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LAST UPDATED: September 24th, 2021

Founded in 2008, SolarMax Technology Inc. offers solar energy solutions and home battery backup systems engineered and assembed in the USA to residents of California. Since opening its doors, the company has performed over 12,000 solar installations. SolarMax has an in-house team of consultants, designers, engineers, and installers that takes care of all aspects of the solar process.

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The Good

  • Online Monitoring
  • Excellent Warranty
  • In-House Team

Online Monitoring

SolarMax Technology customers have access to an Enphase monitoring system called MyEnlighten. MyEnlighten provides users with verification of overall system health and performance at a glance. MyEnlighten also displays energy production by month, day, or hour and allows consumers to analyze performance against historical weather data.

Excellent Warranty

SolarMax Technology manufactures its own solar panels in California and stands by its product by offering a comprehensive warranty package. Every SolarMax solar package includes a 25-year workmanship warranty, a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on the inverter, and a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on the panels. The fact that SolarMax Technology provides all three of these warranties gives customers peace of mind that they will be fully covered in the event of an accident or malfunction.

In-House Team

SolarMax does not outsource any portion of its installations to third parties. The company's in-house consultants will sell you the panels and communicate with you throughout the entire process. The in-house designers and engineers will create a system that's customized specifically for your needs. Finally, SolarMax's in-house installation team will put the panels on your roof and get the system all ready to go.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

SolarMax Technology Inc. provides its solar installation services exclusively to residents of Southern California. Potential customers located outside of this area will have to find a different company to take care of their solar needs.


The Bottom Line

SolarMax Technology has eight years of experience in the solar industry. The company has an in-house installation team and offers excellent warranties and online monitoring.

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J ********** White Water, CA

Hello my name is John G and I am a very happy customer of SolarMax. I now have had my system in for a year and I am very happy with it. The sales and Installation Dept is very friendly, well trained and helpful. If there are any problems they will take care of it and you don’t have to worry . The real reason I went over to SOLAR was my power bill with SCE was as high as $300 mo. and as much as I could try to bring it down. I could not , for example a/c keeping it down to 81 not leaving light on and turning off other stuff around the house to save money. I then started contacting Solars companies , and only one could assist me, that was SolarMax. Why do you ask?? Simple I am a ghost on the credit report, I have not taken a loan out since 2005 AUTO loan and paid it off. I pay cash for everything, even my home CASH. But then 30 years ago I was making bank and homes were cheap. The only plans these other companies had was LEASE or buy on CREDIT plan, looking at a starting price around $18,000 and more. I then contacted SolarMax (Riverside Ca.) they had a salesman by the name of Robert come out and talk to me. I explain to him the problems I was having with the other companies . His reply was he would resolve it and fix me up with one of SOLAR MAX sys. He spent 6 hr here with me BUILDING my system I guest you can say CUSTOM build . He and I built a SOLAR system for $9000. Cash in the same system other places would have cost starting around $18000. Did I buy it ?YES I DID $9000 cash. NO LEASE or PAYMENTS. Later I met with the owner again, very friendly and also the others working there . I was given a tour of their operation where they manufacture the panels and I was very impressed. Are you now interested in how much SCE gets a month ?? Over the last year the highest power bill was $23 dollars. I am now saving money and the system will have paid for itself in a few years. Remember SCE rates go up every year. Thank you SolarMax and most of all ROBERT. Thank you ONE VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER JOHN G.

