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LAST UPDATED: October 31st, 2023

Solfinity was founded in 2022 with a new approach to solar sales and installation. Rather than conduct the entire solar process with an in-house team, Solfinity oversees the entire solar process for every client. Solfinity is equipped to handle both residential and commercial projects. 

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Solfinity has rapidly grown to cover the west, south, and even states along the eastern border of the country. With Solfinity, clients can expect to choose from a wide selection of solar panels, inverters, and batteries or storage solutions depending on the property’s specific needs. 

The goal of each Solfinity design is to create a more integrated system where the equipment does not become the focal point of the home. Solfinity claims that with its designs and equipment, the system will be “60% less visible” when looking at the home.

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The Good

  • Industry-Leading Warranties
  • Expansive Service Area
  • Payment Plan

Industry-Leading Warranties

Warranties play a big role in the solar industry. Because solar is a major financial investment for most property owners, warranties protect that investment and offer the peace of mind many potential clients are looking for. Most solar installation companies will offer two types of warranties: equipment and workmanship. The industry average equipment warranty is 25 years and usually covers repair or replacement work. The workmanship warranty is generally 10 years in length and covers any issues stemming from installation. Solfinity takes warranties to a whole new level offering four warranties and extending the industry average workmanship warranty. The Solfinity warranties include:

  • Manufacturer Warranty —This specific warranty is managed and covered by the maker of the actual solar equipment. This warranty covers any issues with the equipment malfunctioning or breaking for any reason. 
  • Performance Guarantee — Solfinity then provides a 25-year performance guarantee meaning that all solar systems sold by the company will need to perform up to a certain efficiency percentage or repair work will be completed for free. 
  • Workmanship Warranty — Instead of offering the traditional 10-year coverage, Solfinity offers a 25-year workmanship warranty further backing its outsourced installation concept. 
  • Roof Penetration Warranty — Solfinity clients can also take advantage of a 25-year roof penetration warranty. This warranty covers any leaks or roof penetration issues that come as a result of the solar installation.

Solfinity blows most solar companies out of the water when it comes to warranties, including offering the roof penetration warranty which is not commonly provided by solar companies. 

Expansive Service Area

The Solfinity business model has allowed for one of the largest service areas in the industry. Since Solfinity oversees the entire solar process rather than being involved in every aspect of it, the company has been able to expand rapidly and continues to grow. To date, Solfinity offers solar services in the following states:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Florida 
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • New Jersey

Solfinity has concrete plans to expand into even more states within the coming months and years. The company's website will have the most up to date information on state coverage. By providing one of the largest service areas in the country, Solfinity is able to service more potential clients than most geographically limited solar operations.

Payment Plan

While it is unclear what specific financing options are available to Solfinity clients, the company does offer a payment plan to qualifying customers looking to utilize clean, renewable energy. For $49 per month and $0 down, Solfinity clients can have a system installed on their property. Obviously exclusions apply and there is no specific information about this form of financing, but it is an option to Solfinity clients. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Solar Sales Over Installation
  • Company Experience 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Despite making multiple claims about providing a more “sleek” design and offering the “most efficient solar panels on the market” there is no concrete evidence of this. Solfinity has not disclosed what equipment partners, if any, the company has. It also is not an authorized dealer or installer of tier-1 equipment.

Most solar installation companies make the equipment information public for a number of reasons. Clients often make purchasing decisions based on what equipment they wish to see installed on their property. While Sofinity claims to be able to access the best of the best in terms of equipment, there is no way to back up these claims. 

Solar Sales Over Installation

One of the reasons Solfinity has been able to expand so quickly, is the fact that the company does not handle the entire solar process with an in-house staff. Most solar installation companies do the sales and installation portions of the solar process. Solfinity focuses on the initial sale and then is merely oversees the design and installation process.

The company specifically claims to offer “customer care” services during the actual installation. What that entails exactly is unclear. Outsourcing the installation does not necessarily mean the installation will not be conducted in an efficient and satisfying manner. 

Company Experience

The most experienced solar companies in the industry were founded in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. While there are a few solar companies even older than that, this period seems to be where more competition started to pop up around the country. Then federal and state tax incentives to help reduce the cost of solar were introduced. This is when the popularity of solar started to skyrocket.

Many solar installation companies started to then pop up in the early 2010’s and the growing market has not seemed to slow down. Solfinity is a product of the ever increasing rise in solar system installation. While the team has over 20 years of combined experience, the company itself was not founded until 2022. It is still unclear if the business structure of Solfinity is sustainable or not. 


The Bottom Line

Solfinity oversees the entire solar process for each residential and commercial client. The company offers industry leading warranties, backing several components many companies within the industry do not guarantee. Solfinity also boasts one of the largest service areas and is constantly expanding. Lastly, to help clients with some financial limitations there is a payment plan in place allowing clients to only pay $49/month to access renewable energy through a solar system. 

While there are interesting and somewhat proprietary services Solfinity has to offer clients, there are some concerns potential customers should be aware of. First, there is no mention of what brands or technology is used in these solar installations. There is no way to determine if the solar equipment is of tier-1 status or not. Additionally, Solfinity focuses on the sale of solar and then outsources the installation process. While Solfinity will still manage the customer care side of that process, there is no way to guarantee a positive installation experience. Lastly, Solfinity is a new player in the game, opening operations in early 2022. 

Considering what Solfinity has to offer, clients should take advantage of the free consultation prior to making an agreement with the company. Make sure that all questions and concerns are addressed as there are some unknowns to the service as a whole. 

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