsive to questions that I had and their workmanship was top notch, great company.

1 year ago