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LAST UPDATED: October 27th, 2022

Founded in 2009, Solar Topps provides residential and commercial solar services in Arizona and California. As one of the largest SunPower Elite Dealers in the West, the company offers top-rated equipment and technology.

Additionally, Solar Topps is a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified solar PV installer.  The company has received a great deal of recognition and was named "SunPower Dealer of the Year" in 2012.

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The Good

  • Several Payment Options
  • Solar Partners
  • Warranties
  • System Monitoring
  • Educational Services
  • Panel Moving Services

Several Payment Options

Solar Topps offers multiple payment options, including outright purchase, loan, lease, and PPA. Consumers who are interested in solar as an investment will most likely be looking at an outright purchase or a loan. Solar Topps offers in-house financing with low interest rates for customers who would like to go the loan route.

On the other hand, consumers who aren't interested in solar ownership but would like to save money on their utility bills each month will probably be drawn to a lease or a PPA. These options allow customers to have a system installed for $0 down and start saving right away.

Solar Partners

To deliver homeowners the best possible experience, the solar provider has partnered with some of the top manufacturing brands in the solar industry, including the following:

  • REC Solar
  • SolarEdge
  • Enphase Energy
  • Panasonic
  • Hyundai
  • SunPower

These companies rank among the most well regarded makers of solar panels and inverters in solar. These key partnerships ensure that every Solar Topps solar power system is built to last and will operate at peak energy efficiency.


The Solar Topps website states that the company has a "no questions asked" warranty, which includes 20-year end-to-end coverage starting on Day 1. Solar Topps will conduct bi-annual inspections to ensure that the system is working correctly and no issues have come up. If an issue is detected, the company's team of technicians will take care of it.

Solar Topps also offers a "repair or replace" guarantee, which covers everything, including the panels, inverters, railings, and mountings. If any system components are not working as they should due to a workmanship issue, Solar Topps will repair or replace them for free.

All solar panel systems installed by the solar company come with a 25-year workmanship warranty, which guarantees the quality of labor for the effective lifetime of the system. If any aspect of the solar energy system fails or underperforms due to installation errors, Solar Topps will work to make things right.

Finally, Solar Topps provides its customers with a production guarantee, which means that the company will pay the customer the difference if their system doesn't produce what they were told it would.

System Monitoring

Solar Topps offers its customers lifetime system monitoring, which provides real-time energy usage data. With this monitoring program, customers have the ability to observe their meter readings at any time. The monitoring program also gives live updates on system performance so customers can ensure that everything is working properly.

If technical support is ever needed, the Solar Topps staff can assist remotely by providing system evaluations, troubleshooting, and maintenance. If the support staff can't fix the issue, the company will send out a technician at no charge.

Educational Services

Solar Topps periodically schedules seminars designed to educate consumers about solar, how it works, and how installing a system could be beneficial. The company also provides tours of its facility so that customers can meet the team and take a look at the different products offered.

Panel Moving Services

Among the many services offered by Solar Topps is panel moving. If customers ever need to have their solar system temporarily removed to perform repairs or replace their roof, Solar Topps provides panel removal and reinstallation services. Solar Topps will ensure that everything is done correctly and that the system will continue to produce at peak energy efficiency after the solar installation.


The Bad

  • State Availability
  • Limited Company Reviews

State Availability

Solar Topps currently only offers its services in Arizona and California. While being a local provider does have its own set of advantages, it also limits the number of consumers who have the opportunity to do business with the company.

Limited Company Reviews

Although the company has earned more than 80 Google reviews, less than five verified Solar Topps reviews have been posted to Best Company. Online reviews provide useful insights into the company's customer service practices and installation quality. If you are a current or former Solar Topps customer, we encourage you to leave a review below.


The Bottom Line

Solar Topps is a SunPower Elite Dealer with seven years of experience under its belt. The company offers several payment options, great warranties, and lifetime system monitoring. Each residential solar system installed by Solar Topps systems is designed to lower your electric bill, maximize your energy savings, and help the environment.

If you live in Arizona or California, and would like to work with a rapidly growing small business to help you go solar, we encourage you to get a quote from Solar Topps.

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Jennifer Malara Peoria, AZ

I signed a lease in June 9, 2016, my sales rep explained EVERYTHING TO ME. I read the contact throughly and everything he said to me was in the contact. They offered ME a better deal then all the other I contacted 4 companies, 1 was only a leasing company so that was a no , some offered to match it.( I told them, you said this was the the best deal I could get, but now you are offering to change it. Why didn't you offer me this the first time?) I like that everyone who worked on my house and system actually works for the company, no 3rd party contractors. SunRun kept me informed on every part of building my system and how much longer it would take. They installed it in 1 day and was approved by the city same day, APS can out 1-2 days later and my system was up and running the same day on 9/18. I can go on my iPad and watch what it is doing, what I am using and how much I am saving. . I made the right choice. One more thing, they were the only company that offers that is you need to work on your roof , they will removed your system so you can fix it and reinstall it for FREE

7 years ago

star star star star star

Julie A Sours Surprise, AZ

Great customer service Jesse explained everything to us in detail several times. Our insulation took less than a month and we're up and running as of 3 days ago we purchased ours, with a great interest rate, would definitely do business with this company again it was seamless and professional.

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

Richard White El Centro, CA

Had panels installed Dec 2015. Installation was very good and customer service was excellent. Warranty was average for industry. So far, operation of panels have been more than satisfactory and I have been pleased. Took estimates from several companies and compared specs of systems and Solar Topps was significantly more economical.

7 years ago

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Natalie Goodyear, AZ

Our sales rep was very knowledgeable and professional. The installation process was seamless and the crew did a great job. Solar Topps lost our paperwork before it was issued to the city or APS so turning our solar panels on has been delayed almost two months. Because of this I now have an extra two months of electric bills that I did not expect/budget for. I asked Solar Topps to assist with this bill as it is in result of their error. They claim that they cannot but not to worry because I will not need to pay for my panels until they are turned on. This still leaves me with an extra $1000+ expense that I had not planned for. Not only this, but my final electric bill and solar panel payment were due within days of each other. Solar Tops once again cannot help. Even though they promised 30 days bill-free. I understand that mistakes can be made but a company should do all it can to make it right. They should also be honest. I do not feel like Solar Topps did that and I really wish I would have chosen another company. Not only this, but the sales manager and Owner refuse to take ownership for their mistake and were extremely rude and unhelpful.

4 years ago

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JDSCPA1221 Miami, FL

I went with Solar Topps because they were best priced. We got what we paid for. The owner (who doesnt appear to be from this country and the research I did on them indicated this) was arrogant and rude on multiple occasions. They say they are "locally owned" but they are shipping money overseas according to filings that I found through my tax office. I ended up cancelling after 5 months of unanswered calls, there office was closed at random times. I wouldn't surprised if they are out of business soon.

1 year ago

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Bocephus spline gates IV Phoenix, AZ

Salesman lied regarding the cost of the system. The electrician, Gilbert was rude and his appearance was dirty and unprofessional. The owner, Neal was very rude when confronted via telephone and accused me of lying and hung up on me when I tried to explain the problems. My roof now leaks. Stay away from this company if you want good customer service

8 years ago