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LAST UPDATED: October 29th, 2020

Founded in Hurst, Texas in 2015, Solarugreen designs, installs, and maintains solar PV systems for both residential and government clients. The solar company also works to educate consumers on the benefits of solar energy, along with available tax credits and incentives available to them for making the switch.

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The Good

  • Tier-1 Solar Equipment
  • Full-Service Solar Installer
  • NABCEP Certified

Tier-1 Solar Equipment

Solarugreen implements a variety of high-quality solar equipment into its solar installation projects, including high-efficiency solar panel cells and solar inverter models, as well as a long list of solar-powered home improvement equipment — solar pool pumps, solar HVAC units, solar EV charging stations, and solar backup battery storage.

Solar Panels

Solarugreen offers a variety of competitive solar panel solutions for Texas residents:

  • Mission Solar Energy — 19.35% efficiency, 25-year warranty
  • Canadian Solar — 19.91% efficiency, 10-year warranty
  • LG — 22% efficiency, 25-year warranty
  • Panasonic — 20.3% efficiency, 25-year warranty
  • Solaria — 20.5% efficiency, 25-year warranty
  • Silfab — 19.4% efficiency, 25-year warranty
  • Trina — 19.9% efficiency, 10-year warranty

Solar Inverters

Solarugreen uses solar inverters from SolarEdge, Enphase, and SMA, all considered industry leaders for energy efficiency and intuitive user interface. The best solar inverters convert solar power into electricity at at least 95 percent efficiency.

Solar-Powered Equipment

In addition to solar panel installations, Solarugreen can install a number of solar-powered home improvements designed to reduce energy usage, fossil fuel dependence, and the utility bill:

  • Solar Pool Pump — Designed to operate on solar energy during the day and on traditional, grid-powered energy at night.
  • Solar HVAC Unit — Like the solar-powered pool pump, the solar HVAC until uses solar power during the day, which can result in significant savings each month, especially during hot Texas summers.
  • Solar EV Charging Station — Through SolarEdge’s EV Advantage program, Solarugreen customers can charge and store energy for their electric vehicles all from the comfort of their homes.

Backup Battery and Generator Solutions

A major component of off-grid solar power, solar-powered battery storage can significantly reduce a home’s utility bill by harnessing excess solar energy gathered during the day. Solarugreen offers customers three solar backup solutions to choose from:

  • Enphase Encharge — As an authorized Enphase Ensemble partner, Solarugreen can install both micro inverters, as well as battery storage systems through the leading solar tech company.
  • Generac PWRCell — Generac’s solar generator services can protect customers against sudden power outages and grid failures. 
  • LG Chem Battery — As one of the most popular solar battery options on the market, the LG Chem battery is capable of producing up to 5 kilowatts of clean, renewable energy.
  • Tesla Powerwall — Charged with 100% solar energy, the Tesla Powerwall is an effective step toward energy independence, and even qualifies for the 26% federal solar tax credit.

Full-Service Solar Installer

Solarugreen does more than just install solar panels onto the homeowner’s roof; the company provides assistance at every step of the solar installation process:

  • Consultation — Prior to design and installation, Solarugreen will help customers determine their energy usage, sun exposure, and solar budget, important factors when determining solar panel system capacity and financing options.
  • Design and installation — Solarugreen’s NABCEP-certified installers will then set to work mounting the system to the roof, pulling necessary permits, and clearing interconnection with the utility company.
  • Maintenance — Post-installation, the company provides solar panel cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Solarugreen also mentions roof replacements as one of its available services.

NABCEP Certified

Solarugreen employs electricians and installers who have been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is an industry-recognized nonprofit charged with promoting and enforcing industry best practices through its vast array of certification and educational programs. Companies with the certification indicate to customers that they have taken additional steps to ensure their solar panel systems are installed according to the highest standards.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty
  • Limited to Texas

Undisclosed Financing Options

Although the solar provider is quite transparent on its solar brands and partnerships, the company is considerably less so in terms of available financing options. Solarugreen does mention the need to apply for financing, and taking advantage of available tax credits and solar incentives; however, it makes no mention of solar loans, solar lease, or the power purchase agreement (PPA). This is important information to disclose, especially for customers who may lack the funds necessary to purchase a solar energy system worth thousands of dollars upfront.

Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty

Depending on the equipment installed, customers could enjoy equipment warranties up to 25 years, or the life of the system. Unfortunately, no information regarding the labor or workmanship warranty is found anywhere on Solarugreen’s site. The labor warranty protects solar customers against installation errors, and can often last the life of the system. 

Limited to Texas

Solarugreen appears to only serve residents in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. With more than 400 solar companies currently operating in Texas, many with a national presence, Solarugreen may have difficulty distinguishing itself from the crowd. Leveraging verified Solarugreen reviews from actual customers could be an effective way for the company to stand out.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Solarugreen appears to have all the characteristics one would associate with a competent, competitive solar provider. The company’s use of Tier-1 solar equipment, additional solar services, and NABCEP certification are definite plusses customers should consider when making the decision to go solar.

That said, the lack of financing option information, workmanship warranty terms, and narrow service area could potentially count against the company when compared with top companies in the solar industry. Customers are encouraged to investigate and obtain a free quote from Solarugreen, but should also inquire as to available payment options before making their final decision.

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