2 years ago

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JC Irvine, CA

Best experience ever with purchasing a 6 kW system. The sales rep was very professional and non-pressure tactics, thank you Jacob! I compared three other solar companies, Costco, Solar Run and Peterson-Dean, and none of them could match SolarMax with price and top of the line components; all Enphase. The first company I called first, was from their catchy commercial, Peterson-Dean, because of an "All American" company and components, but they couldn't match the price and professionalism of SolarMax. The Peterson-Dean salesman was rude, hung the call on me, crossed them out from the running after that! Overall, extremely satisfied with the quality of installation and customer service from SolarMax! Recommend to many friends and family.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Terry Beams Pomona, CA

I am in mid process of my installation currently, the crew in on my house today putting up the brackets for the panels. So far the process has been excellent, they have provided everything as promised. The salesman Dan C was the first guy of many I spoke with that really broke the process down and explained the process to me in a way that really made good since. He didn't try to sell me something I didn't need, but worked out a great program that meet my needs and saved me money too. I toured their plant to see them making the panels here in Riverside and it was totally state of the art. I will follow through with more reviews as I proceed through the process.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Dave Van Horn

Solar Max has provided me with excellent service from the moment I first started talking with them about extending my existing Solar Panel system through the present. Never was there a single moment when I wasn't fully aware of what they were doing or what was going to transpire. The representative that helped me was always available and courteous and in every instance managed to either resolve the minor problem I had or to get rid of it entirely by offering an alternative. Their ability to let me see at all times how my system is working through Enphase is perfect for me and keeps me consistently up to date on how my system is working. All in all, I am a very satisfied customer of Solarmax.

6 years ago

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Barb Pebley

We live in La Jolla and had solar installed by SolarMax one year ago. They had previously done my brother's house, and he was very happy with them and recommended them to me. The rep, Dan C, ( a personable and professional guy) came down and explained how the systems work, what our options were with the configuration of our house, and also financial options. There was NO hard sell, and actually, we decided to install more panels than he originally recommended, since we had room (and the climate is getting hotter every year. ) We purchased the system without financing, but Solar Max offers excellent financing options if you so desire. Installation went smoothly; everyone arrived on schedule and got the job done quickly and efficiently. We have had no problems or issues with the system, our roof, or anything in connection with SolarMax. I would recommend this company to anyone who might be interested in a home solar system. By the way, our electric bill went from an average of $350/mo. to about $10/ mo.; our October electric charges were $5.20. This system is paying for itself fast!

6 years ago

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Bruce L Riverside, CA

I purchased an 11 kW system 3 1/2 years ago. I took a 5-year loan and paid it off in three due to the low interest. The initial sales talk was low pressure and very information. The installation was very professional and quick. Since having my system I have been extremely pleased with the production and Solarmax in general. I would recommend them to anyone.

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Terry Fontana, CA

I had Solar Max install my solar and they did a fantastic job, Dan C was my salesman and he was involved with every step of the deal from start to finish! He truly provided what he promised and in a very timely matter! We couldn't be happier with the finished product, it looks good, provides more than the specified amount of powder estimated and saves us a ton of money every month.

5 years ago

star star star star star

John Kelsall Laguna Woods, CA

I absolutely Love my SolarMAx sales person, the installers, and the service department. they have been nothing but profesisonal, tiely and a delight to work with. My system has been a total delight to have and enjoy. I highly recommend Solar Max. I do live in Southern California. And I especially like the fact that they manufacture their own system in the USA. The quality control and reliability are all there.

7 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

star star star star star

Pat Whelan Menifee, CA

I have had nothing but stellar service right from the very beginning! The sales guy, Dan was polished and professional, and knowledgeable. The panel installers were in time and very efficient. Customer service has been excellent and have responded to any question or issue that I may have. I give them a solid A+!

6 years ago

star star star star star

Mark Moreau Beaumont, CA

Solarmax was the lowest pressure sales call we had, installed system 17 months ago, no problems, system exceeded performance guarantee. Have recommended to others with 2 referral installs so far.

6 years ago

star star star star star

John Kelsall Laguna Woods, CA

We have been totally happy with Solar Max - from the initial sales call to the installation to the followup and service. Highly recommend

6 years ago

star star star star star

Dov Sandler Rosemead, CA

They informed and delivered. One year after installation, I can honestly rate them at the top o the scale.

6 years ago